Welcome, Nathan!

Joining the Office of Continuous Improvement is a new student Process Improvement Coordinator (PIC), Nathan Weeden. Nathan is a second year student pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. Please help us welcome Nathan as he gives some introductory information about himself:

Good day everyone,

My name is Nathan Weeden. I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and for the majority of my life have lived in the moderately sized town of Saline, Michigan. That’s where I spent my time until moving to Houghton, MI to begin my studies at Michigan Tech. I’ve had quite an enjoyable time at the university, as it is a beautiful slice of the country, even if I find myself often bogged down with work. In my spare time I enjoy playing video games, hiking, target sports, and fishing, if the weather permits.

Currently I am undergoing training to become a full-fledged student PIC and am learning the meaning, importance, and applications of Lean thinking. The process has been engaging and I am looking forward to an enjoyable and fruitful experience here at the Office of Continuous Improvement.

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  • Theresa A Coleman-Kaiser
    April 15, 2020 at 11:40 AM

    Welcome Nathan! It was great to have you join in our kaizen event this morning as “outside eyes”. I hope this practical application of Lean thinking blends with what you have been learning in your training. I’m glad you’ve chosen Michigan Tech and specifically the Office of Continuous Improvement. I am certain that what you learn will help you in your academic and career pursuits. I also look forward to benefiting from your assistance with kaizen events and the smooth operation of the Office of Continuous Improvement.

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