Printing Changes on Campus

Information Technology is making improvements to printing at Michigan Tech. These improvements include:

  • Retiring old print release stations—The old stations will be removed and print jobs will be released by a card reader directly at the printer.
  • Upgrade of our PaperCut services to PaperCut Multi-Function (MF)—This will allow for printing and copy accounting for both black/white and color printers.
  • Google Cloud printing—You will have the ability to print from your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet wirelessly through Google Cloud Print.

To ensure that you can continue to print in the weeks to come, you will be required to upgrade your PaperCut software.

We have packaged the PaperCut client for Windows, MacOS and Linux with the Husky print drivers into single installation packages. The client and instructions are also available for those who would like to install and upgrade on their own.

The following are installation and instruction links:

For Windows users: click here

For MacOS users: click here

For Linux users: click here

For Google Cloud Printing: click here

Our ultimate aim is that these changes will improve the technology and give everyone the best printing experience possible. As always, our support staff will be available to help anyone needing assistance. Please contact IT Help at or 7-1111.