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Day: August 4, 2010

CS Placement / Programming Knowledge Assessment

Students interested in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or a Computer Science Minor:

If you have had programming classes prior to starting at Tech, you should take the Computer Science (CS) Knowledge Assessment. Instructions are mailed the Summer before you begin. Otherwise, contact Leo Ureel at if you wish to try and place into CS1131.

CS Knowledge Assessment webpage

If you pass you will place into CS1131 (5 credits), which is the advanced Introduction to Computer Science course, in lieu of CS1121 (3 credits)  and CS1122 (3 credits).  Contact the CS Department at 906-487-2209 with questions. CpE majors who take CS1131 will need one credit of “CpE technical elective” before you graduate.

Early CS chain:      CS1121 –>  CS1122 –> CS1142     OR CS1131  –>  CS1142 (Programming at the hardware/software interface)