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2013 Spring Sophomore & Beyond Advising

Have your flowchart handy, take notes and learn about Gen Ed changes, Course Changes for next year; Electives; Engineering Design Options; Minors; Certificates; Co-op; Study-abroad; Transfer Credits, Accelerated Masters(NEW) and more: Write down your questions.

Sophomore/Junior ECE Students’ Advising meeting is a downloadable powerpoint presentation, approximately 20 minutes, lieu of going out on a COLD  night to a classroom for an hour+. View your presentation soon, take notes and email me or see me if you have questions.  If you don’t have a computer with Powerpoint, go to a lab (EERC 7th Floor).

Audio:  Speakers On          Software: Microsoft PowerPoint

Have PATIENCE: It takes a couple minutes to load. Click this link when you have 30+ minutes to listen in a quiet room, and choose to open it:

EE majors:   EE Soph+ 2013 Spring Advising (~20 min.)

CpE majors:  CpE Soph+ 2013 Spring Advising (~16 min.)

If it does not start playing automatically, click “Slide Show” at top, center, then click “From Beginning” at far left.

E-mail if you have questions.

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