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Certficate phase out

1. “Certificates” for undergraduate students will be phased out at MTU, effective fall 2016.

CEPE – the Certificate in Electric Power Engineering details:

Students who signed up to pursue the certificate by Spring 2016, using catalog
year 2015-16 may be able to complete the certificate while pursuing their BS degree.

Sophomore students may complete the certificate courses in spring of 2016 or 2017, if they already signed up.
Fall 2015 and later students might consider changing their catalog year to 2017 to pursue the new concentration in power- see last paragraph. (recommended in lieu of the CEPE certificate)

To drop the certificate if you decide not to pursue it, go to the Registrar’s Office or email

EE3120 – Electric Energy Systems is the prerequisite course for the power engineering courses on the certificate and the concentration.

Regarding other certificates at MTU – some will be replaced with minors
and the student should pursue the appropriate minor instead.

The CHEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle Certificate is advised by Marlene Lappeus
in 811 MEEM.

2. A concentration in Electric Power Engineering will be available with the
fall 2017 BSEE degree requirements. Current students may change to the 2017
requirements and pursue the electric power concentration if desired. For students
who began here before fall 2015, this means also using the new gen ed

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