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ROTC Graduation plan, Form 48 / AR 104 instructions

Before you meet with your Academic Advisor regarding your Form 48 or 104R or Graduation Plan form:

Decide on a 8, 9 or 10 semester plan as recommended by your ROTC program advisor. Make a draft plan (in pencil) based on reading your online Degree Audit Report, and using your flowchart from your major, appropriate for your catalog term (usually the year you began at Tech).

Start with the core required courses first, placing them in pre-requisite order (look up prerequisites in course descriptions). Leave room for required ROTC credits.

You do not need choose electives for the initial plan, just write “HASS Comp/Comm elective,” “EE Elective,” “Technical Elective,” “SELECT approved elective,” etc.  Electives can be pushed into last semester or two to make room for adding ROTC credits.

Consider taking MA2320 and MA3520 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations) in separate semesters, rather than accelerated MA2321 and MA3521 in same semester. However, be sure to talk to your advisor about how this might impact the courses for which those are prerequisites!

When you have your form complete, including 128 credits of major, 3 units co-curricular, bring it to your academic advisor for review and signature. Some ROTC credits may count in the co-curricular requirements, such as AF0120 and AR2068.

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