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ECE Engineering Explorations

As a first-year student engaging in Michigan Tech’s Engineering Fundamentals program, you are required to learn about some of the different engineering majors on campus. We’re glad that you’re here this evening; whether you’re already declared as EE/CpE/RE or looking to find out what major is right for you, we hope the information shared here is valuable.

Some resources that you may want to look at:

Electrical Engineering Flow Charts (plus double major info)
Electrical Engineering Concentrations
Computer Engineering Flow Charts
Robotics Engineering Flow Charts
EE minor information

Blue Marble
Robotic Systems
Wireless Communication
IT Oxygen

Want to learn more but missed a session? You can still sign up to attend one of the future dates, and recordings will be made available as well.

I’m ready to change majors into ECE! What next? First, check out the requirements for changing into an ECE major. From there, you can schedule a time to meet with Judy (EE, RE, double major, minor) or Liz (CpE).

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