Day: March 9, 2022

Focus Areas and Concentrations for BS-EE

What is a focus area?
What are “EE Electives” (also called EE Technical Electives)
What is a concentration?
What is a minor?
This short advising tutorial introduces the ECE Focus Areas and Concentrations available for the B.S. in Electrical Engineering. It includes a brief introduction for each area and concentration so you can plan your options.
The slides without narration are here, which has activated links to take you to relevant webpages.

It is best to plan ahead for at least 2 or 3 future semester to take the EE Elective courses, concentration or focus area(s) you’d like to graduate with.

Find EE flowcharts with and without a concentration under “8-semester Flowcharts” on the EE Advising Page.