Teaching this fall? The library’s got your back!

Information literacy

The skills and practices surrounding information research, including finding, evaluating, and using information effectively and ethically, are collectively referred to as information literacy. The library can help your students develop these skills through direct course-integrated instruction, tutorials, workshops, and individual research help.

Instruction sessions

The library’s education team is available to lead class sessions focused on developing information literacy skills, such as topic development, searching for information, evaluating sources, using information effectively and ethically, and staying current with information. Librarians can also work with you to incorporate these skills into other course activities and materials. Contact instrlib@mtu.edu for more information or to request a session!

Open educational resources

Open educational resources or OERs are course materials that are freely available on the internet. Many colleges and universities have adopted OERs to help defray the high cost of course materials for their students. The library’s OER Guide features reputable sources of OERs, additional information on OERs, and how the library can help you share, publish and protect your own open materials.

Link into library resources on Canvas

Be sure to check the library’s collections for the supplementary materials you want your students to access. Online content including journals, books and videos can easily be linked into your Canvas course by prepending the item’s url with this link: https://services.lib.mtu.edu/login?url=. Linking, rather than copying content, avoids copyright pitfalls; provides the library with valuable (anonymous) usage data that help inform our collections decision-making; and provides a truer picture of use.

Course reserve

The library provides both electronic and print course reserve services. Print reserves are materials held in the library and made available to your students for limited loan periods which you select. Both library-owned and instructors’ personal copies may be placed on course reserve. Electronic or ‘e-reserve’ enables students in a course to access assignments, readings, problem sets or practice exams anywhere, anytime. Some materials for e-reserve not owned by the library may require copyright clearance. Library staff are happy to help instructors with rights checking.

Want to know more? Email library@mtu.edu.

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