Digital Measures Updates

In/Focus will be one of the places the faculty is kept current about Digital Measures. Any time you have an individual need, never hesitate to contact Helene Hiner, the Digital Measures Coordinator, at When you see errors in your data that extend beyond one or two elements, we will be pleased to help correct them systematically for you.

December 2016 and January 2017 will be a good time for you to review your account. The following are some improvements that you should expect to see now:

Automatic uploads from university systems:

  • Scheduled teaching weekly from Banner
  • Graduate advising weekly from Banner
  • Sponsored programs weekly from TechTracS
  • Intellectual property weekly from TechTracS
  • Human Resources information twice/per term from Banner and ASPIRE

Data corrections made for:

  • Graduate advising
  • Sponsored programs
  • Elimination or archiving of duplicate accounts, retirees, terminations

New screens:

  • NIH Biosketch
  • Commercialization screen
  • Non-Michigan Tech graduate student advising
  • Sponsored Programs activity not found in TechTracS

New reports available:

  • NSF Biosketch with new formatting
  • NSF collaborator addendum report
  • Missing data reports:
    • Missing dates or academic year
    • Missing peer-reviewed for publication records

Other new features:

  • Styles can now be selected for reports such as the biosketches (e.g., APA)
  • Help text improved and clarification within the editorial and review services screen supplied

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