Library Expands Ebook Collections

Ebooks abound from the library with the addition of thousands of titles. Titles in business, science, ESL, technology, and engineering are included in the library’s new collections.

All ebooks are discoverable by searching the library catalog or Search tab. Ebook collections, which consist of a large number of books on similar topics can also be found through the Library Databases A to Z (just select “Ebooks” from the Database Types menu). Most ebooks feature bookmarking, annotating, printing, and downloading content with the creation of a free personal account. Licenses and copyright laws both allow printing and downloading for personal use but not for further distribution.

Yet, ebooks – either chapters or entire works – can be linked in Canvas course sites, providing students with seamless access to course content. And, Springer ebooks (n=+/- 200,000) offer discounted and/or very inexpensive softbound print versions of many of their works.

Two recently added collections include:

Access Engineering
While this resource includes a wide array of instructional resources aimed at students and instructors, it also includes essential reference books: the latest editions of Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Perry’s Chemical Engineers Handbook, Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers, Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain, as well as nearly 200 other titles in engineering disciplines. Access Engineering also includes instructional videos, spreadsheet calculators and interactive graphs, and DataVis, an interactive data visualization tool for material properties. This database is accessible anywhere, anytime through your mobile device.

Safari Ebooks: Business and Technical Collections
More than 7,000 recently published handbooks, practical and technical guides are included in the Safari collections. Business-related coverage includes works on problem solving, leadership, customer service, and management. Technical titles cover information technology, software development, engineering, digital media, web applications, and personal and professional development, including O’Reilly manuals and Pearson Certification preparation guides. Safari also contains approximately 400 titles in mathematics, science and social sciences.

In addition to each book in these collections, there are several titles from McGraw-Hill to support English as a second language and others on entrepreneurial approaches; access to ebooks from the Institute of Physics, IEEE, and SPIE have all been added to our catalog. Titles from Project Muse on rhetoric, writing, and communications are currently in our catalog and are part of a new approach offered by some publishers. At the end of a year, the library is obligated to purchase only those books that exhibit use.

We invite you to explore our ebooks with the links provided or contact for assistance.

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