Dining Services Delivers In More Ways Than One

“The quality of the food is very good and dining services tries to provide a variety of options so you can pick your favorite ones.”


If the college experience is new to you, you probably have many questions about life at Tech. Questions about living on campus, courses, tutoring, student organizations, academic deadlines, friends, midterms, etc. But, today, let’s talk food, because that’s one of the first questions we ask our student when they finally call home. What did you have for lunch today? How are the dining halls? Are you eating enough?

First, a few dining facts:


  • 5,500 meals served daily
  • Three dining halls and seven food service locations
  • Hours of operation: Dining options available from 7 am to 1 am weekdays and 9 am to 1 am on the weekends
  • Most popular menu items: Keweenaw Bowl and Build Your Own Stir Fry
  • The man behind the menu:  Eric Karvonen. Eric is a certified executive chef from the American Culinary Federation.  To receive this certification one must have 10 or more years as a professional chef, extensive training and pass a rigorous practical and written exam.

Michigan Tech is one of a few universities in Michigan that has yet to outsource their dining services to a national vendor.  This allows our campus to keep costs low, locally source ingredients, practice sustainability and explore new dining options. It also allows staff to tailor meal options and services based on the needs of our student body.  Here are just a few examples of how dining services delivers:

“My RA, Logan, knew that I was not feeling well and was unable to make it to the dining hall. The policy in place allowed him to take my Husky ID and bring me food. This is an excellent policy for those who are sick and unable to walk distances.”

–Ryan Kern, Computer Network and System Administration first year student

“The staff in the dining halls have been gone out of their way to help me get food that supports my dietary restrictions. They frequently go into the freezers to get food, such as rolls, to make sure I’m able to have food to eat and enjoy daily.”

–Allison Calder, Mechanical Engineering first year student

So, rest easy parents — there are many ways for your student to stay healthy and live well at Michigan Tech.  But, one sure way is to send them a dining services student care package. Click here and choose one of our delicious bakery items, baked fresh for your student, and delivered directly to their residence hall.  Your student will thank you.