University Update from President Koubek


Greetings Families: 

Whether your student is new to campus or starting their senior year, we are both excited and humbled to welcome them to the start of a new semester at Michigan Tech.  Excited for the opportunities the new semester holds and humbled because of the trust you place in the excellence of our academic reputation and the quality of our programs.

It’s a trust I take very seriously as president.  

For 133 years, Michigan Tech has delivered on its promise to provide the highest levels of technologically-oriented education for our students that help drive the nation’s economy.   And, the latest economic impact study proves that for every dollar invested from the state, Michigan Tech’s students, faculty, staff and alumni pay it back tenfold. It’s no wonder Michigan Tech is ranked as the best value in the state and in the top one percent of all colleges in the country.   

But, that’s probably not the reason your student chose Michigan Tech.  They chose Michigan Tech because they felt a sense of belonging. They wanted a challenge, they pursue success and they’re not afraid of change.

And, change is what Michigan Tech is about. We know the proliferation of technology is changing everything at an exponential rate. So, who is going to manage this change and do so in a manner that respects both our environment and our humanity? The answer is the Michigan Tech graduating classes of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and beyond.  It’s the Michigan Tech graduates who will create future.

And, it is our responsibility to ensure that our graduates are prepared not only with a singular set of skills, but with the ability to reinvent themselves to remain relevant with the changing times.

Over the coming months, the campus community will engage in a series of conversations to discuss just how Michigan Tech will thrive in this state of constant change. Faculty will debate pedagogy that best prepares our students to grow with change. And, our researchers will define a responsive research agenda designed to meet the incipient needs of our future society.

Thank you for entrusting your students to us and participating in this very exciting journey as we create the future for Michigan Tech.  


Rick Koubek