Multiscale Modeling of Polymer Material Systems

Friday, January 23, 2009
3:00 – 4:00 pm
Room 610, M&M Building

Gregory M. Odegard
Department of Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics
Michigan Technological University


Polymer-based composite and nanocomposite materials have the potential toprovide significant increases in specific stiffness and specific strength relative tocurrent materials used for many engineering structural applications. To facilitatethe design and development of polymer nanocomposite materials, structureproperty relationships must be established that predict the bulk mechanicalresponse of these materials as a function of the molecular- and micro-structure.The objective of this research is to establish an accurate and efficient approachfor using computational modeling to develop structure-property relationships forpolymer-based systems.  A combination of molecular dynamics and finite elementmethods has been used to predict the mechanical response of high-performancepolymers, nanoparticle/polymer composites, SWNT/polymer composites, andSWNT arrays.  An overview of this research will be presented along with theresults from specific material systems.


Greg earned his Ph.D. at the University of Denver in 2000, where he studied thefailure behavior of graphite/polyimide composites.  From 2000-2004 he worked at NASALangley Research Center where he conducted research on the multiscale modeling andcharacterization of polymer-based nanostructured materials.  Since 2004, Gregory has servedas an Assistant Professor at Michigan Technological University where he conducts researchon a wide range of engineering materials and biological tissue.  Greg has earned the SAMPEOutstanding Graduate Student award, ASME/Boeing Structures and Materials Award, HenryJ.E. Reid Award, MTU Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award, and the Ferdinand P. Beer andE. Russell Johnston Jr. Outstanding New Mechanics Educator Award.  He has published 34journal articles and book chapters and has been cited in the literature over 700 times