Materials Design Education

Friday, September 25, 2009 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Room U113, M&M Building

G.B. Olson
Northwestern University & QuesTek Innovations LLC


A novel integration of design into the undergraduate materialscurriculum has beenunder development for the past 15 years at Northwestern.The Bodeen-LindbergMaterials Design Studio serves as a central teaching facility for computationalMSE in the curriculum. Software tools introduced throughout core courses areintegrated in a required junior-level Materials Design course. Through anintegration of education activities of our Design Institute with funded designresearch activities of the Materials Technology Laboratory, coaching by graduatestudents and post-doctoral researchers facilitates cross-disciplinary concurrentcomputational engineering of materials and structures in engineering schoolwide”institute projects” involving multidisciplinary undergraduate teams spanningfreshman to senior level. Project examples include “Civil Shield” addressingmaterials and structures for civilian anti-terrorism bomb mitigation, and “SmartStent” integrating high-performance shape memory alloys in endovascular stentdesigns.

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