Alumnus Teams with Tech on a Project to Reclaim Stamp Sand and Grow an Industry

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The president of the company GreenSand Corp. is alumnus Domenic Popko, formerly of Negaunee, now of Traverse Bay. He is the entrepreneur behind the utilization of Keweenaw stamp sand and a joint inventor of the underlying technology. Popko has two degrees in geological engineering from Michigan Tech and worked at the Institute for Materials Processing for five years.

Taking advantage of the antimicrobial nature of copper in the stamp sand to make a better roofing shingle is an idea that Popko has been working on, in collaboration with Michigan Tech, for some time. “An awful lot of study has been done,” he says. Besides Hodek and Baker, other Tech scientists who have contributed to the project are Director Jim Hwang and Research Scientist Bowen Li, both of the Institute of Materials Processing. Popko calls all four of these colleagues “people of foresight.”