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Researchers Receive $1.5 Million to Make Steel, Syngas Using Microwaves

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A project spearheaded by a team of materials science and engineering researchers has received $1.5 million from the Michigan Public Service Commission to further develop a new, energy-efficient method for making steel. And, by the way, it also produces syngas. The grant was awarded jointly to Michigan Tech and to U.P. Steel, a start-up company created by Professor Jiann-Yang Hwang and Xiaodi Huang, a project manager and research leader in the Institute of Materials Processing.

2010 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition

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Professors Drelich and Hwang will organize the 1st International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing that will be part of the 2010 TMS Meeting in Seattle. The Symposium will promote physical and chemical transformations that enable valuable metals recovery and/or the production of pure metals, intermediate compounds, alloys (including steel), or ceramics. Symposium participants will focus on innovative high-temperature technologies including non-traditional heating methods and environmental aspects such as offgas handling and by-product processing. The symposium will also address the need for sustainable technologies that reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions.