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Amitahb Narain Receives Funding from the National Science Foundation

Professor Amitabh Narain received $297,288 from the National Science Foundation, Advanced Power Systems Research Center, for a three-year project, “Flow Prediction and Fluctuation-sensitivity Investigations for Quasi-steady Shear Driven Condensing Flows in Milli-meter to Micro-meter Scale Two-Phase Systems.”

Reliable designs of modern micro-scale-phase-change thermal systems require effective integration of condensers. For that, system designs need to overcome difficulties in attaining and maintaining shear driven quasi-steady condensing flows with repeatable performance. Besides assurance of repeatable performance of the condenser, good and reliable flow prediction capabilities should be made available for micro-scale or shear driven condensers. Such reliable estimates are needed for sizing and matching the condenser into any system of choice. Development of the proposed research takes the current research forward towards addressing these two issues of repeatability and flow predictability for shear driven and/or micro-scale condensing flows. The research on condensing flows will also be helpful in addressing analogous issues for annular flow regimes in micro-scale flow boilers.

Engineering Society of Detroit Honors Jeff Naber

Jeff Naber, associate professor of mechanical engineering-engineering mechanics and director of the Advanced Power Systems Research Center, is one of three engineers honored with a 2010 distinguished service award by the Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD). The award was presented at the ESD’s annual dinner in Detroit June 23.

Naber was recognized for “loyal, faithful service,” said Darlene Trudell, executive vice president, “and for this we are truly grateful.”

Naber has led a successful collaboration between Michigan Tech and the ESD to teach a course in Detroit in advanced hybrid electric propulsion technology for graduate and displaced engineers.

Building a Better Helmet

View the NEW safer helmet video

Michigan Tech researchers have designed an improved helmet better able to withstand indirect impacts. The video can be viewed at the Inventor’s Digest Magazine website View the Video. The contest is sponsored by the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance.

Building a Better Helmet
To protect players from rotational impact, you need a different kind of helmet. Professor Gopal Jayaraman leads a multidisciplinary team that is building one.

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