Research News Summary

Research by Assistant Professor Mo Rastgaar and graduate student Evandro Ficanha (MEEM) is featured on the website of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. See “Computer-Controlled Prosthetic Closely Matches Action of Human Legs.” The Mumbai Mirror and Science World Report both published news stories about Assistant Professor Mo Rastgaar’s (ME-EM) work with the Mayo Clinic to develop a prosthetic foot that moves like a real human foot. See The Mumbai Mirror and Science World Report for the full story.

Assistant Professor Mo Rastgaar’s work designing and building a microprocessor-controlled artificial leg has been widely publicized, with more articles like the above appearing in IEEE Spectrum,, Medical Design Online, Gizmag,CNN, UPI Science News and many more outlets. He was also interviewed for Clear Channel One’s radio program Conversations in Health Care.

Michigan Tech’s new autonomous underwater vehicle, Iver 3, was featured on the Autonomous Undersea Vehicle Applications Center website.

Research by Assistant Professor Tolou Shokuhfar (MEEM) on the use of nanotubes to improve dental implants has been distributed by a number of outlets. The Dentist News Network has prepared a news video on her work. The story also appears in, Science Daily, and other media.

Postdoctoral Associate Jaclyn Johnson (APSRC/MEEM) recently received the 2013 SAE Excellence in Oral Presentation award for “Investigation of Key Mechanism for Liquid Length Fluctuations in Transient Vaporizing Diesel Sprays Using Experimental Results and CFD Modeling,” which she presented at the SAE World Congress in April 2013.

Laboratory Equipment, a daily news web site for laboratory professionals, reported on assistant professor Tolou Shokuhfar’s (MEEM) research into using nanotubes to improve dental implants. Link

Brad King, the Ron and Elaine Starr Professor of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, is featured in a story in The Economist. “Satellite Propulsion: It’s Not Rocket Science” describes his work developing a new type of satellite engine and focuses on its serendipitous aspects. The engine’s main ingredient was borrowed from Australian scientists seeking a treatment for liver cancer.

Seoung-Young Lee and Jaclyn Johnson (MEEM) have received a $237,431 grant from the National Science Foundation for “NSF/DOE Partnership on Advanced Combustion Engines: Ignition and Combustion Characteristics of Transportation Fuels under Lean-Burn Conditions for Advanced Engine Concepts,” a three-year project which will total $650,000.

PI Wayne Weaver (ECE) and Co-PI Gordon Parker (MEEM) have been awarded a $250,000 one-year research contract for “Modeling and Control Technologies for Near-Term and Long-Term Networked Microgrids” from Argonne National Laboratory.

Jeremy Worm (MEEM) has been awarded $19,099 from the US Department of Defense, Army, TARDEC, for “High Impact STEM Outreach Utilizing the Michigan Tech Mobile Laboratory at the 2013 Heroes Alliance Parental Boot Camp.”

PI Lyon B. King and Co-PI Kurt Terhune (MEEM/ISP) have been awarded a $68,000 grant/student fellowship from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for “In-situ Visualization of the Local Electric Field around an Ionic Liquid Taylor Cone Using Electron Holography.”

Wayne Weaver (ECE), Gordon Parker (MEEM), Laura Brown (CS) and Steve Goldsmith (MEEM) have received $275,003 from the US Department of Defense, Army Research Laboratory for the first year of a potential four-year, $1,799,999 research project “Distributed Agent-Based Management of Agile Microgrids.”

William Endres and Robert De Jonge (MEEM) have received the first increment of $24,000 for a one-year research project “Fluidics, Power, and Logic Circuitry Design/Integration into Handheld Sensor Platform” which will total to $24,991 from Battelle Memorial Institute.

Gordon Parker (MEEM), Steven Goldsmith (MEEM) and Wayne Weaver (ECE) have received $100,000 from Sandia National Laboratories for a three and a half month long research project, “Agent Based Control with Application of Microgrids with High Penetration Renewables.”

Ezra Bar Ziv (PI, MEEM), “Feasibility of a Novel Concept to Produce Biocoal for Power and Enhanced Bio-Oil,” sponsor: National Science Foundation, amount: $69,750.

Dr. Qingli Dai (PI, CEE) and Dr. Fernando Ponta (CoPI, MEEM), “Collaborative Research: Nexus of Simulation, Sensing and Actuation for Aero-dynamic Vibration Reduction of Wind Turbine Blades,” sponsor: National Sci-ence Foundation, amount: $331,286.

CBS Detroit and its Technology Report highlighted Michigan Tech”s Senior Design team that developed a new, improved prosthetic knee for patients in India. See CBS Detroit.

Ezra Bar Ziv (professor, MEEM), John Diebel (assistant director, Technical Commercialization) and Jordan Klinger (PhD candidate, MEEM) were members of a team that was awarded the top team designation by the NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps), a new public-private partnership to help develop scientific and engineering discoveries into useful technologies. The program connects academic researchers with the technological, entrepreneurial, and business communities.

Ezra Bar Ziv (MEEM) has received a $50,000 research grant from NSF for “I-Corps: Feasibility of a Novel Concept to Produce Biocoal for Power and Enhanced Bio-Oil.”

Gregory Odegard (PI, MEEM), “Multiscale Modeling of Graphite/CNT/ Epoxy Hybrid Composites,” sponsor: US Department of Defense, AFOSR, amount: $252,555.

Seong Young Lee (PI, MEEM) and Jeffrey Naber and Jaclyn Johnson (Co-PIs, MEEM), “MTU Nostrum (Phase III): Experimental Investigation of Hollow-Cone Injector at Engine Relevant Conditions in a Combustion Vessel,” sponsor: Nostrum Energy, LLC, amount: $19,600.

Dr. Bo Chen (PI, MEEM) and Dr. Jeffrey Naber (Co-PI, MEEM), “Nostrum Continued Work Summer 2013,” sponsor: Nostrum Energy, LLC, amount: $75,600.

Jeffrey Naber (PI, MEEM), Paul Dice and Gregory Odegard (Co-PIs, MEEM); “Titan Tire Testing TP72 (5 Tires) and TP73 (4 Tires),” sponsor: Titan Tire Corporation, amount: $27,315.

Jeffery Naber (MEEM) has received $37,986 for a one-year research project, “Independent Review of High Pressure Heat Exchanger Locomotive Test and Thermodynamic Simulation Data,” from the US Department of Transportation-Federal Railroad Administration.

Steven Goldsmith (research professor, MEEM) filed the invention disclosure “Distributed Controller for Parallel DC Boost Converters.”

L Brad King (professor, MEEM) filed the invention disclosure “Spacecraft Thruster Based on Electrically Conducting Ferrofluid Propellant.”

Interesting Note: The commercial link below for Ram trucks was shot by Chrysler at Michigan Tech’s Keweenaw Research Center winter test track this February. See .

PI “Dennis” Desheng Meng (MEEM) and Co-PI Craig Friedrich (MEEM) have been awarded $65,503 for the first year of a three-year $189,942 R&D grant for “Collaborative Research: Self-circulating, Self-regulating Microreactor for On-chip Gas Generation from Liquid Reactants,” from the National Science Foundation.