ME-EM PACE Design Contest 2013

The Michigan Tech Mechanical Engineering version of the Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education PACE Engineering Design Competition was held in December 2013.

Complete photo coverage is on ME-EM PACE Contest at Flickr

Project Description: The design project is mainly involving CAD modeling of a real world example but desind by the students specially for the competition. The students apply the skill they learned on Modeling, Assemblies, and drafting.  Some of them may include analysis and animations.  The students are required to select a project on their own and it should be original. They as a team will create the parts and assemblies and present at the competition. CAD modeling/assembly with analysis, of any equipment used in the project.

Judging Criteria
Form — Design Concept, Creativity, Perceived Value, Safety
Fit — Physical Model (realism, aesthetics, detail, supporting design)
Function — Design Parameters and Performance (math models, simulations, spreadsheets, etc.)
Presentation — Effective, Professional, Credible
Teamwork and Collaboration
December 2013 PACE Contest
First Place

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