Day: April 18, 2023

Ezra Bar-Ziv on Innovative Plastic Recycling

Illustration of a process involving plastic processing.
Center for Chemical Upcycling of Waste Plastics – STRAP Video Proposal (2022)

Ezra Bar-Ziv (ME-EM/APSRC) was quoted by WLUK FOX 11 of Green Bay, Wisconsin, in a story on Green Bay’s candidacy for a new plastic recycling system that uses solvents to break down plastic film types. The system prototype is being built at Michigan Tech. The story was picked up by 101.1 WIXX-FM and five other Wisconsin news outlets.

George Huber, a College of Engineering professor at UW-Madison came up with the process called STRAP (Solvent Targeted Recovery and Precipitation). According to Huber, “It uses solvents to selectively solubilize one plastic over another. Then, we precipitate it out, and then we’re left behind with a pure plastic.”

Michigan Tech staff and students are creating the system prototype to breakdown the plastic in a larger scale.

“What we are doing is, we’re going from a lab scale—which could be a pound, half a pound, quarter pound—all the way to something similar to say a ton, ton per hour. That’s what we’re trying to do that, and we are doing it in strong collaboration with the Madison crew,” says Ezra Bar-Ziv, a mechanical engineering professor at Michigan Tech.

Read more at WLUK FOX 11 by Emily Matesic.


Ezra Bar-Ziv (ME-EM/APSRC) is the principal investigator (PI) on a project that has received a $549,954 research and development grant from the National Science Foundation.

The project is titled “Continous Process for Solvent-Targeted Recovery and Precipitation (STRAP) for Plastic Wastes using Green Solvents.”

Shreyas Kolapkar (ME-EM/APSRC) is the co-PI on this potential three-year project.

April 19, 2023.