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What are the required courses and other curriculum requirements? What about the ‘qualifying’ exam?

Learn about the details of the curriculum requirements for the MS and PhD degree, and the qualifying exam for the PhD degree, under MSE Graduate Advising.

MSE Curriculum

Students Entering the MS Program with a Degree Other Than MSE

PhD Curriculum

PhD Qualifying Process

Preparation of the PhD Qualifying Exam Proposal

  • Research Proposal
  • Design of the Research Program
  • Required Elements
  • Proposal Format
  • Help for available development of research proposals
  • Oral Defense of Proposal

What are the responsibilities of a graduate student in the MSE program?

Pursuing a research degree such as the MS or PhD means that you will be dividing your time and effort between classroom and research activities. Both activities contribute to your learning experience and neither should be neglected. You are responsible for making satisfactory progress in both the classroom and your research project throughout your educational experience.  If you are funded under a GTA position, then you may also have responsibilities involving grading or teaching activities.

What types of financial support are available from the MSE department?

There are a limited number of Graduate Research Associate (GRA) and Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA) positions available each year within the MSE program. A GRA position is funded from an external source such as the government or a company, and will generally have specific requirements regarding research topic and research time-table. GTA positions are funded by the university and require some grading or teaching activities in addition to your own classroom and research efforts.

More information is available in Funding Opportunities.