Fall Career Fair is today!

The Michigan Tech Fall 2016 Fall Career Fair is hosting 327 recruiting organizations, the third largest Michigan Tech Career Fair, with 1,200 recruiters today. Our students have been preparing for the big day by participating in a variety of CareerFEST events hosted by Career Services. Students can visit with recruiters from noon-5:00 PM today in the SDC. Many parents try to “sneak a peak” at their student by viewing the webcam located in the SDC (http://www.mtu.edu/webcams/sdc/motion.html).

Academic Success Coaches

Academic Success Coaches are successful students who provide direction and support to peers who need assistance developing the skills that support success and retention like how to study, time management, using campus resources and working with faculty.  The coaches have their own space in the Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success and students can choose to schedule an appointment or stop by during walk-in hours.  Coaches represent a variety of backgrounds, majors and life experiences. Coaching appointments and walk-in hours are available 10:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday –Friday.

Academics and Resources

The Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of Michigan Tech’s students by helping them develop attitudes, values, and skills which enhance their academic and personal success. A committed staff offers students and their families programs, services, and opportunities that encourage their transition to, and success within university life.

If you think your student may be struggling, encourage them to take advantage of some of the academic resources available to them on campus.  Learning centers, operated by most departments, assist students taking certain courses or who are just generally having academic difficulty.  Many centers offer individual tutoring or team-style learning sessions.  They are free to students and a great support for their success.  There are other academic support services available to students through the Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success, Counseling Services, and Student Disability Services.

Student Stories

By Leslie Mundell, 4th year English major

This year marks my fourth summer spent at Michigan Tech and the last summer break of my college life. The fall semester is here, and even though Fall is my favorite season—I’m dreaming of the leaves changing color and the crisp weather—I want to hold on to what we have left of this month.

I was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula, so I have always been around nature, but the Copper County has something special about it. When summer rolls around at Tech, campus slows down. It’s nice to have a break from the hustle and bustle of the school year. Walking around campus during the summer—instead of running to your next class— makes you realize how great our school is, whether you notice the Keweenaw Boulder Garden or have time to appreciate the flowers that bloom when our long winters end.

This summer was unlike any of the others that I have experienced at Tech. Since my last semester is this fall, I have been preparing throughout the past four months. I made a list early on of what I wanted to achieve and what I needed to do to get ready for the semester. Summer always flies by, and I wanted to make the best of my time while also being able to relax from a busy school year.

To make the most of my summer I have been doing more reading, writing, working, outside activities and occasionally binge-watching my favorite shows. I have been working on campus and gaining experiences and learning skills that will help me not only in a few months, when I graduate, but also when I enter the workforce. I spend my free time when I’m not working exploring the area more and appreciating the outdoors before the many months of snow begin. My dog loves to walk down by Prince’s Point–even if he’s afraid of the water. When I’m not outside, I have been doing the things I don’t have as much time for in the school year. Sadly, my book pile is growing quicker than I can read them, but one perk of being an English major is that I’ll be reading a lot during the coming semester.

Even though I loved being on summer break and having time to sleep in, I am excited for the school year. I’ll be one step closer to starting my future, and I always enjoy seeing new faces around campus. This summer has been my favorite one at Tech because I have taken the time to fully enjoy what this amazing place can offer.

ParentNet transition is complete

Welcome to the new ParentNet!

Members of our campus community will share information about campus happenings, reminders about important dates, events and deadlines, and transitions your students may be experiencing throughout each semester. Additionally, our student writers will be sharing their own stories with you.  Our goal is to keep you informed of campus news and events and to let you know what you and your students should be thinking about.

We invite you to join the Michigan Tech Parents Facebook group. Parents actively engage in various discussion topics, post questions for one other, and share stories about their students. Participate in the conversation on Facebook.

Preparing new students for the fall semester

Summer is a great time to prepare for the 2016-2017 academic year.  If you are the parent or guardian of an incoming first-year student, begin preparing now for their arrival to Tech. It is important to start conversations early about college expectations.  In addition, all the physical preparation – the shopping, packing, and goodbyes – will be here before you know it.  Doing a little at a time is helpful so neither you nor your student gets overwhelmed with all of the last-minute work before Orientation.  Reviewing the What to Bring page will provide you with a list of things to bring and other helpful hints as you prepare for the move to campus.

Parent and Family Orientation

Did you know that Michigan Tech’s Orientation isn’t just for your student?  It’s for you, too!  Join us for Parent & Family Orientation August 20-21, 2016.   You will have the opportunity to meet Michigan Tech faculty and staff, attend information sessions on topics that are important to you, and network with other Michigan Tech families.  Kick-off the start to your student’s Orientation week and hear from President Glenn Mroz at the University Welcome. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Living on campus without wheels can be tough. Luckily with Zipcar, Michigan Tech students without a car still have access to wheels when they want them. Zipcar is a car sharing service that allows students 18+ to reserve cars on campus by the hour or the day, with gas and insurance included. So if you decide to leave the car behind, Zipcar is there to get students off campus with friends or home for the weekend.  To join visit www.zipcar.com/michigantech.

Keweenaw Summer

Summer has arrived in the Keweenaw!    Students are heading to the hiking trails and nature parks to get out and enjoy this beautiful season.  Exploring the Copper Country is a favorite for students who enjoy the quieter, more laid back environment of campus during summer.   If your student finds they are lacking the equipment needed to partake in their adventures, be sure to have them check out the OAP (Outdoor Adventure Program) where they can rent the gear they need.


Pre-college Opportunities

Michigan Tech’s campus is not just for college students in the summer.  If you have a pre-college student at home, be sure to check out the great opportunities for them on campus this summer:

  • Summer Youth Programs offers students an opportunity to experience a mini-version of college life. Students live in our residence hall, eat in the dining hall, and participate in their chosen exploration.  Explorations engage participants in hands-on, discovery-based learning opportunities.
  • Sports Camps offer young athletes an experienced coaching staff, excellent facilities and an outstanding learning and development environment.  From long weekends to week-long programs, our athletic staff offers individual and team camps in a number of sports, including basketball, football, hockey, mountain biking, skating, soccer, tennis and volleyball. Campers can take advantage of instruction from Michigan Tech coaching staff.