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Find Your Fit

Past Weekend’s Events

Friends dancing the night away at Fall Ball.
Friends dancing the night away at Fall Ball.

This past weekend the Michigan Tech Hockey team traveled to Duluth, MN for a pair of games against the University of Minnesota Duluth. The Michigan Tech Huskies won Friday night’s game against Duluth 3-2. After a victorious win on Friday, the Huskies were defeated at Saturday night’s game 8-1. Also taking place this weekend was the McNair Hall Association’s Fall Ball. The Fall Ball was held in the West McNair Lounge on Saturday, November 14 from 9 p.m.-12 a.m. The dance provided students with the opportunity to dress up for the evening and dance the night away.

Find Your Fit in Student Life

After going through Orientation or living in the Residence Halls many students may be wondering how they can be employed through Student Life with a job as a Resident Assistant, Program Coordinator, Learning Community Mentor, Management Assistant, Orientation Team Leader, Commuter Mentor, or Reception Desk Staff. Housing and Residential Life and COMPASS (the Center for Orientation, Mentoring, and Academic Student Success) are currently beginning the hiring process for the above positions. Students interested in a position with Student Life need to attend one of the five information sessions for their application to be considered. The information session will give an overview of the various positions available with Student Life and students will also get to hear from students currently working for Student Life about some of their experiences. After attending one of the information sessions students will be emailed the application form. Upon filling out the application and finalizing their resume students will need to go to NACElink to upload their documents and choose their first position choice. Applications are due no later than January 21, 2010. Once applications are submitted the interview process will begin. Their are two sections to the interview process. The first interview is a group process interview which is an interactive group interview. There are three group process interviews scheduled so students can choose the one that fits their schedule the best. The second interview is an individual interview that will last approximately 30 minutes. On Monday, February 22 decision letters will be available for students to pick up informing them whether or not they have been selected as a member of the 2010-2011 Student Life Staff. For detailed job descriptions and more information about the dates and times of information sessions and group process interviews please check out the Find Your Fit in Student Life link.

From my personal experience as an Orientation Team Leader and as the Coordinator at the Wadsworth Hall Reception Desk I can tell you that a position with Student Life both through Housing and Residential Life and through COMPASS is a very rewarding experience. A position with Student Life is a great opportunity to showcase and further develop your leadership skills all while helping fellow students have a great experience here at Michigan Tech. If you like helping students, working as a team, and being in a leadership role I strongly recommend you “find your fit” with Student Life!

If you have any questions about the Student Life hiring process please feel free to email me or

Have a wonderful time with your student over Fall Break!

Escape for Fall Break


Crossing the Mackinaw Bridge to get back to sweet home Midland, MI.
Crossing the Mackinaw Bridge to get back to sweet home Midland, MI.

With less than two weeks until Fall Break, Michigan Tech students are excited to take some time off from classes to relax and spend time with friends and loved ones. This year’s Fall Break will be from Saturday, November 21 to Saturday, November 28. Students who wish to leave campus have several options for traveling back home for the week. The Inter-Residence Hall Council Rideboard is available online for Michigan Tech students to post a ride request if they are in search of a ride or to post a trip indicating where they are headed if they have a vehicle. This is a great way for students who live in the same region to pair up, split gas money, and have enjoyable company on the ride home. Students may also choose to take the Indian Trails Bus home. The routes for the Indian Trails bus will be advertised via posters and will also be available on the Indian Trials Website under the Scheduled Routes.

Reminders for Students

It's always nice to spend time with family!
It's always nice to spend time with family!

All students who live in the Residence Halls should have received a “You Deserve a Break!” newsletter in their mailbox at some point throughout this last week. This newsletter has all the important information about when the Dining Halls, Campus Café, and Reception Desks will be closing for Fall Break. The newsletter also contains important reminders for students leaving campus for Fall Break regarding room security and parking. For students who are planning on leaving campus for Fall Break it is important to remember to close and lock the windows, unplug nonessential electrical equipment, turn off lights, and lock the doors before leaving for the week. The University also encourages students who will not be using their vehicles frequently to leave their car at home during the winter months since the amount of space in the lots is greatly reduced due to snow. As an additional reminder, students who are not taking their vehicles home over Fall Break or who are staying in the Residence Halls over Fall Break need to make sure their vehicle is moved to commuter Lot 26 by Sunday, November 22 to avoid towing and then move it back to their assigned Lot by Sunday, November 29. Students with bikes will also need to make sure that their bikes are removed from the bike racks by Friday, November 20 so that the bike racks may be moved to different locations that are more convenient for winter snow removal. Students may use the bike racks again once they are put in their permanent winter location or they may place their bikes in on-campus storage on Sunday, November 15 from 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Students who wish to stay on campus during Fall Break or for part of Fall Break will need to register at their Residence Hall Reception Desk by Thursday, November 19. This includes students who plan on leaving after Saturday, November 21 or who plan on returning prior to Sunday, November 29. There is no extra charge for staying in the Residence Halls during fall break. Kitchenettes in the Residence Halls will be open over Fall Break for students to use as the Dining Halls will all be closed by Friday, November 20 at 6 p.m. and will not reopen until Monday, November 30. November 23-25 the Food Mall in the Memorial Union Building will be open November from 7:30am-3:00pm and the Library Cafe will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to serve students who wish to stay during Fall Break.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have! Have a wonderful time with your student over Fall Break!

LeaderShape Institute®

Past Weekend’s Events

This past weekend has been rather exciting for our Michigan Tech Huskies. The hockey team had two games this weekend against St. Cloud State University, one on Friday, October 30 and another on Saturday, October 31. The Huskies took away one win this weekend with Friday night’s game ending 3:1.

LeaderShape® 2009 Participants
LeaderShape® 2009 Participants

Saturday night’s game ended with St. Cloud State taking away a 3:1 win over Michigan Tech. This next weekend promises to be another exciting weekend for Michigan Tech Hockey as Michigan Tech hosts North Dakota in a pair of games November 6 and 7.


The LeaderShape Institute® is a great opportunity available for Michigan Tech students. LeaderShape® is an intensive week-long leadership development experience that is designed to help students to “lead with integrity.” Students work in large and small groups as they learn and teach one another through interactive lectures, activities, and discussions. The LeaderShape Institute® has been apart of the Michigan Tech campus since 1995 and this year’s 15th annual LeaderShape® will be held January 4-9, 2010. As a participant in last year’s LeaderShape Institute® I strongly encourage that other students apply to attend. At LeaderShape® I had the opportunity to learn what I can do to be a more effective leader, what my leadership style is, and much more. I must say one of my favorite things about the LeaderShape experience was getting to know some of the Michigan Tech faculty and staff and the opportunity I had to meet new friends.

Did I mention we build Balloon Castles at LeaderShape?  Hmm, I thought that might get your attention!
Did I mention we build Balloon Castles at LeaderShape? Hmm, I thought that might get your attention!

LeaderShape® is held in Alberta, MI at Michigan Tech’s Ford Center. Alberta is approximately 40 miles south of Michigan Tech’s main campus. The Ford Center’s facilities include rooms for the student’s to stay in during the week long institute, a conference room, a dining hall, and lots of trails for the student’s to go out and enjoy during their free time. All students are encouraged to apply for LeaderShape®, however, there is an application process to be chosen as a participant. Each year about 50-60 students are chosen to participate in the LeaderShape Institute®. In addition, there is a minimal cost for attending the Institute but some of the Student Organizations here at Michigan tech may be willing to sponsor members of their organization if they’re chosen to go. All transportation, lodging, and meals are provided and selected students are expected to stay at the Alberta Ford Center for the duration of the Institute.

If you would like to encourage your student to apply for LeaderShape® 2010 the application can be found at This year’s applications will be due by Friday, November 6th and selected participants will be notified within a couple weeks. I will be this year’s On-Site Coordinator for LeaderShape® so please feel free to email me with any questions you may have! Be sure to check back for next week’s article, I will be writing about the upcoming Thanksgiving Break.