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Trick, Treat, and Have Fun!

Past Weekend’s Events

A student organization raking leaves and cleaning up Hancock Beach for Make A Difference Day. Photo Credit: Krista Anderson

This past Saturday, October 23, over 500 Michigan Tech students participated in Make A Difference Day.  Make A Difference Day was created by USA WEEKEND Magazine and is recognized as a national day of service.  Students that participated in this great service opportunity volunteered in the local Keweenaw area on a variety of projects ranging from beach cleanup to raking leaves.  It was great to see so many Michigan Tech students working together to improve the community and “make a difference”!  In other news Michigan Tech Athletics had an exciting weekend with the football team winning 62-30 over Northwood University.  The Huskies faced off against the Northwood Timberwolves on Saturday, October 23 at 1:00 p.m. at Sherman Field.  Michigan Tech’s 62-point win over Northwood University was the football team’s best score against any opponent since 1992 when the Huskies scored 76 points in a single game.

Upcoming Fun Fall Events

Several festive and fun fall events are planned for students this coming week. The fun times began on Saturday, October 23 with Safehouse BINGO where there was over $500 worth of candy up for grabs!  How yummy!  Safehouse BINGO is an annual event hosted by the Inter-Residence Hall Council (IRHC) and Wadsworth Hall Student Association.

Students showing off the pumpkins they carved at the Halloween Pumpkin Carving event. Photo Credit: Sarah Wells

On Tuesday, October 26 students could go to the McNair Dining Hall at 9:00 p.m. for Pumpkin Carving hosted by IRHC and the McNair Hall Association.  Students could attend the event and carve a pumpkin using the provided knives and carving materials.  Students even got to snack on pumpkin pie while they were working hard at their pumpkins.

On Wednesday, October 27 at 8:00 p.m. delicious Halloween Treats will be served in the Wadsworth Dining Hall.  Students can take a break from studying and get a snack of apple cider, pumpkin seeds, and caramel  apples.

On October 29 and October 30 there will be a special event taking place on Walker Lawn.  The Whoo’s In Houghton event is back again due to the success of the event last year.  The event allows Michigan Tech students and the local community to learn more about rescued birds of prey in the state of Michigan.  The Upper Peninsula Raptor Rehab and Wildlife Center will share information on the birds of prey and will have some of their rescued live birds on site.

Friday, October 29 the Douglass Houghton Hall Council kicks off the Halloween weekend with the Costume Party Dance held in the DHH Ballroom.  The event promises to be full of good times, so encourage your student to put on their costume and come do the Monster Mash!


Saturday, October 30, the day students have been anxiously awaiting all week, finally arrives.  Saturday is the day that the much anticipated Safehouse event takes place.  Safehouse has been a Michigan Tech campus tradition since 1988. Each year on the last Saturday of October students decorate the residence halls for public tours. The community is invited to bring their children to take tours of the residence halls that are all decorated for Halloween. Student tour guides lead the groups through the tour route. There are two different tour groups this year: Fun and Scary. The students decorate their hall based on the category they choose. The houses that choose to do the fun category do a lot of fun and silly decorations for the younger children. The houses that choose to do the Scary category are out for screams and thrills. Their decorations get pretty elaborate and even include some very skilled acting by students as they try to get a shriek or scream of terror from the tour groups that pass through. This year’s Safehouse is very special since the event was canceled last year due to H1N1 and other flu related illnesses. This year’s Safehouse will just be all the more exciting as students saved up their ideas and plans from last year. Safehouse is such a big event and the students put so much work into the decorations that IRHC judges the decorations and offers awards to the top winning houses. Safehouse is a great event to participate in and I can’t think of a better way to get more into the Halloween spirit.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have!  Don’t forget to check back for next week’s article in which I will be writing about the LeaderShape Institute.

Spring Course Registration

Past Weekend’s Events

Dancing the night away at this year’s Gala Latina. Photo Credit: Liz Banda

It was yet another exciting weekend for Michigan Tech Athletics.  This weekend the Huskies hockey team faced off against Minnesota State Mavericks on Friday, October 15 and Saturday, October 16.  The Huskies won Friday night’s game 5-2 and tied Saturday night’s game 5-5.  The Michigan Tech hockey team remains unbeaten in the five games they’ve played in the just nine days, putting the team off to the best season start since the 1972-73 season.   Also, taking place on Saturday, October 16 was the 6th annual Gala Latina brought by the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and sponsored by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion and the Undergraduate Student Government.  Students had the opportunity to dance the night away in the Memorial Union Ballroom while enjoying LIVE music from a 13-member Latin band, Sergio Poventud.  Free professional dance lessons were also offered to students by Danny Valderas from the Salsabrosa Dance Company.

Course Registration

My academic advisor, Dr. Susan Amato has been a great mentor and resource for me. I encourage your student to get to know their advisor.

Although it may seem as though your student is just getting settled into their fall semester courses, spring course registration is quickly approaching. According to the Registration Priority Schedule, registration opens Thursday, October 28 at 10 p.m. and closes on Sunday, November 14 at 12 a.m. Graduate students have the first opportunity to register on Thursday, October 28.  Starting Friday, October 29 undergraduate students are permitted to register based on the number of credits they have completed.  Students with the most completed credits get to register earlier than students with less completed credits.  Regardless of your student’s class standing, it is important that they are prepared to register for spring courses and that they register on their assigned date.  Students should have the courses that they want to take planned out and make sure that the times of the courses do not overlap.  Planning for spring course registration is a great time for students to set up a meeting with their academic advisor to discuss their career plans and potential course choices.  First year students can attend First Year Advising Meetings in which academic advisors will hold a large group meeting with the first year students of each particular degree program. I would strongly encourage that each student schedule an appointment with their academic advisor to fill out their degree program flow chart so they have a good idea of what semester they will be graduating, what degree requirements they still need to fulfill, and whether or not they need any waivers to register for spring semester courses. Academic advisors are a great resource, with a lot of knowledge and experience regarding courses and career pathways. It is to your students advantage to get to know them!

Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have!  Don’t forget to check back for next week’s article in which I will be writing about Michigan Tech’s annual tradition of Safehouse.

Staying Healthy

Past Weekend’s Events

An evening view of Michigan Tech’s campus. This photo was taken by a family this past weekend for the Family Weekend Photo Contest.

This past weekend proud parents and family members of Michigan Tech students came from near and far to join in the fun festivities of Family Weekend.   Some of this weekend’s events included a Quincy Mine Tour, a Red Jacket Trolley Tour, a Hungarian Falls Hike, and a Sturgeon River Paddling Trip.  Of course no Michigan Tech Family Weekend would be complete without some great Husky Athletics.  This weekend the Michigan Tech women’s soccer team took on Tiffin on Friday, October 8, winning 2-1.  On Sunday, October 10 the women’s soccer team took on Findlay, winning 1-0.  The women’s soccer team is now 7-5 for the season and 5-5 in the conference.  The Huskies hockey team was away this weekend for the season opener in the Superior Showcase.  On Friday, October 8, the hockey team defeated rivals Northern Michigan University 4-3 in an overtime win.  On Saturday, October 9, the hockey team defeated Lake Superior State University 6-2.  The Huskies hockey team will take on Northern Michigan University again, this Tuesday, October 12 at MacInnes Ice Arena.

Staying Healthy

Believe it or not students are already halfway through the fall semester.  As students enter week seven of classes it is more important than ever for them to stay healthy.  As midterm exams, papers, and project are approaching, it is no time to have the sniffles, chills, or blues!  Here are five ways that your student can be proactive in their efforts to stay healthy:

1.  Eat Right.  Whether your student lives in the residence halls or off campus there are lots of opportunities to eat healthy, even if your student doesn’t realize it.  While walking through the dining hall or walking through the grocery store your student might be tempted to pick up those french fries, chips, or extra dessert, but eating this way does have its toll.  College students are still growing and they need to make sure they are getting their daily fruits, vegetables, dairy, and water.  Michigan Tech’s Dining Services has several healthy options for students to choose from.  In the residence halls there are great salad bars and students can even take one piece of fruit out of the dining hall with them for a snack later.  Also, new to Dining Services this year is Fusion.  Fusion, located in the Dow Building, has real fruit smoothies, salads, and wraps for students to purchase.  The Library Cafe, located in the Van Pelt Library, also has salads, wraps, and fruit drinks available for purchase.

Kayaking on the Portage Canal is just one of the many fun ways to stay active.

2.  Exercise.  Staying active and exercising is especially important for a college student’s health.  Exercising reduces stress and improves overall health.  Being at college is probably one of the easiest times in a person’s life to make time for exercise.  Exercise in college is often convenient because there are lots of fun ways to exercise, it’s often free or low cost, and the workout or athletic facilities are very close.  Michigan Tech provides numerous ways for student’s to stay active.  With Experience Tech, Michigan Tech students can enjoy the Gates Tennis Center, Mt. Ripley, the Portage Lake Golf Course, and much more.  The Student Development Complex has a great fitness center for students to use.  Michigan Tech makes staying active and exercising fun.  What could be more enjoyable than biking on the Tech Trails or renting a kayak from the Outdoor Adventure Program and paddling up the Portage Canal?  There are also several organized activities students can get involved in such as, Broomball, Frisbockey, or Intramural Sports.  Lastly, Michigan Tech offers several Physical Education courses that students can take for pass/fail credit.

3.  Get Adequate Sleep.  Although it is characteristic of college students to pull all-nighters to prepare for an exam or finish up a big homework assignment it is really not a healthy habit to get into.  The average adult needs six to eight hours of sleep function effectively.  College students need at least six to eight hours, but some research states that college student may need up to 10-12 hours to function effectively.  It is important that college students make sleep a priority and that they do not substitute a lack of sleep with caffeine or frequent naps.  Your student can work more hours of sleep into their schedule by carefully planning their schedule and setting concrete goals for homework completion.  It is also helpful for students to have a daily schedule of sleep and wake times.

4.  Get Vaccinations.  Students can stay healthy during flu season by getting a flu shot.  Every year Michigan Tech hosts a flu shot clinic for students.  The clinic is usually held in October or November.  Dates for this year’s flu shot clinic will be announced to students soon.  There is also a Community Flu Shot Clinic available through Portage Health which will take place this Saturday, October 16 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Hancock High School.  The cost for the shot at this clinic is $25.

5.  Take Care of Emotional and Mental Health.  College is a time of transition that can often times be stressful for students.  It is important that students take time to relax and find activities they enjoy doing.  Students may also find it helpful to stay connected with friends and family back home; however, it is important to understand that they may struggle to find the time to stay connected or to initiate contact.  Michigan Tech’s Counseling and Wellness Services provides students with several services to help them succeed throughout their academic career at Michigan Tech. Counselors with Counseling and Wellness Services can help students manage stress and any issues that may be interfering with their coursework or personal life.  For a complete listing of services that Counseling and Wellness Services Provide see the Counseling Services page.

For more information on how your student can stay healthy checkout the Student Health 101 Parent Perspective and the Student Health 101 student issue.  Student Health 101 comes out monthly and a post to ParentNet will be made when a new issue comes out.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have!  Don’t forget to check back for next week’s article in which I will be writing about spring course registration.

Make a Difference!

Past Week’s Events

2010 Homecoming King and Queen

From tug of war to cardboard boat races, from broomball to hockey and football, Homecoming 2010 was a huge success! Homecoming events took place every evening this past week and included activities such as a window painting contest, Take on a Husky Night, a community service project, powder puff football, a cheer competition, and Homecoming games.  On Friday, preparation for Saturday’s big Homecoming game began with the Homecoming Parade that ran through the Michigan Tech campus, followed by a pep rally that included performances from the Michigan Tech dance team, cheer team, and pep band.

A mixture of beautiful sunshine and chilly rain couldn’t keep Michigan Tech fans away from Sherman Field on Saturday afternoon for the 2010 Homecoming Game.  Over 2,500 fans showed up to support the Huskies as they took on the Ohio Dominican Panthers.  At half time the Homecoming 2010 King and Queen were announced along with the winners of the week’s Homecoming Games.  The Huskies ended the football game with a 45-6 win over Ohio Dominican Michigan Tech 4-0 overall.  Our Michigan Tech Huskies return to play at Sherman Field on Saturday, October 30 at 1:00 p.m. against Grand Valley State University.  Saturday night came to a victorious end as Saturday  night came to a victorious end as Michigan Tech hockey won the season opener 5-3 against Nispissing University in front of a crowd of approximately 3,000 fans at MacInnes Ice Arena.  The hockey team will open the regular season this coming weekend against Michigan Tech’s rivals the Northern Michigan University Wildcats.  The game will take place on Friday, October 8 at 7:35 p.m.  Interested Michigan Tech student’s have the opportunity to ride with one of Michigan Tech’s student organizations, Mitch’s Misfits, to the Superior Showcase game.  For more information visit the Mitch’s Misfits web page.

Community Service Opportunities

Walking dogs on the trails by the Copper Country Humane Society is a great way to spend an afternoon!

Michigan Tech offers many great opportunities for students to take part in a variety of community service activities.  Make A Difference Day is a community service event at Michigan Tech which attracts  a large number of participants. Last year 39 different student groups took part in the day of volunteering by working on 29 projects throughout the Keweenaw Peninsula.  Make A Difference Day was created by USA WEEKEND Magazine and is recognized as a national day of service.  Make A Difference Day takes place the fourth Saturday of every October.  This year’s Make A Difference Day will take place on Saturday, October 23.

In addition to Make A Difference Day, Michigan Tech Student Activities Office coordinates other community service activities.  Service Saturdays, 60 Minutes of Service, and Alternative Spring Break are great ways for students to get involved with community service.  Michigan Tech also has several student organizations whose sole purpose is organizing service projects in the local community.  I am a member of Circle K International which is the collegiate level of Kiwanis Service Organization.  Every weekend Circle K has a service project planned in the local community, whether it’s a highway cleanup project, a rake and run, or a bake sale, there is always some way to volunteer and get involved!  Students may also choose to organize their own service projects by dog walking or cat cuddling at the Copper Country Humane Society, chopping wood with Little-Brothers Friends of the Elderly, or being a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters. Here at Michigan Tech and the surrounding area, the options really are limitless when it comes to making a difference through community service.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have!  For those of you traveling to Michigan Tech this weekend for Family Weekend, I hope you have a wonderful time!  Don’t forget to check back for next week’s article in which I will be writing about how to stay healthy.