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Welcome to Campus

NCAA Division II Women’s Basketball National Runner-Up

Michigan Tech fans welcomed the women’s basketball team home on Saturday. Photo Credit: John Lehman

To say this past week was an epic one for Michigan Tech athletics would be quite an understatement.  In last week’s article I shared with you that the Michigan Tech women’s basketball team had advanced to the NCAA Elite Eight and would be headed to St. Joseph, Missouri to play at the Civic Center, March 22-25.  On Tuesday, March 22 the No. 3-ranked women’s basketball team took on No. 1-ranked Arkansas Tech in the national quarterfinals.  The Huskies defeated Arkansas Tech 69-58 and advanced to the NCAA Final Four.  To make the Huskies success even better, Kim Cameron, head coach of the women’s basketball team, was named Midwest Region Coach of the Year earlier in the day on Tuesday, March 22.  On Wednesday, March 23, the Huskies took on Northwest Missouri State in the national semifinals.  The Huskies defeated Northwest Missouri State 89-78 and advanced to the NCAA Division II National Championship!  After winning the semifinal, the women’s basketball team also tied  a school record by winning 31 games in a season.  Several Michigan Tech students, faculty, and staff members who weren’t already in St. Joesph to watch the previous games, made their way to Missouri to cheer on the Huskies as they played for the first time ever in the NCAA Division II National Championship game.  On Friday, March 25, the Huskies took on Clayton State in the championship game.  The Huskies took NCAA Division II National Runner-Up when Clayton defeated the Huskies 69-50 . On Saturday, March 26, Michigan Tech hosted a  celebration for the women’s basketball team at the Student Development Complex to welcome the ladies home and congratulate them on such a fantastic season.

Preview Day

The School of Business and Economics at Preview Day 2010.  Photo Credit: Michigan Tech

This past weekend the Michigan Tech women’s basketball team weren’t the only ones being welcomed to campus.  On Saturday, March 26, Michigan Tech’s annual Preview Day took place, welcoming over 1,000 people to campus.  Preview Day is an informational program for admitted students and their families that provides them with the opportunity to learn more about Michigan Tech’s fantastic academic programs and wonderful campus community.  At Preview Day, admitted students and their families attended information sessions about academics, financial aid, and student activities.  Admitted students and their families were also invited to go on tours of campus, academic departments, and residence halls.  Although Preview Day may sound like an event just for admitted students and their families, Michigan Tech faculty, staff, and current students get to have a lot of fun too!  Each year members of the Michigan Tech campus community volunteer to assist with Preview Day to make the annual event a success.  As a current Michigan Tech student I love to assist with the event as it gives me an opportunity to share the wonderful experiences that I have had at Michigan Tech!  Several current Michigan Tech students helped make Preview Day a success this year by assisting with  information sessions, tours, and the Tech Showcase.

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March Madness

Mad Weather!

With the constantly changing weather, the talk of the women’s basketball team’s next big game, and the Slush Pit at Mt. Ripley, it is clear that March is underway!  Since the beginning of March, the weather in Houghton, MI has been changing on a daily, if not hourly basis.  The past week’s temperatures have been in the high 40′s and low 50′s during the day, much to the students delight.  The snow is melting and believe it or not there are even some spring flowers beginning to bloom around campus. On Tuesday, the students’ second day back to class after Spring Break, we were greeted with a beautiful and sunny 50 degree day. I was amazed at the different definitions that students have for what is appropriate to wear when the high for the day is 50 degrees. Students who were somewhat overzealous for the early arrival of spring could be seen in tank tops, shorts, and flip flops. Other students seemed to be fearing that the fury of winter might return with a vengeance by the time they got out of class and they sported scarves and winter coats.  Despite the nice weather that last week brought, I would

The women's basketball team has once again made it to the Elite Eight!

encourage students to not pack up all their winter attire too quickly as this week is expected to bring snow, rain, and below average temperatures.

Women’s Basketball Team to the Elite Eight

On Monday, March 14 the Michigan Tech Huskies women’s basketball team took on No. 3-seeded University of Wisconsin Parkside for the Midwest Regional Title.  The Huskies won their third NCAA regional title in a row, defeating University Wisconsin Parkside 69-57.  The Huskies are now advancing to the Elite Eight after winning 16 straight games overall, 32 consecutive home games, and nine straight Midwest Regional games.  The Elite Eight will take place March 22-25 at the Civic Center in St. Joseph, Missouri.  The Michigan Tech Huskies will play South Region Champion Arkansas Tech in the national quarterfinal on Tuesday, March 22 at 7 p.m.  Semifinals will take place on Wednesday, March 23 and the Championship will take place on Friday, March 25.  In the last seven seasons the women’s basketball team has gone to five NCAA Tournaments.  For more information on how you can tune into the games, please check out Follow the Huskies at the Elite Eight.

Mt. Ripley’s Annual Slush Pit

A snowboarder making their way across the Slush Pit on Saturday.

Although no one can complain about the approach of spring time, some students are sad to see a great season of winter sports come to a close. The snow on the Michigan Tech Trails is quickly disappearing which means it’s time to put away the cross country skis and snowshoes and pull out the mountain bike! Mont Ripley, Michigan Tech’s ski hill, is also quickly losing snow. At this time Mt. Ripley is still covered in snow but the hill will be closed Monday-Thursday and opened only on weekends for the rest of the season. This last Saturday, March 19, Mont Ripley held their end of the season Easter Egg Hunt and Slush Pit. The Easter Egg Hunt began at 10 a.m. as Michigan Tech students and community members searched for the hundreds of eggs that were hidden all over Mont Ripley.  Every egg contained some kind of prize and special golden eggs contained grand prizes such as a new mountain bike or a Mont Ripley season pass.  In total there were over $3,000 worth of prizes at the event. The annual Slush Pit began at 2 p.m. During the slush pit, skiers and snowboarders attempted to either cross the 60 feet of open water or make a great splash.  Prizes were for the “most outrageous performance”.  The Easter Egg Hunt and Slush Pit was a great way for students to celebrate the end of another great winter season.  This year’s Easter Egg Hunt and Slush Pit was special for those who attended as the event last year was canceled due to above average temperatures that resulted in large amounts of snow melting.

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Fall 2011 Course Registration

Welcome Back!

The Huskies women's basketball team move into the Sweet 16 for the third straight season.

Welcome back to campus Michigan Tech students!  Parents and family members, I hope you all had a fantastic time with your student over spring break!  While the majority of Michigan Tech students were spending their spring breaks getting some much needed rest and relaxation, the Michigan Tech student athletes went to work.  On Friday, March 11 and Saturday, March 12 the Michigan Tech Huskies hockey team took on No. 1 University of North Dakota.  The Huskies were defeated by the University of North Dakota both evenings ending with a score on Friday of 8-0 and a score on Saturday of 3-1.  The series against the University of North Dakota marked the end of the Huskies hockey season, leaving the Huskies with a 4-30-4 record.  On Friday, March 11 the Michigan Tech Huskies women’s basketball team took on Lewis University in the first round of the NCAA tournament.  The Huskies women’s basketball team won their 14th game in a row, ending with a score of 72-56.  On Saturday, March 12 the Huskies women’s basketball team took on Drury University in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Midwest Regional Semifinal.  The Huskies women’s basketball team won 70-51, moving them into the NCAA Sweet 16 for the third straight season.  The Huskies women’s baseketball team will take on No. 3-seeded University of Wisconsin Parkside in the championship on Monday, March 14 at 7 p.m. at the Student Development Complex.

Fall 2011 Course Registration

Academic advisors and other course instructors are a great resource to help students with course schedules and career planning.

Although it may seem as though your student is just getting settled into their spring semester courses, fall course registration is quickly approaching.  According to the Fall 2011 Registration Priority Schedule registration opens Thursday, March 17 at 10 p.m. and closes on Sunday, April 3 at 12 a.m. Graduate students have the first opportunity to register on Thursday, March 17.  Starting on Sunday, March 20 undergraduate students are permitted to register based on the number of credits they have completed.  Students with more completed credits get to register earlier than students with a smaller number of completed credits.  Regardless of your student’s number of completed credits, it is important that they are prepared to register for spring courses and that they register on their assigned date.  Students should have the courses that they want to take in the fall of 2011 planned out and make sure that the times of the courses do not overlap.  Planning for Fall Course Registration is a great time for students to set up a meeting with their academic adviser to go over career plans and potential course choices.  I would strongly encourage that each student schedule an appointment with their academic adviser to fill out their degree program flow chart so they have a good idea of what semester they will be graduating, what degree requirements they still need to fulfill, and whether or not they need any waivers to register for the Fall Semester.  Academic advisers are a great resource, with a lot of knowledge and experience regarding courses and career pathways. It is to your students advantage to get to know them!

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Escape for Spring Break Part II


Escape our little snow globe for awhile! Enjoy Spring Break!

With less than a week until spring break, Michigan Tech students are excited to take some time off from classes to relax and spend time with friends and loved ones. This year’s Spring Break is Saturday, March 5 to Sunday, March 13. Students who wish to leave campus have several options for traveling back home for the week. The Inter-Residence Hall Council Rideboard is available online for Michigan Tech students to post a ride request if they are in search of a ride or to post a trip indicating where they are headed if they have a vehicle. This is a great way for students who live in the same region to pair up, split gas money, and have enjoyable company on the ride home. Students may also choose to take the Indian Trails Bus home. The routes for the Indian Trails bus will be advertised via posters and are available on the Indian Trials website under scheduled service.

Reminders for Students

All students who live in the residence halls should have received a “You Deserve a Break” newsletter in their mailbox and an email with a link to the online newsletter this last week.  This newsletter has all the important information about when the dining halls, Campus Café, and reception desks will be closing for spring break. The newsletter also contains important reminders for students leaving campus for spring break regarding room security and parking. For students who are planning on leaving campus for spring break, it is important to remember to close and lock the windows, unplug nonessential electrical equipment, turn off lights, and lock the doors before leaving for the week. As an additional reminder, students who are not taking their vehicles home over spring break or students who are staying in the residence halls over spring break need to make sure their vehicle is moved to commuter Lot 26 by 11 p.m. on Sunday, March 6 to avoid towing and then move it back to their assigned lot by 11 p.m. on Sunday, March 13.

For students staying up in the Houghton area Spring Break can be a great time to explore Mt Ripley or the Michigan Tech Trails.

Students who wish to stay on campus during spring break or for part of spring break will need to register at their residence hall reception desk by Thursday, March 3. This includes students who plan on leaving after Friday, 8 p.m. on March 4 or who plan on returning prior to 7 a.m. on Sunday, March 13. There is no extra charge for staying in the residence halls during spring break. All the residence hall entrances will be locked over spring break so students staying over break will need to make sure that they carry their student ID with them if they leave the residence halls.

Kitchenettes in the residence halls will be open over spring break for students to use as all the dining halls will be closed by Friday, March 4 at 6 p.m. and will not reopen until Monday, March 14.  The McNair Dining Hall and the Wadsworth Dining Hall will close at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, March 4.  The Douglass Houghton Hall Dining Hall will be open until 6 p.m. on Friday, March 4 to serve dinner.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have!  Have a wonderful time with your student over spring break!  I will be taking next week off to go to job interviews and spend time with my family.  Don’t forget to check back in two week’s for the next article in which I will be writing about