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Let the Ball Drop!

Let the Ball Drop!

Last Friday, January 13, the 2012 Ball Drop broomball game was played. The Ball Drop game was the first broomball game of the season.

The InterResidence Hall Council's Cocoa Shack opens during Broomball Games, providing spectators with free hot cocoa.

With the ceremonial first game of the season complete, it is time to get your shoes on and brooms ready because the 2012 broomball season has begun!

At this point you may find yourself asking, “what exactly is broomball?”

Broomball is one of the most popular intramural sports at Michigan Tech. With well over 200 broomball teams, games are going on every evening from 5:15 p.m. to midnight. You may even see students out at the broomball rinks in the middle of the afternoon because they can take broomball as a physical education course.

The broomball rinks are located on the green space next to US-41 in front of Walker Arts and Humanities Building. The rinks are managed and the games are scheduled by the Broomball Committee, a division of the InterResidence Hall Council.

Broomball may appear similar to hockey as it is played by two teams and the players wear helmets and jerseys; however, there are some fundamental differences:

1. In broomball, students do not wear skates; they simply wear tennis shoes or boots. The players slide around the ice trying to make goals and stay on their feet.

2. Instead of hockey sticks, players use brooms. Students usually cut the broom bristles down and then tape the broom with duct tape or hockey tape. For information on how to make a broomball stick, see the Stick Making Guide on the Broomball Committee’s website.

3.  A blue ball that is a little larger than a softball is used in place of a hockey puck.

DHH Super Team - DHH Champions, On-Campus Runner-Up 2011

Two teams, each consisting of five players and one goalie, strive to make the most goals in the game. A broomball game consists of two fifteen-minute halves. When the game is over, the team with the most goals is deemed the winner. If the game is a tie, play will continue for five minutes in a sudden-death overtime. If the score remains tied after the five minute overtime, the teams participate in a shootout to determine a winner.

For students, there are many ways to enjoy the broomball season. They may choose to participate on a team, watch the games on the webcams, or be a spectator and cheer on their favorite team with a cup of free hot cocoa.

If you would like to keep track of when your student is playing, check out the game schedule. Also, if you would like to catch a glimpse of your student playing, the broomball webcams are now up and running with live video streams.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have.

On-Campus Housing

Signing Up for On-Campus Housing

Throughout this week, all students living in the residence halls will have the option of re-contracting. Sign-up for on-campus housing will begin Monday, January 16. Sign-up for on-campus housing includes Wadsworth Hall, McNair Hall, Douglass Houghton Hall, and Hillside Place.

Students who would like to live in the residence halls next year have the option of staying in their same room, moving to a different room in the same house, moving to a different room in the same residence hall, or moving to a different room in a different residence hall. The date and time students will be able to sign up for on-campus housing will depend on which option they choose, and how many credits they have earned. Below is the timeline for housing registration:

Living in the same room January 16
Displaced January 17 Displaced students cannot sign up for their same room and are given priority to select another room
Living in a different room in the same house January 18 90+ credits: midnight to noon
60-89 credits: noon to midnight
January 19 30-59 credits: midnight to noon
0-29 credits: noon to midnight
Living in a different room
in the same hall
January 20 90+ credits: midnight to noon
60-89 credits: noon to midnight
January 21 30-59 credits: midnight to noon
0-29 credits: noon to midnight
Living in any hall January 22
Off-campus students January 24
CLOSED January 26 Sign-up closes at midnight; after this date, you may
sign up by visiting 153 Wadsworth Hall.
April 1 Waiting List: You will be considered after first-year students.
Sign up at the Online Housing Sign-Up starting January 16

For students planning on signing up for a room other than their current room, the number of credits they have will impact which day they can sign up. Students should plan on checking Banweb to verify how many credits they have, not including credits they are currently enrolled in this semester.

When a student signs up for a room, they will have the opportunity to request a roommate. The roommate requested will receive an email and may either accept or reject the request.

Sign-up for on-campus housing will end on Wednesday, January 26, at midnight. Students who sign up for on-campus housing in the first seven days will receive a special Michigan Tech hoodie. Students can visit the re-contracting website for details and restrictions.

After January 26, students interested in signing up for on-campus housing will be directed to go the Housing Office located at 153 Wadsworth Hall. To access the sign-up for on-campus housing website from January 16 to 26, students should go to and click the sign-up icon. Students will be prompted to enter their ISO log in information. After selecting a room to live in for next academic year, students will then be able to sign their housing contracts electronically.

There are several benefits to living on campus. Check out the YouToo site to watch videos about why current students enjoy living in the resident halls so much!

Deciding where to live, whether on campus or off, is a big decision. I encourage your student to put lots of thought into where they would like to live for next academic year, as well as who they would like to live with.

Be sure to check back throughout the semester for weekly articles. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I will be writing about broomball, Winter Carnival, and how to be a successful student this spring. Here’s to the start of another great semester filled with new opportunities, fun activities, and exciting Michigan Tech traditions!

As always, please feel free to email me at with questions or comments.

Welcome back!

Hello! I hope you all were able to enjoy a relaxing Winter Break. I bet it was nice to spend some time with that special student of yours!

I spent my Winter Break catching up with family and friends, playing games, and shopping. But, now that students have safely arrived back to the winter wonderland we call Houghton, it is time for students to get back to the books and begin making some preparations for the next academic year.

What’s going on around campus?

Great Lakes Research Center: December 26, 2011

Construction on the Great Lakes Research Center (GLRC) is still underway and Michigan Tech students, faculty, and staff are excited to welcome this research facility to campus.

The center is a $25.3 million facility. Seventy-four percent of the facility’s cost is being funded by the State of Michigan. The Great Lakes Research Center made Michigan Tech one of six state universities with capital outlay projects that are funded by the state.

The Great Lakes Research Center was designed by FTC&H of Grand Rapids and construction is being completed by Granger Construction of Lansing. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on August 5, 2010. You can check out the progress of the construction from the Construction Cam.

Courtesy of:

Students educated in this facility will learn in an environment providing current technologies and state-of-the-art laboratories. These students, once employed in Michigan, will be essential to the long-term development of sustainable industries.

The GLRC will be located on the waterfront adjacent to campus. The building will contain aquatic research laboratories, coastal research instrumentation, a data center, boathouse facilities, offices, and meeting rooms for extension/coordination activities.

Michigan Tech Entrepreneurs

A team of Michigan Tech undergraduates has entered a national competition for young entrepreneurs, sponsored by Intel. This team has made it to the top twenty and now have their sights set on the next step: placing in the top five. Two Tech students, Travis Beaulieu and Joel Florek, are the founders of AsfalisMed.

AsfalisMed (Asfalis – Greek for safe and secure) makes individuals’ pertinent medical information readily available in emergency situations. Their goal is to speed up diagnosis and treatment to reduce the chance of adverse drug reactions. When individuals cannot communicate their pertinent medical information, medical staff are forced to spend vital time finding this information, or are left to make risky decisions in an effort to potentially save someone’s life.

Check out more on their product at Congrats guys!

Be sure to check back throughout the semester for weekly articles. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be writing about housing contracting and options, broomball, Winter Carnival, and how to be a successful student this spring. Here’s to the start of another great semester filled with new opportunities, fun activities, and exciting Michigan Tech traditions!

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