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Finals, finally!

Let it snow, let it snow!
Snow has finally made its way to Houghton and it seems like winter is revving up just in time for the final week of classes. Right now there’s only about 3 inches of the white stuff covering campus, but more is surely on the way. Many students were excited to learn that Mont Ripley, Michigan Tech’s ski hill, partially opened over the weekend and will continue to open runs as snow is made. Hitting the slopes is a great way to take a study break and get some fresh air during this busy time! Another great option for a break from hitting the books was the Pre-exam Jam, hosted by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) that took place on December 10. The center served free food from 11:00am to 1:00pm, providing a comfortable place to hang out with friends and relax before going back to the chaos of homework, classes, and studying.

One more week…
Starting this Saturday, December 15, there will be 22-hour quiet hours in the residence halls to create a good environment for students preparing for exams. Quiet hours mean that students must keep the noise down and be respectful of others who are studying and trying to focus. The Resident Assistants in the halls will be on high alert to stop any rowdy residents from disturbing their neighbors. Many halls even have organized study sessions where students can work together to figure out the more difficult topics, and maybe even grab a snack.  Non-quiet hours are  12:00pm to 1:00pm and 5:00pm to 6:00pm daily.

Reminders before break

Once students conquer their final exams, they are free to head home for Winter Break! Students who live in the residence halls will need to make sure that they tell their Resident Assistant when they plan on leaving. It’s also important to remember that the electricity will be turned off in their rooms, so any electrical appliances should be unplugged for the duration of break. Other preparations include closing and locking their windows and doors, and turning down thermostats if they have them. Additionally, if students have a mini-fridge, it is important to leave the door open and place a towel underneath the refrigerator so they are not left with a puddle when they come back in January. Students with space for another resident in their rooms will want to make sure that half the room is cleaned and prepared for another roommate prior to Winter Break. Students who do not will be charged a fine. If they are are assigned a new roommate over Winter Break, they will receive notification with their new roommate’s information via email, letter, or phone.

All students who live in the Residence Halls should have received a “You Deserve a Break” newsletter in their mailbox at some point during the last week. This newsletter has all the important information about when the Dining Halls, Campus Café, and Reception Desks will be closing for Winter Break. The newsletter also contains important reminders for students leaving campus for Winter Break regarding room security, parking, and other procedures, some of which I’ve detailed above.

I hope that all of your students have a successful finals week and safe trips home, wherever that may be! Also, I hope that you all enjoy a long and relaxing winter holiday with your students home. This will be the last article until spring semester, so watch for the next article in January. However, I will be checking my email periodically between now and then, so please send any questions, comments, or concerns.

Until next time,

One of my adventures from last winer! Looking forward to many more this year.

Campus Employment Opportunities

The end of the semester is almost here, and it is the time of final exams, wrapping up classes, and looking forward to a long winter break. It’s also time to start thinking about on-campus employment for this summer and next year! Student Life is beginning the hiring process for a wide variety of fun and rewarding positions. Not only do students gain the experience of having a part-time job, but they also gain communication, leadership, and teamwork skills – all while getting paid. The first information sessions are on December 11, 2012 and December 12, 2012, from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM in room 135 in Fisher Hall.

Myself with the other OES members!

I have held three different positions within Student Life during my time at Michigan Tech and I can honestly say that they were the best jobs I’ve had! During my second year at Michigan Tech, I worked as a residence hall reception desk staff member. This meant that I sorted student mail, rented out game room equipment, and answered any student or guest questions that came my way. The next summer I worked as an Orientation Team Leader (OTL), which was an amazing experience. I, along with about 60 other student leaders, guided first-year students through the orientation process and introduced them to Michigan Tech. Finally, this past year I worked as a member of the Orientation Executive Staff, which was the most challenging (and most rewarding) position that I’ve held. I was responsible for assisting in the of the weeklong orientation program, as well as overseeing the staff of 65 excited OTLs. These experiences helped me come out of my shell and have given me the confidence to do things that I never thought I could. Had someone told me I would be managing a staff of 65 peers and delivering a speech to the entire first-year class, their families, and University administration when I first arrived on campus, I’d have laughed and possibly even fainted at the prospect. However, when the time came to do these things I took the challenges in stride and enjoyed every minute of the experience. All of this aside, the most rewarding thing about my positions with Student Life is the relationships that I’ve built. I’ve worked with some of the most motivated and inspiring students and staff, and they’ve taught and supported me throughout my Michigan Tech career. I know all of my co-workers have had similar experiences with their positions, and I would encourage anyone who is looking to learn and grow to apply for a position.

The Student Life Staff

Applying for Student Life doesn’t mean you need to be out on the front lines, being crazy and excited. There are positions for every type of personality and there is plenty of room to grow. Here are some of the positions that will be available:

  • Resident Assistant
  • Orientation Team Leader
  • Reception Desk Staff
  • Commuter Assistant
  • Program Assistant
  • Operations Assistant
  • Transfer Assistant

For more information, check out the full list of positions and read a bit more about Student Life employment. In order to apply for one of these great positions, students must attend an information session and then complete the online application. Once the application is received, students will go through an interview and group process. After all of these steps have been completed, students will be notified whether or not they have been selected for a position. I hope that you’ll encourage your student to check out an information session and to consider applying. My Student Life employment played a defining role in my college experience and it’s great to know that a whole new group of students will soon have some of these same opportunities!

Until next week,