Summer Youth Programs


Though the weather has once again taken a turn for the worse, summer is technically in full swing at Michigan Tech. Even though campus is a bit quieter during the summer months with many students away, it is still a busy time behind the scenes. Not only are Track A summer courses underway, but many departments around campus are preparing for a variety of summer programs and events.

Summer Youth Programs (SYP)

Summer Youth Programs are a popular and fun series of explorations that are geared toward high school and middle school students. There are three types of programs available.

Mind Trekkers Summer Camps are aimed at students who are in grades 6–8, and are hands-on with plenty of activities. They allow students to explore the Keweenaw, learn about basic laboratory techniques, and use some of the latest computer software.

Pre-college Explorations are for students in grades 9–11 and offer the chance to experience what college might be like without worrying about assignments and grades. They allow students to explore and get involved with different areas of engineering, science, and computer programming.

Finally, Competitive Scholarship programs offer highly-competitive scholarships to talented 9–11 grade students. They allow students to immerse themselves in a specific area of science or engineering. All of these programs focus on teamwork, networking with professionals working in the field, and learning how to be a successful college student.

From forensics and computer programming to wolf/moose tracking and robotics, there is a wide variety of courses to fit the interests of any student.

All of these programs last for one week and take place at the end of June and throughout July. There is a complete schedule for all of the programs and their important dates online. In addition to being an excellent introduction to college life, these explorations are a great way for students to meet other motivated students with similar interests from around the world. Students get the chance to live in the Michigan Tech residence halls with a roommate of the same age and gender.

Student Staff

Camps are run with the assistance of student staff members who work as activity and residence counselors. Activity counselors plan fun and engaging evening activities and games for students when they are not taking part in their exploration activities. These can include trips to the beach, card games, or many outdoor games. Residence counselors are there to supervise students when they are in their rooms and at meal times. The residence counselors live in the halls with the participants, with approximately ten students to each residence counselor. Residence counselors hold meetings each night to let participants know about the activities that are coming up the next day.

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