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2014 Fall Career Fair

Hello Parents,

A photo of a student speaking to a representative from Target at the 2013 Spring Career Fair
A student speaks to a Target representative at the 2013 Spring Career Fair.

I hope you’re all having a great week! The days here have been absolutely beautiful, as we’ve received our last bout of gorgeous weather for the foreseeable future. It’s been in the 70s and sunny all week, and this weekend is supposed to be even more beautiful. The only problem with this gorgeous weather is that it gives students another reason to procrastinate on doing our school work and studying for the first exams coming up!

First off this week, I’d like to address something that I wrote about last time. I have seen and heard a lot of concerns and dissatisfaction about the Skivvies show that I previously wrote about, and I’d like to take this time to address this issue and apologize. Skivvies was selected by the Student Entertainment Board, which is a student group on campus that is designed to bring contemporary concerts, shows, and comedians to campus for student entertainment. I sincerely apologize that the show was found offensive and an inappropriate choice to present to your students. I fully understand your concerns, and I wanted to apologize that it was found to be in poor taste. I also did not mean to be disrespectful when I wrote about the show in ParentNet Weekly; my goal was to keep you all informed about the new events and activities that are taking place around campus, and I apologize if I caused any disgruntlement. If any of you have additional comments or concerns about Skivvies, or any other issue, please email me at

Taking place this Tuesday, September 30, is the Fall Career Fair. The Career Fair is a biannual event that occurs every fall and spring. Over 250 companies from across the country make the trek to Tech to hire students for internships, co-ops, and full-time positions. This is a fantastic opportunity for your students to get a taste of the professional world, even as a first-year student, that will benefit them in the future when they look for full-time positions. The great thing about the Career Fair is that companies look to hire students from many different fields and majors, ranging from engineering to psychology, biology to scientific and technical communication. At the Career Services website, you and your students can explore which companies will be at the Career Fair and what fields of study they’re looking for.

Here are some tips that Career Services gives to students to help them prepare for Career Fair:

  1. Students should research what companies are attending, who they are looking to hire, and where their booths are located.

  2. It’s wise to identify what companies students are interested in and to think about why they want to work for them. This will go a long way when talking with a recruiter.

  3. Develop a plan. Who should your students talk to? In what order?

  4. Students should visit the websites of the companies that they plan to speak with to learn more about them.

  5. It’s recommended to print at least twenty flawless résumés with the intent to hand them all out.

  6. Students need to remember to remain calm and confident, and follow their plan. Career Services staff will be on hand if they need any assistance.

They also suggest that students:

  1. get to the Career Fair as early as possible,

  2. plan on spending a few hours visiting the different companies,

  3. bring their schedule with them, so they know when they’re available for interviews,

  4. look presentable and professional,

  5. shouldn’t be afraid to walk right up to company representatives,

  6. should introduce themselves with confidence, and

  7. shouldn’t be afraid to take recruiting material—that’s why it’s there.

The Career Services website has much more information on areas for students to help prepare themselves for the Career Fair, such as mock interview sessions, information sessions, business etiquette, interview skills, résumé writing, and other resources. Career Services does everything they can to help students succeed in the professional world, both as undergraduate and graduate students.

That’s all I have for you this week! If you have any questions about the Career Fair or would like to see more information written on a specific topic, please feel free to email me at I hope your students take the time to look at the Career Fair this year, and that you all have a great remainder to your week. Until next time!


Open House and Fall Career Fair Prep

Hello Parents,

The Skivvies will be performing at the Rozsa Center this Saturday, September 20

I hope you’re all having a great week! Things here at Michigan Tech are rolling smoothly along as we embark on Week 3 of classes—the brisk air is growing chillier and the leaves are brightening. Autumn is finally in the air! And as Fall is coming, and other campus activities and events are arriving as well.

Next Saturday, September 27, is Michigan Tech’s annual Open House—an event designed for prospective students to explore what Michigan Tech has to offer. Many of you may have attended with your own students before they enrolled here, and it may very well have been a large contributing factor to their decision to become a  Husky! During Open House, academic departments will be open for prospective students to meet faculty and staff and get their questions answered. There will also be a showcase of many of our student and professional organizations and learning centers. This is a very exciting event for Michigan Tech—we encourage prospective students to learn more about us and hopefully find their fit here at Michigan Tech. It’s also a great opportunity for current students to get involved.

Also this month is Michigan Tech’s 2014 Fall Career Fair! Hosted by Career Services, the Career Fair is a huge event here on campus, with hundreds of companies coming each semester to interview and hire Michigan Tech students for internships, co-ops, and full time positions—nearly 350 companies are registered to attend the fall event! Although the Career Fair is not until Tuesday, September 30, there are a number of workshops and events being held over the next two weeks for students to prepare themselves. Some of these events include resume blitzes and mock interviews, where Career Services staff, industry representatives, and campus and community professionals offer practical resume advice and run 30-minute mock/practice interviews. These are absolutely invaluable opportunities for students to learn more about professionalism, and it’s fantastic practice to prepare for that all-important interview. These workshops help give students the confidence they need to face their potential employers with courage and poise.

In other news, The Skivvies will be playing at the Rozsa Center this Saturday, September 20!  Consisting of Lauren Molina and Nick Cearley of New York City, this award-winning musical duo performs arrangements of zany musical compositions and cover eccentric classics . . . all stripped down in their underwear!  Yes, that’s right: they perform in their underwear. Instruments include the cello, ukulele, glockenspiel, melodica, and many more, and they give a unique and entertaining performance that’s not easily forgotten. This group has performed all over the country and has received critical acclaim for their work. Tickets for students are $5.

That’s all I have for your this week! There are a lot of events coming up, and I hope your students are getting excited for them. If you have any questions about Open House, Fall Career Fair Prep events, or the Skivvies, or would like to see more information written on a specific topic, please feel free to email me at I hope you all enjoy the remainder of the week and have a fantastic weekend!


Homecoming 2014

Hello Parents,

A photo of students admiring a team's display during the Window Painting competition
A photo of students admiring a team’s display during the Window Painting competition

I hope you’re all having a great week! Students continue to grow busier and busier as we embark on the second week of the semester. Homework is getting assigned, student organizations are in full swing, and even quizzes and exams are just around the corner! Summer vacation is a dream of the past, and the academic setting of teaching and learning is now the reality.

The first big event of the year is also coming up, as Homecoming 2014 will take place from Sunday, September 14 through Saturday, September 20! Homecoming is a long-beloved Michigan Tech tradition that’s been celebrated on campus for many years. The week includes crazy and wild events such as a kickball tournament, a window painting competition, a cardboard boat race in the Portage Canal, Homecoming King and Queen coronation, and many more zany events!  Here is a complete list of the activities and events taking place during Homecoming this year:

Sunday, September 14
Window Painting at the SDC from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Student teams compete against each other to create the best and most artistic representation of Michigan Tech Pride by painting washable masterpieces on the windows on the Rozsa Center.

Kickball Tournament at the practice soccer fields from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Teams get fired up and compete against each other in a fiery tournament of Kickball fun.

Monday, September 15
Outdoor Movie on the lawn in front of the Walker Arts and Humanities Center at 9:00PM

Tuesday, September 16
Wilderness Explorer Games on the Tech Trails at 4:00 pm
These games include crate stacking and completion of Michigan Tech’s low ropes course in order to be a victorious team.

Wednesday, September 17
Spotlight Night — Homecoming Talent Show in the MUB Ballroom A at 8:00 pm
This talent show is open to all Michigan Tech students who to want to represent their teams to showcase their skills and talents in front of the whole campus.  Students must pre-register on the Homecoming Involvement Link page and must be present at the start of the event. This is a great opportunity for students to break out of their comfort zones and do something amazing!

Thursday, September 18
Trails Relay at the Tech Trails at 4:30 pm
Teams will compete in  relay race at the Michigan Tech Trails.  The team that has completed the most laps in a half hour wins.

Homecoming Court Dinner at the Great Lakes Research Center at 6:00 pm
Homecoming King and Queen candidates will dine with the Homecoming Judges before the big reveal, which will take place the following day.

Friday, September 19
Women’s Tennis vs. Saginaw Valley State at the Gates Tennis Center at 12:00PM

Cardboard Boat Races at Houghton Waterfront Park at 4:00 pm
Student teams work tirelessly all week to build the most stable, water resistant, and creative boat out only cardboard! Duct tape, glue, epoxy, paint and caulking may be used to seal the seams of the boat. Teams must have between 8 and 12 people in the boat in order to race, and they must stay in the boat at all times to be considered a victorious team.  Students must power their boats only with the paddles provided, and race around a buoy in the Portage Canal and reach beach front in order to be named the victor.

Saturday, September 20
SWEat Homecoming Spirit Sprint – A 5k for charity on Walker Lawn at 9:00 am
Students can participate in this fun and exciting 5k run/walk and support The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and The Barbara Kettle Gundlach Shelter Home for Abused Women.

Women’s Tennis vs. Northwood  at 10:00 am

Tailgate at 12:00 pm

Football vs. Saginaw Valley State at 1:00 pm

As you can see, there’s a lot going on this year with homecoming for students to get involved in!  It’s a fantastic tradition that allows students to get more involved and have some fun on campus to kick off the new academic year. It’s also great way for your students to build stronger friendships with their hallmates and fellow student org members.

That’s all I have for this week! If you have any questions or concerns about homecoming, or would like to see more information written on a specific topic, please feel free to email me at  I hope your students have a great homecoming, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.  Until next week!



Welcome Back with Welcome Week

Hello Parents,

A photo of the incoming class of 2016 taken the first day of Orientation Week in 2012.  The incoming class of 2018 took a similar photo to kick of Orientation Week.
A photo of the incoming class of 2016 taken the first day of Orientation Week in 2012. The incoming class of 2018 took a similar photo to kick of Orientation Week.

Welcome back to the new school year! For those parents who are new to ParentNet and to Michigan Tech, my name is Valerie and I serve as the student writer here for ParentNet Weekly.  I am entering my fifth year here as a Medical Laboratory Sciences student and will graduate this coming spring.  This is my second year writing for ParentNet Weekly, and if you’d like to see a full biography of who I am and my journeys here, please feel free to take a look at my first article on the ParentNet Weekly website.

As the first week of classes comes to a close, I hope all of your students have settled in and have conquered their first week of classes with success. Campus seems busier than ever as we welcomed both the returning students and the incoming class of 2018 to Michigan Tech this week ! It’s exciting and refreshing to see campus once again abuzz with new and old students alike, although it’s a bit bittersweet feeling for me as I embark on my last year here at Michigan Tech.

To kick off the new school year, Student Activities has hosted their annual Welcome Week tradition during the entire first week of classes. Welcome Week is designed to welcome new and returning students alike back to campus with a variety of exciting activities, events, and complimentary goodies for students to enjoy. What a great way to kick off the new school year! Welcome Week is a long-beloved Michigan Tech tradition that’s meant to complement Orientation Week to foster both students’ personal and academic success during the coming year here at Michigan Tech. Here are the events that were hosted throughout the week in celebration of Welcome Week:

Saturday, August 30
An Afternoon on the Town from 11:00 – 3:00 pm
Students toured Downtown Houghton with their residence halls and picked up free goodies from local businesses
Comedian Pete Lee at 10:00 pm at the Rozsa Center

Sunday, August 31
Ultimate Frisbee with Disco Tech, the Michigan Tech club ultimate frisbee team, from 2:00 – 4:00 pm at Sherman Field
Frisbockey from 2:00 – 4:00 pm on Sherman Field
A game combining hockey and ultimate frisbee, Frisbockey is an intramural sport offered here at Michigan Tech
Broomball from 8:00 – 10:00 pm at the SDC

Monday, September 1
Schoolyard Olympics on the  DHH Lawn
Chalking from 10:00 am – noon across campus
Students chalked the sidewalks of Michigan Tech’s campus in unique designs and artwork

Tuesday, September 2
Back to School Binders at 11:00 am at the MUB Circle
The Student Activities Office handed out brand new binders and coupons to Michigan Tech students to start the year off right
Snack Break with MUB Board at 2:00 pm in the MUB Circle
The Student Activities Office handed out popcorn, pop, and other snacks to students

Wednesday, September 3
American Red Cross Blood Drive from 10:00 – 4:00 pm in Library Reading Room
The OAP/Wellness Expo at 5:00 pm at Prince’s Point
Students were able to learn more about the Outdoor Adventure Program and the Wellness departments in this fun, outdoorsy expo of the two programs at a beach next to campus
MUB Bingo at 8:00 pm in the MUB Ballroom A2

Thursday, September 4
American Red Cross Blood Drive from 10:00 – 4:00 pm in the Library Reading Room
Women’s Volleyball vs. UW-Parkside at 6:30 pm at the SDC
Fraternity Info Night at 7:00 pm in the MUB Ballroom A1
This is a great opportunity for those students who are interested in learning more about Greek Life to get more information on how to join get involved

Friday, September 5
K-Day from Noon – 4:00 pm at McLain State Park
K-Day is a long-time Michigan Tech Tradition that showcases all of Michigan Tech’ student organizations and allows students to learn more about getting involved in different clubs, orgs, and Greek Life during their time here on campus. The event takes place at McLain State Park, about 15 minutes north of campus, where there is a shuttle that runs students back and forth from campus to the Park all throughout the K-Day festivities. Students can enjoy the day with free food, music, special activities, and learn more about the different extracurricular activities offered at Tech that they can get involved with. This is a great way to learn more about the campus life here at Tech and to meet new people who share your students’ interests.
Women’s Volleyball vs. Bemidji State at 1:30 pm at the SDC
Women’s Volleyball vs. Upper Iowa at 7:30 pm at the SDC
Women’s Soccer vs. Winona State at 5:00 pm on Sherman Field

Saturday, September 6
Women’s Volleyball vs. Winona State at 1:00 pm at the SDC
Women’s Volleyball vs. Minnesota Duluth at 7:00 pm at the SDC

Sunday, September 7
Women’s Soccer vs. St. Cloud State at 12:00 pm noon at Sherman Field

As you can see, Welcome Week is a huge event that helps students feel more acquainted with campus as they learn more about the university and the various activities it has to offer.  Students also get plenty of chances to support their lady Huskies both in Volleyball and in Soccer, and it’s a great way to meet other Michigan Tech students in the process.  For more information about Welcome Week and K-Day events, please visit the Student Activities website.

That’s all I have for you this week! Once again, welcome back to the new school year, and I hope you are all excited for your students to complete yet another amazing year here at Michigan Tech! If you have any questions about any of the events listed above or if you’d like to see more information written on a specific topic, please feel free to email me at I serve as a resource for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a question or concern.  I hope you all have a fantastic remainder to the week, and have a great day!  Until next week!