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Change to Direct Deposit Allocations

Effective March 14, changes to direct deposit allocations for payroll or non-payroll deposits via employee Banweb accounts must be done on a computer or personal device that is connected to the campus network. Using the campus VPN will not work.

If you are not physically on campus, please contact Payroll Services at 906-487-2130 for payroll direct deposit changes.

This change is a short term solution to ensure your account safety. IT is working to implement multi-factor authentication. Once this is implemented, direct deposit changes from off-campus locations will be re-enabled.

Electronic W-2s Available on Banweb

Electronic 2016 W-2s are now available on Banweb for all employees who have consented to an electronic copy. Paper W-2 forms will be mailed on or before January 31st.

If you would like to receive an electronic copy of your W-2, it’s not too late. Log in to Banweb (www.banweb.mtu.edu) and click the Employees box, then Tax Forms, and then Select Electronic Consent (W2 and 1095-C). Click the box under My Choice and next to Consent to receive W-2 electronically, then click Submit.

2016 Form W-2 Preparation

Electronic forms

Employees are encouraged to consent to receive an electronic copy of their 2016 Form W-2 instead of a mailed paper copy.

To consent to receive your form electronically, log in to Banweb (www.banweb.mtu.edu), select the Employees tab, select Tax Forms, and then select Electronic Consent. Click the checkbox under My Choice next Consent to receive W-2 electronically, then select Submit. The deadline to consent to ensure your 2016 W-2 is not mailed is January 8, 2017.

If you consent to receive your W-2 electronically, your 2016 form will be available on Banweb on or before January 31, 2017. A reminder e-mail will be sent when it is available.

By choosing electronic delivery, employees will:

  • Avoid having sensitive information sent via mail.
  • Have earlier access to form.
  • Attain access anywhere there is internet service.
  • Help reduce the use of natural resources associated with large-scale printing and mailing, and reduce postage costs.

Paper forms

For employees who wish to receive a paper W-2, paper forms will be mailed to the W-2 address listed in Banweb.  If a W-2 address does not exist, forms will be sent to the Mailing address in Banweb. Employees should view/update their current address in Banweb no later than January 8, 2017.

To view/update current W-2 and/or Mailing addresses, log in to Banweb, select the Personal Information tab, select Update Address(es) and Phone(s).   Follow directions in Banweb to update an existing address or insert a new address type.

Paper W-2s will be mailed by January 31, 2017 to employees who do not elect to receive their form electronically.

Veteran’s Day Payroll Processing Change

Due to Veteran’s Day on Friday, November 11, 2016, which is observed by the Federal Reserve, deadlines for payroll forms will be as follows for the period October 23 – November 5, 2016 (BW23).

  • Time Sheets sent to Department – Wednesday, 11/2/16 at 9 am
  • Time Sheets Due to Payroll – Friday, 11/4/16 at Noon
  • Electronic Time Submission – Friday, 11/4/16 at Noon
  • Electronic Time Approval – Friday, 11/4/16 at 2 pm

Checks and Direct Deposits will be dated Thursday, November 10, 2016.

All electronic time approvers should assign a designated proxy. For instructions on how to set up a proxy, please visit: https://www.mtu.edu/hr/supervisors-admins/payroll/docs/web-time-approver.pdf

Payroll Holiday Schedule

The University will be closed December 24, 25, 31 and January 1 due to the observance of Christmas and New Year’s Day.   Following are the adjusted deadlines for the pay periods ending 12/21/2013 and 1/4/2014:


BW 26 Deadlines (12/8/2013 – 12/21/2013)


  • Status Forms & EPAF’s (BW 26) Monday , 12/9/13 at Noon
  • Deduction Forms Friday, 12/13/13 at Noon
  • Time Sheets Sent to Departments Friday, 12/13/13 at 9AM
  • Paper and Electronic Time Sheets due to Payroll Tuesday, 12/17/13 at Noon
  • Web Time Entry Approval  Tuesday, 12/17/2013 at 5 PM

****Paychecks and Direct Deposits will be dated 12/27/13.

Electronic W2

We would like to encourage individuals to go out on Banweb and sign up to receive their W-2 Form electronically, if you haven’t already done so. To sign up to receiving your W-2 electronically:

  1. Log into Banweb (banweb.mtu.edu)
  2. Select the Employees tab
  3. Select Tax Forms
  4. Select Electronic W-2 Consent
  5. Read the disclaimer, and then select the box to “consent to receive W-2 electronically
  6. Click Submit.

Direct Deposit – Employee Advantages

Choosing direct deposit for your paycheck has many advantages for employees:
  • No paper check to lose or damage
  • No making a trip to the bank or ATM
  • The money is scheduled to be in the employee’s bank account on pay day (usually by 8:00 a.m.)
  • Employee can split the pay among more than one bank account, if employee chooses
  • Electronic pay check stub

To set up your Direct Deposit allocation, log in to Banweb:

  1. Select “Employees” from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the menu item called “Pay Information”.
  3. Select “Direct Deposit Allocatio”n.
  4. Select “Update Direct Deposit Allocation” from the bottom of the page.
  5. Enter the new information and click the Save button.