MTU Physics Department History | D. O. Wyble

D. O. Wyble

b. 26 November 1916, Jackson, MI
d. 3 June 1989, St Paul, MN

A.B. MI State Normal (Eastern Michigan Univ.), 1938
B.S. Mining engineering, MCMT, 1942
M.S. MCMT, 1950
Ph.D. (Geophysics) Pennsylvania State Univ., 1958

High School Teaching, Newberry MI, 1938-1940
Survey Party Chief, U.S. Army Engineers, 1942-1943
Engineering Officer, U. S. Navy, 1943-1946
Research and Test Engineer, Acme Industries, 1946-1947
Instructor, MCMT, 1947-1951 GTA, Penn. State Univ, 1951-1952
Lecturer in Atomic Weapons, U.S. Navy, 1952-1954
Graduate Student, Penn. State Univ., 1954-1957
Assistant Professor, MCMT, 1957-1958
Associate Professor, MCMT, 1958-1962
Professor, MCMT/MTU, 1962-1986
Captain, U.S. Naval Reserve, 1964-

Ran NSF Sponsored Summer Program “Institute In Earth Science” in 1960’s.
MCMT (MTU) Research Award, 1958
MCMT (MTU) Honorary “M” Award, 1961
MTU Distinguished Teacher Award, 1968
Ran Cross Country for Jackson, MI, High School and MI State Normal (“All State”).
Said he really did not have a first name, but the Navy had no provision for that and they listed him as “Donald.”


“Gravity Investigations in the Iron River-Crystal Falls Mining District of Michigan,” L. O. Bacon and D. O. Wyble, AIME Trans., Tech. Paper 3383L (1952).

“Effect of Applied Pressure on Conductivity, Porosity and Permeability of Sandstones,” D. O. Wyble, Jour. Petro. Tech. I.N. 2202, Nov. (1958).