MTU Physics Department History | Elmer Daniel Grant

Elmer Daniel Grant

b. 25 Feb 1873, Delhi, NY
d. 5 Sept 1935, Richmond, IN

AB, Colgate University, 1895
AM, U of Chicago, 1897
(Thesis Title: Determination of the apparent size of a given ellipsoid as seen from a given exterior point, advisor: Bolza)
PhD, U of Chicago, 1916
(Thesis Title: The Motion of a Flexible Cable in a Vertical Plane, advisor: Moulton)

Inst. Mathematics, Lewis Institute (now part of IIT), 1896-1899
Inst. Math and Physics, Mich. College of Mines, 1900-1904
Asst. Prof. Math and Physics, Mich. College of Mines, 1904-1915
Assoc. Prof. Math and Physics, Mich. College of Mines, 1915-1920
Prof. and Dept. Head Math, Earlham College, 1920-1935
Registrar 1925-1930, Acting Dean 1933-1935, Earlham College

His PhD thesis is a math-physics treatment generalizing the catenary to cables undergoing acceleration, motivated by observations of hoist cables in the local mine shafts.

He made several ca. 3 week trips around Michigan, Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois and Indiana giving an Extension Lecture “Copper Mining in Michigan” illustrated with lantern slides. Many of the talks were given at High Schools and were, at least in part, recruiting trips for the College.

In 1916 he was granted a years leave of absence to allow him to work for the Keystone View Company (Meadville, PA) to promote “visual education” products throughout Colorado and Southern Wyoming.

Attended Waverly (N.Y.) High School and Colgate Academy prior to college.

Attended Grace United Methodist Church when in Houghton.