MTU Physics Department History | James Fisher Jr.

James Fisher Jr.

b. 29 March 1873, Hancock, MI
d. 16 July 1962, Houghton, MI

E.M., Mich Mining School, 1893
Hon. D.E., Mich College Mines & Tech., 1934

Draftsman, Mich Mining School, 1893-1894
Hodge Iron Works, 1894-1895
Instr. Math and Physics, Mich. College Mines, 1895-1899
Asst. Prof. Math and Physics, MCM, 1900-1902
Prof. & Dept Head, Math and Physics, MCM/MCMT, 1903-1944
Director of Adult Education, MCMT, 1945
Dean of Faculty, MCMT, 1936-1946

Several different Keweenawans are dedicated to him.
Had x-ray scars on his hands due to early experimentation with x-rays.
Regularly gave talks to local community groups most often about the history of the area.
Had interests in the History of the Copper Country, Physics of Music, Geophysics, and Ojibwa language.
Distinguished Alumni Award 1953.


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