MTU Physics Department History | MS and PhD Graduates

Physics Department MS and PhD Graduates

SPH = Physics
SAP = Applied Physics
SPE, SEP = Engineering Physics
EMY = Metallurgical Engineering – Physics Option
Geophys = Geophysics (see below)

2012 Mandal, Subhasish PhD SPE
Charge and Spin Transport in Nanoscale Junction from First Principles.
Advisor: Ranjit Pati

2011 Shahmoradi, Amir MS SPH
Coursework Masters
Advisor: Robert Nemiroff

2011 Prasad, Abhishek PhD SPE
Functional ZnO Nanostructures for Electronic and Energy Application.
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2011 Blaser, Rachel MS SPH
Four-Window Technique for Measuring Optical-Phase-Space-Time-Frequency Tomography.
Advisor: Kim Fook Lee

2011 Hollinger, Mathew MS SPH
Development of a Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Instrument for the Characterization of Aerosol Optical Properties.
Advisor: Claudio Mazzoleni

2011 Tewary, Mukul MS SPH
Coursework Masters
Advisor: Ravindra Pandey

2011 Galbraith-Frew, Jessica MS SPH
Measuring Energy Spectra of TeV Gamma-ray Emission from the Cygnus Region of our Galaxy with Milagro.
Advisor: Petra Huentemeyer

2011 Rojas, Paul MS SPH
Characterizing a Single Photon Counter.
Advisor: Kim Fook Lee

2011 Anderson, Amalia PhD SPH
Development of Record-Breaking Statistics for Climatological Time-Series Analysis.
Advisor: Alex Kostinski

2011 Pal, Partha PhD SPH
Quantum Transport in a a Single Molecular Junction.
Advisor: Ranjit Pati

2010 Karna, Sanjay MS SPH
Synthesis of Graphene Sheeets by Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition.
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2010 Lee, Chee Hui PhD SPH
Boron Nitride Nanotubes: Synthesis, Functionalization and Potential Applications.
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2010 Pandey, Archana PhD SPE
PMMA-CNT Matrix for Vacuum Electronics, Biosensing and Energy Applications.
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2010 Lu, Jiang PhD SPH
Dynamics of Settling Charged Particles in Turbulence: Theory and Experiments.
Advisor: Raymond Shaw

2010 Wu, Zhuoyuan PhD SPE
Planar Magneto Photonic and Gradient Photonic Structures: Crystals and Metamaterials.
Advisor: Miguel Levy

2010 Moscatello, Jason P. PhD SPE
Growth, Modification and Integration of Carbon Nanotubes into Molecular Electronics.
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2010 Xie, Ming PhD SPE
Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced Nanomaterials for Energy Applications.
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2009 El-Houssieny, Ehab E. MS SPH
Continuous Monitoring of Comet Holmes from Before the 2007 Outburst.
Advisor: Robert Nemiroff

2009 Singh, Abhay P MS SPH
Synthesis and Characterization of Pure and Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanostructures.
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2009 Kar, Parimal PhD SPH
Proteins in Silico-Modeling and Sampling.
Advisor: Ulrich Hansmann

2009 Kim, May E. MS SPH
A Survey of Thermodynamic Properties of Supercooled Water.
Advisor: Alex Kostinski

2009 Brickman, Aaron MS SPH
Coursework Masters
Advisor: Peter Moran

2009 Panigrahi, Puspamitra PhD SPH
Controlling Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Ultra Narrow Multilayered Nanowires.
Advisor: Ranjit Pati

2009 Zhou, Ziyou PhD SPH
Metal-Oxide Film and Photonic Structures for Integrated Device Applications.
Advisor: Miguel Levy

2009 He, Haiying PhD SPH
Electron Transport in Molecular Systems.
Advisor: Ravindra Pandey

2008 Saw, Ewe Wei PhD SPH
Studies of Spatial Clustering of Inertial Particles in Turbulence.
Advisor: Raymond Shaw

2008 Valavala, Pavan Kumar MS SPH
A First-Principles Study of Electronic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes.
Advisor: Ranjit Pati

2008 Domeier, Eric MS SPH
RCI Techniques for Calculating Energy Levels and Oscillator Strengths: Application to Gd IV and Yb I.
Advisor: Donald Beck

2008 Pan, Lin PhD SPH
Ab Initio RCI Calculations of Atomic Properties of Selected Transition Metal Ions.
Advisor: Donald Beck

2008 Patla, Bijunath PhD SPH
Mapping the Sun as a Transparent Gravitational Lens.
Advisor: Robert Nemiroff

2008 Ochshorn, Eli PhD SPH
Studies of Thin Water Films and Relevances to the Heterogeneous Nucleation of Ice.
Advisor: Will Cantrell

2008 Vanga, Raghav PhD SPH
Relaxor Peizoelectric Film Actuators, Waveguides, and Photonic Crystals: Fabrication and Characterization.
Advisor: Miguel Levy

2007 Han, Liang MS SPH
Report Title: Replica Exchange Aided Wang-Landau Algorithm For Protein Folding.
Advisor: Ulrich Hansmann

2007 Gowtham, S. PhD SPE
Development of A High Performance Parallel Computing Platform and Its Use in the Study of Nanostructures: Clusters, Sheets and Tubes.
Advisor: R. Pandey

2007 Wei, Yanjie PhD SPH
On Side-Chain and Backbone Ordering in Polypeptides.
Advisor: Ulrich Hansmann

2007 Wu, Shun MS SPH
Report Title: Growth and Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes and Quantum Dots.
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2007 Huang, Xiaoyue PhD SPE
Dimensional Effects on the Magnetic Domains in Planar Magnetophotonic Crystal Waveguides.
Advisor: Miguel Levy

2007 Giri, Gouri Shankar MS SPH
Report Title: Magnetron Sputter Fabrication of Magnetic Garnet Thin Films and Their Characterization.
Advisor: Miguel Levy

2007 Panigrahi, Puspamitra MS SPH
Report Title: Magnetic Properties of One Dimensional Fe/Pt/Fe Multilayer Nanowire.
Advisor: Ranjit Pati

2007 Younk, Patrick PhD SPH
Cosmic Rays at the Ankle, a study using the Pierre Auger Observatory.
Advisor: Brian Fick

2007 Chye, James PhD SPH
Determining Primaries in the Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays Utilizing Surface Detector Signal Trace Analysis.
Advisor: David Nitz

2007 Fugal, Jacob PhD SPE
In-situ Measurement and Characterization of Cloud Particles with Digital In-line Holography.
Advisor: Raymond Shaw

2007 Wang, Jiesheng PhD SPH
Phase Control of Boron Nitride Thin Films and Nanostructures.
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2007 Ulmen, Benjamin MS SPH
Growth of Vertically-aligned Carbon Nanotubes and Their Application as Electron Field Emitters.
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2007 Lau, Kah Chun PhD SPH
First-Principles Studies of Boron Nanostructures : Clusters, Sheets and Nanotubes.
Advisor: R. Pandey

2007 Kayastha, Vijaya Kumar PhD SPE
Catalytic Growth of Single-, Double-, and Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes and Studies of their Potential Applications.
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2006 Verma, Himanshu MS SPH
Report Title: Optical and compositional Characterization of RF Magnetron Sputtered Garnet Thin Films.
Advisor: Miguel Levy

2006 Shet Tilvi, Vithal MS SPH
Detection of Micro-Gamma Ray Bursts And Test of Lorentz Invariance.
Advisor: Alex Kostinski

2006 Mensah, Sam MS SPH
Growth and Characterization of Ziinc Oxide Nanostructures.
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2006 Zhou, Changgong PhD SAP
Aperture Assisted Laser Direct Write.
Advisor: Edward Nadgorny

2006 Larsen, Michael PhD SPH
Studies of Discrete Fluctuations in Atmospheric Phenomena.
Advisor: Alex Kostinski

2006 Roy, Ankita MS SPH
Hyperspectral Imaging: Correlation Formalism and Application for Diagnostics of RF-Plasma used for Growth of Carbon Nanotubes.
Advisor: Jacek Borysow

2005 Menda, Jitendra MS SPH
Coursework Masters
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2005 Webb, Adam J MS SPH
A Performance Analysis of NQR Gradiometers in Non-Ideal Conditions.
Advisor: B H Suits

2005 Aleksenko, Vasyl MS SPH
Hydrophobic Scoring of Proteins.
Advisor: Ulrich Hansmann

2005 Dorofeev, Alexei PhD SPH
Simulation of Inclined Air Showers.
Advisor: David F. Nitz

2004 Wilson, Aaron MS SPH
Time Independent Fourier Transform Spectrometer.
Advisor: J. B. Rafert

2004 Roland, Teboh MS SPH
Surface Enhanced Isotope Exchange Reactions Between Water and Gaseous Deuteruim.
Advisor: Jacek Borysow

2004 Gao, Da PhD SPH
Monte Carlo Simulations of Surface Phase Transitions and Morphology Dynamics.
Advisor: John A. Jaszczak

2004 Vanga, Lakshman Kumar MS SPH
Growth and Processing of Vertically Aligned Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes.
Advisor: Yoke Khin Yap

2004 Mi, Youshi MS SPH
Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation on Volcanic Ash.
Advisor: Raymond Shaw

2004 Vutukuri, Sreenivasulu MS SPH
First-Principles Studies of the Crystal and Vibrational Structure of Pentaerythritol and PETN under Hydrostatic Pressure.
Advisor: Warren F. Perger

2004 Sergeyev, Alex MS SPH
Generation and Characterization of Laboratory Aerosol Particles.
Advisors: Raymond Shaw and Jacek Borysow

2004 Yang, Weidong PhD SPH
Pupil Phase Apodization for Achromatic Imaging of Extra-solar Planets.
Advisors: Alexander B. Kostinski and Christ Ftaclas

2004 Yang, Qiang PhD SPH
The Curvature Adaptive Optics System Modeling.
Advisors: Christ Ftaclas and R. J. Nemiroff

2003 Peng, Yong PhD SPH
Helix Formation and Folding in Biological Macromolecules.
Advisor: Ulrich Hansmann

2003 Jiang, Hutian PhD SPH
Theoretical Study of Scintillating Fluoride Crystals – Methodology and Application.
Advisor: R. Pandey

2003 Pereira, Wellesley PhD SPH
The CONCAM Global Sky Monitoring Network. Its Evolution and the Creation of a Performance Model.
Advisor: R. J. Nemiroff

2002 Kandalam, Anil PhD SPH
Electronic Structure Calculations of Group III Nitride Clusters.
Advisor: R. Pandey

2002 Ghimire, Shankar MS SAP
Coursework Masters
Advisor: M. Levy

2002 Lu, Zhaolin MS SPH
Coursework Masters
Advisor: M. Levy

2002 Darling, Joe MS SPH
Coursework Masters
Advisor: D. F. Nitz

2001 Norquist, Peggy PhD SPH
Relativistic Configuration Interaction Calculations for Au LXVII, Br XXIII, Ta II,
and the negative ions of Ru, Os, and Ba.
Advisor: D. R. Beck

2001 Chen, Chen MS SPH
Fabrication, Stoichiometry and Structural Analysis of Single-Crystal PZN-PT Films.
Advisor: M. Levy

2001 Prasad, Raghava PhD SPH
The Effects of Motion on Magnetic Resonance for Quadrupolar Nuclei in Solids.
Advisor: B. H. Suits

2001 Chye, James MS SPH
Automated Edge Detection for Remotely Sensed Imagery.
Advisors: J. B. Rafert and J. Wells Budd

2000 Che, HaiHong, MS SPH
Source Density Evolution and Luminosity Function of Gamma-ray Bursts.
Advisor: R. J. Nemiroff

2000 Leckenby, Henry (Harry) J. PhD SPH
Full Wilson-Devinney Analysis of Cataclysmic Variables Through the Computer Modeling of the Accretion Disks.
Advisor: J. B. Rafert

2000 Hiratani, Masato PhD SPH
Theoretical Study of Dislocation Motion in Metals.
Advisor: E. M. Nadgorny

2000 Tews, Michael MS SPH
Methodology of Relativistic Autoionization, Application to the Lifetime of the 5d6s6p 4F9/2 State in Ba-.
Advisor: D. R. Beck

1999 Xiang, Kai-hua PhD SPH
A Theoretical Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of H-silsesquioxanes.
Advisor: R. Pandey

1999 Underdown, Frank PhD SPH
Laser Guidance of Mesoscopic Particles
Advisor: M. Renn

1999 Koivunen, Alan PhD SPH
The Feasibility of Data Decorrelation to Improve the Performance of Doppler Weather Radar: Computational Studies.
Advisor: A. B. Kostinski

1999 O’Malley, Steven PhD SPH
Relativistic Configuration Interaction Calculations of Atomic Properties of Cs II, Sn and La.
Advisor: D. R. Beck

1998 Sampath, Suresh PhD SPH
Synthesis and Study of Oxide Spinels.
Advisor: R. Pandey/J. C. Cordaro

1998 Hart, Christopher L. MS SPH
The MTU Visible Hyperspectral Instrument (VHSI) Basic Design, Theory, Operation, and Proof of Concept.
Advisor: J. B. Rafert

1998 Fu, Yi PhD SAP
Collision Induced Spectra in Gases.
Advisor: A. Borysow/J. B. Rafert

1998 Seng, William F. PhD SPH
Scattering and Absorption in Complex Systems: The Electro-Optics of Zn-Doped Magnesium Orthosilicates, Aircraft Coatings, and Satellite Standards.
Advisor: J. Cordaro/J. B. Rafert

1998 Pati, Bhabana PhD SPH
Single-Mode Tunable Ti:Sapphire Laser and Its Application to Generate Coherent UV Radiation.
Advisor: J. Borysow

1998 Swaminathan, Srirama V PhD SPH
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Materials with Large Quadrupolar Interaction.
Advisor: B. H. Suits

1998 Zapol, Peter PhD SPH
Calculations of Bulk and Defect Properties in Binary and Ternary Semiconductors.
Advisor: R. Pandey

1997 Woodraska, Donald L. PhD SPH
Monte Carlo Simulation of Diamond-Cubic {111} Surfaces.
Advisor: J. Jaszczak

1997 Cunningham, Robert MS SPH
The Use of Time Domain ESR Spectroscopy for Obtaining Density Profiles of a Compressible Fluid.
Advisor: J. Borysow

1997 Pawse, Archana PhD SAP
Use of Hysteresis Parameters and Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy for Identifying Volcanic Ash.
Advisor: S. Beske-Diehl (Geology)

1997 Zheng, Chunguang PhD SAP
Computational Study of Collision-Induced Dipole Moments and Absorption Spectra of H2-H2.
Advisor: A. Borysow

1997 Apte, Palash PhD SPH
NMR Study and Hardness Behavior of Nanophase Al/Al-Oxide Consolidated Composite.
Advisor: B. H. Suits

1997 Gruszka, Marcin P. PhD SAP
Computational Study of Rotational-Translational Collision-Induced Absorption Spectroscopy of Gaseous CO2.
Advisor: A. Borysow/J. B. Rafert

1997 Park, Yongtae MS SPH
Parity Nonconservation in Ba+ Atoms via CI/MBPT Method and Fine-Structure Splitting of Some High-L States of Helium
Advisor: W. Perger

1996 Krishnan, Ajit PhD SPH
Positron Annihilation Studies of Ferroelectrics and Related Perovskite Oxides.
Advisor: D. J. Keeble/J. B. Rafert

1996 Pakhomov, Andrew V PhD SPH
Time Resolved Laser Spectroscopy for Detection of Environmentally Hazardous Metals: Kinetic Approach.
Advisor: J. Borysow

1996 Bashyam, Ramakrishnan PhD SAP
Growth and Characterization of Diamond Films Fabricated Using Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition.
Advisor: D. J. Keeble

1996 Huang, Jinming MS SPH
Dislocation Motion and Multiplication in Ordered Intermetallics.
Advisor: E. Nadgorny

1996 Rathor, Manuj MS SPH
Electrical Characterization of MBE Grown Ge1-xCx Thin Films
Advisor: M. Krishnamurthy/R. Pandey

1996 Dong, Chun MS SPH
Monte Carlo Study of the Square-Well Fluid.
Advisor: B. H. Suits

1996 Umlor, Michael T PhD SAP
A Positron Annihilation Investigation of Open Volume Defects in GaAs Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy.
Advisor: D. J. Keeble/R. Pandey

1996 Kroner, Philipp MS SPH
Polarization of a High Frequency Modulated Laser Diode for a Multiplexed Optical Communication Link.
Advisor: J. Borysow

1996 Veliah, Sundar PhD SAP
Density Functional Theory Calculations of Metal Oxide Clusters.
Advisor: R. Pandey

1995 Sutjianto, Amin PhD SPH
Study of Dissociative Hydrogen Adsorption on Lithium Oxide Terraces and Steps.
Advisor: R. Pandey/S.-W. Tam

1995 Puntambekar, Upendra MS SPH
Simulation of Point-Defects in Magnesium Sulfide.
Advisor: R. Pandey/S. Seidel

1995 Kwiatkowski, John PhD SAP
Applications of Polarized Waves in Radar Sensing of Precipitation: Computational Studies.
Advisor: A. B. Kostinski

1995 Kulkarni, Manish MS SPH
Signal Processing of Random Phasors: Remote Sensing Applications.
Advisor: A. B. Kostinski

1995 Hoin, Francis A. MS SPH
Emission Spectrometry for the Qualitative Determination of Atomic Oxygen Densities in an Oxygen Plasma.
Advisor: J. Borysow

1995 Dinov, Konstantin PhD SAP
Rare Earth Relativistic Configuration Interaction Calculations.
Advisor: D. R. Beck

1994 Filimonov, Serguei PhD SPH
Laser Diagnostics for Plasma Processes.
Advisor: J. Borysow/E. Nadgorny

1994 Datta, Debasis PhD SPH
Ab Initio MR-RCI Calculations of [(n – 1)d + ns]N Atomic Bound States: Application to Hyperfine Structure and Electron Affinity Studies.
Advisor: D. R. Beck

1994 Coke, Larry PhD SAP
A Computational Study of Time-Dependent Driven Cavity Flow.
Advisor: A. B. Kostinski

1994 Augustyniak, Edward PhD SPH
Kinetics of A, B, and C Triplet States of Molecular Nitrogen in the Pulsed Discharge and Afterglow.
Advisor: J. Borysow

1993 Yang, Xiaoyang PhD SAP
Structures and Stability of Alkali Fluoride Micro-Clusters.
Advisor: R. Pandey

1993 Wilken, Douglas Edward PhD SAP
A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of the Surface Oxides on Aluminum Metal Particles.
Advisor: B. H. Suits

1993 Jackson, Robert D. MS SPH
Development of a Time-Domain ESR Spectrometer.
Advisor: S. A. Marshall/L. Leifer

1992 Zhang, Yajing MS SPH
Selective Etching of Intermetallics.
Advisor: E. Nadgorny

1992 Zhong, Zhong MS SPH
An Experimental Study of a GEC Reference RF Plasma Cell: Set Up, Electrical Characterization and Plasma Properties.
Advisor: E. Nadgorny

1992 Wang, Rhonghai MS SPH
Positron Lifetime Spectroscopy on Selected Polymers.
Advisor: J. Waber

1992 Sood, Sanjay MS SPH
Ab Initio Hartree-Fock Calculations of Structural and Electronic Properties of Magnesium Sulphide and Magnesium Selenide.
Advisor: R. Pandey

1992 Pearce, John P. MS SPH
An X-ray investigation of Zn1-xCdxSe / ZnSe Superlattice Crystals.
Advisor: D. Yoder-Short

1992 Liu, Yunyi MS SPH
An Investigation of the EPR Spectrum of Divalent Manganese in Zinc Selenide Powders.
Advisor: S. A. Marshall

1991 Zuo, Jun PhD SAP
An ICECAP Study of the Lithium Trapped-Hole Center in Magnesium Oxide.
Advisor: A. B. Kunz

1991 Zhang, Yuenian PhD SAP
An EPR and ENDOR Investigation of the Vk-Centers in Single Crystal Potassium Chloride.
Advisor: S. A. Marshall

1991 Yu, Cheng PhD SAP
An EPR Investigation of Ag0 and Ag2+ in Irradiated Single Crystal of Potassium Fluoride Doped with Silver Fluoride.
Advisor: S. A. Marshall

1991 Yang, Xiaoyang MS SPH
Hartree-Fock and Monte Carlo Simulation of Alkali Halide Clusters.
Advisor: R. Pandey

1991 Witteveen, David M. MS SPH
Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing of Volcanic Plumes Using the Thematic Mapper Rapiometer.
Advisor: A. B. Kostinski

1991 Plude, Geralyn Y. MS SPH
Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Imaging of Powdered Solids.
Advisor: B. H. Suits

1991 Gay, David Howard PhD SAP
Ab Initio Intermolecular Potentials for CH4 and H2O Including Fourth Order Many-Body Effects with Monte-Carlo Simulations.
Advisor: D. R. Beck

1991 Dai, Houfeng MS SPH
Ab Initio Potential Study of Methane Dimer, Methane Water Dimer and Water Dimer.
Advisor: D. R. Beck

1990 Wang, Sha MS SPH
Calculation of Ground and Excited State Energies of Atomic and Molecular Systems Using UHF Theory Coupled with KLP.
Advisor: A. B. Kunz

1990 Hill, Susan Ellen PhD SAP
An Ab Initio Investigation of Poly(ethylene oxide) and its Interactions with Poly(ethylene oxide) and the alpha-Alumina (0001) Surface.
Advisor: M. J. Seel

1990 Cai, Ziyong PhD SAP
An Ab Initio Relativistic Many-Body Calculation of Hg 6p2 Resonance States, Including Continuum Effects.
Advisor: D. R. Beck

1989 Zhang, Yuenian MS SPH
Electron Spin Resonance Investigation of Magnesium Oxide Single Crystals Containing Mn2+ and Fe3+ Impurities.
Advisor: S. A. Marshall

1989 Zeng, Peitao MS SPH
Ab Initio Potential Energy Surfaces for CH4-H2O and CH4-H2S.
Advisor: D. R. Beck

1989 Yu, Cheng MS SPH
EPR Investigation of the Superconductor YBa2Cu3O7.
Advisor: S. A. Marshall

1989 Woon, David Evan PhD EMY
Ab Initio Intermolecular Potential Energy Surfaces for the Hydrogen Sulfide Dimer, Including Studies of the Third-Order Many-Body Perturbation Theory Correction and Nonadditive Effects.
Advisor: D. R. Beck

1989 Shi, Xiang Jun MS SPH
Study of Electronic Structure in Alkaline-Earth Oxides and Alkaline-Earth Sulfides.
Advisor: A. B. Kunz

1989 Lutz, Jerry L. MS SPH
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Defect Densities in Solids.
Advisor: B. H. Suits

1989 Lu, Jianhua MS SPH
Crystal Growth of Cd1-xMnxS by Chemical Vapor Transport.
Advisor: D. Yoder-Short

1989 Kaldon, Philip Edward PhD SAP
Ab Initio Studies of the Dissociation of an Energetic Solid (Nitromethane) in the Presence of Neighboring Charge Defects.
Advisor: A. B. Kunz

1989 Huang, Kanglin MS SPH
Computer Simulation of Sintering by Surface Diffusion.
Advisor: J. Jaffe

1989 Gao, Guang PhD EMY
Implementation of the KKLP Procedure to the Study of Electronic Structure of Molecular Crystals and Its Application to RDX.
Advisor: A. B. Kunz

1988 Zuo, Jun MS SPH
Simulation of Isovalent Impurities in Magnesium Oxide Using Hartree-Fock Clusters.
Advisor: A. B. Kunz

1988 Wilken, Douglas E. MS SPH
An Analysis of Magnetic Field Gradient Coils for NMR Imaging.
Advisor: B. H. Suits

1988 Shen, Wei MS SPH
Study of Sintering Mechanism of Ice.
Advisor: S. M. Lee

1988 Kaldon, Philip Edward MS SPH
An Ab Initio Study of the K-alpha Spectra of Lithium Ions in Lithium Halides (LiX).
Advisor: A. B. Kunz

1988 Cai, Ziyong MS SPH
A Non-Relativistic Study of the Electron Affinities of Bound States in Negative Transition Metal Ions.
Advisor: D. R. Beck

1987 Meng, Jie PhD EMY
The optical transition of the impurity copper ion in alkali halides.
Advisor: A. B. Kunz

1987 Woon, David E. MS SPH
A Correlated Study of the Ground and Excited States of the Vk-center in Lithium Fluoride.
Advisor: D. R. Beck

1987 Umlor, Michael T. MS SPH
Imaging Electromagnetic Fields Using the Magnetic Resonance Absorption Spectrum of a Paramagnetic Gas.
Advisor: S. A. Marshall

1987 Knivila, Allan R. MS SPH
A Correlated Ab Initio Study of Charged Defects in Crystalline Ammonium Perchlorate.
Advisor: A. B. Kunz

1986 Lucas, David PhD EMY
The Electronic Structure of Nitromethane (CH3NO2).
Advisor: D. R. Beck

1985 Thode, Steven MS SPH
Determination of the Hall Coefficient Anisotropy Using Helicon Resonance.
Advisor: M. Huberman

1985 Parent, Mark G. MS SPH
Comments on the ESR Spectrum of the Tetragonally Distorted Cr+3 Ion in Magnesium Oxide Single Crystals.
Advisor: S. A. Marshall

1984 Fernholz, Richard C. MS SPH
K-X-ray-gamma-gamma Directional Correlation in the Decay of Ba-133.
Advisor: G. P. Agin

1981 Wetzel, Robert Bruce MS SPH
Optical Phase Function Measurement for Snow Crystals.
Advisor: M. Gimmestad

1979 Fealko, Daniel Robert MS SPH
Measurements of Transition Probabilities in Argon.
Advisor: K. M. Baldwin

1978 Reynolds, William R. MS SPH
Prediction Modeling of Surface Temperature of a Conducting Body Interacting with Non-Steady State Ambient Conditions.
Advisor: S. M. Lee

1977 Mcewan, Charles J. MS SPH
An Absorption Fine Structure Study of the Cobalt K-Edge in Concentrated Aqueous Solutions.
Advisor: R. O. Keeling, Jr.

1977 Lucas, David J. MS SPH
A Gamma-Gamma Directional Correlation Study of the Cs-133 Levels from Ba-133 Electron Capture Decay.
Advisor: V. R. Potnis

1976 Root, Joseph J. MS SPH
A Study of the Cobalt K-Absorption Edge in Some Spinels.
Advisor: R. O. Keeling, Jr.

1976 Riedlinger, Beth A. MS SPH
Application of the Leopard-Spots Computer Code to the Spent Fuel Storage Problem.
Advisor: G. P. Agin

1976 Mania Jr, Robert C. MS SPH
The Accumulation and Testing of Apparatus for Gamma Ray Coincidence and Angular Correlation Experiments.
Advisor: G. P. Agin

1976 Czuhai, Kirk G. MS SPH
A Study of Energy Converting Efficiencies in the United States with the Aid of a Set of Digital Computer Programs to Portray the Future Energy Demands of the Household and Commercial, Transportation, and Industrial Sectors During the Period 1980 to 1990.
Advisor: G. P. Agin

1975 Purdum Jr, Lewis E. MS SPH
Determination of Energies and Relative Intensities of Gamma Rays in the Decay of 111Ag.
Advisor: G. P. Agin

1974 Shiflet, Gary J. MS SPH
Analysis and Construction of a Thin Film Thermocouple.
Advisor: K. M. Baldwin

1974 LaFleur, Keith G. MS SPH
A Normal Mode Vibrational Analysis of Linear Lattices using the Method of Extra Forces.
Advisor: S. M. Lee

1973 Gilbert, John Lee MS SPH
Evaluation of Theoretical Models for the Microwave Radiation from an Argon Induction-Coupled Plasma using a Microwave Radiometer.
Advisor: K. M. Baldwin

1972 Tauke, Glen John MS SPH
A Study of Twinning in Hematite.
Advisor: R. O. Keeling, Jr.

1972 Hurlbut, Ronald Scott MS SPH
The Development and Application of an Instrument to Measure Transpiration from Individual Leaves.
Advisor: D. G. Yerg

1972 Gekas, James Charles MS SPH
Measurement of the Fermi Neutron Age in Water using a Simulated Infinite Plane Source of Plutonium Beryllium.
Advisor: D. A. Daavettila

1971 Van Dyk, David J. MS SPH
A Mossbauer Investigation of the Magnetic Properties of a Natural Crystal of Ilmenite-Hematite Solid Solution.
Advisor: R. O. Keeling, Jr.

1971 Rogow, Ricardo MS SPH
Measurement of Energies and Relative Intensities of Gamma Rays in the Decay of 169Yb.

1971 Franti, Glenn MS SPH
Electron Diffraction Studies of Twinning in alpha-Hematite.
Advisor: R. O. Keeling, Jr.

1970 Marchi, Mark Louis MS SPH
The Design of a Vacuum Chamber for the Detection of Electrons Using a Si(Li) Semiconductor Detector.

1970 Lashmore, David S. MS SPH
An Investigation of Evaporation Techniques for Thin Film Multilayer Dielectric Mirrors.
Advisor: K. M. Baldwin

1969 White, Thomas L. MS SPH
The Vibronics and Infrared Absorption Coefficient for the Finite Non-Symmetrical Diatomic Linear Lattice.
Advisor: S. M. Lee

1969 Trapanese, Alfred J. MS SPH
Calibration of a Lithium-Drifted Germanium Detector.
Advisor: G. P. Agin

1968 Saunders, Ralph S. MS SPH
A Laser Interferometer for Measuring the Refractive Indices of Gases.
Advisor: K. M. Baldwin

1968 Deyoung, Donald Bouwman MS SPH
Investigation of the Titanomagnetite Mineral Series by Mossbauer Spectroscopy.
Advisor: R. O. Keeling, Jr.

1967 Lubaczewski Jr., Ladislaus S MS SPH
Determination of the Electron Density in an Argon Plasma Using a Laser Interferometer.
Advisor: K. M. Baldwin

1967 Cupal, Jerry J. MS SPH
A Study of the Remanent Magnetization in the Basal Plane of Natural Hematite.
Advisor: R. O. Keeling, Jr.

1967 Croy, Pamela Ann MS SPH
An Ultrasonic Measurement of Temperature in an Argon Plasma.
Advisor: K. M. Baldwin

1967 Chen, Shou-Sun MS SPH
The Mossbauer Effect in Fe-57 on Silica and Alumina Surfaces.
Advisor: R. O. Keeling, Jr.

1967 Barkalow, Bruce Harold MS SPH
A Differential Emissivity Thermopile Calorimeter for Measuring Radiant Heat Exchange.
Advisor: K. M. Baldwin

1966 Stauffer, Donald Raymond MS SPH
Microwave Radiometric Investigations in an Induction-Coupled Argon Plasma at Atmospheric Pressure.
Advisor: K. M. Baldwin

1966 Pohanka, Robert MS SPH
A Magnetohydrodynamic Measurement of the Boundary Layer Thickness in Mercury.
Advisor: K. M. Baldwin

1966 Odell II, Jack L. MS SPH
Investigating the Magnetic Structure of alpha-Hematite by Mossbauer Spectroscopy.
Advisor: R. O. Keeling, Jr.

1965 Sigamoney, Asai Kurugula MS SPH
An Investigation of an Induction-Coupled Argon Plasma at Atmospheric Pressure Using Ultrasonic Probes.
Advisor: K. M. Baldwin

1965 Schramm, Raymond E. MS SPH
Mossbauer Analysis of the Magnetic Structure of Hematite.
Advisor: R. O. Keeling, Jr.

1965 Murray, Peter R. MS SPH
On the Usefulness of Nonsystematic Zero Intensity X-ray Reflections in Crystal-Structure Analysis.
Advisor: R. O. Keeling, Jr.

1964 Suppelsa, Anthony Bernard MS SPH
The Crystal Structure Analysis of Aluminum Nitrate Heptahydrate

1964 Johnson, James Donald MS SPH
A Partial Solution of the Structure of Magnesium Nitrate Hexa-hydrate.
Advisor: R. O. Keeling, Jr.

1964 Hill, Richard Warren MS SPH
A Study of the Crystal Structure of Aluminum Nitrate Nonahydrate.

1963 Nakayama, Takashi MS SPH
Structural Changes in the Transformation from Hematite to Magnetite.

1962 DeForest, Sherman Edward MS SPH
Energy Transfer in Jack Pine as Related to Infra-red Reflectivity on Cones, Bark, and Needles.
Advisor: D. G. Yerg

1958 Daavettila, Donald A. MS SEP
Dynamic Steam Void Experiment in ZPR-VII.
Advisor: R. F. Makens

1957 Mattson, Rodney A. MS SEP
The Determination of Soluble Poison Concentrations in H2O.
Advisor: R. F. Makens

1954 Recksiedler, Arthur Lloyd MS SEP
Two-Step Capture Gamma-Ray Cascades in Cadmium-114 and Chlorine-36.

1954 Dahlberg, Duane Arlen MS SPH
Analyses of Neutron Resonances in the Isotopes of Zinc.

1953 Culp, Richard John MS SEP
A Determination of the Energy of Antimony-Beryllium Photoneutrons.
Advisor: T. C. Sermon


1974 Kelley, Gary M., MS Geophys
Audio-frequency magnetotelluric survey in Marquette County and Baraga County, Michigan.

1974 Philips, Gerald R., MS Geophys
Shallow resistivity survey of the north-central portion of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

1974 Rognerud, Walter N., MS Geophys
Geophysical investigation of a gravity anomaly in the central portions of Rockland and Rousseau Quadrangles, Michigan.

1974 Stark, Paul, MS Geophys
Study of the correlation between apparent dynamic elastic moduli and rock grindabilities.

1971 Sweet, Kenneth O., MS Geophys
Velocity gated input for hammer seismic equipment.

1971 Street, Ronald L., MS Geophys
Variations in high freqency [sic] seismic noise spectrums near Houghton, Michigan.

1970 Murray, John C., MS Geophys
Investigation of the grain size dependence of the thermal remanent magnetization of magnetite.

1970 Shoja-Taheri, Jafar, MS Geophys
Geophysical investigation along National Forest Highway 16, Houghton and Ontonagon Counties, Michigan.

1969 Middleton, Robert S., MS Geophys
Remanent magnetism and magnetic susceptibility in the interpretation of ground magnetics, Jamieson Township, District of Cochrane, Ontario.

1969 Aho, Gary Dennis, MS Geophys
Reflection seismic investigation of thickness and structure of the Jacobsville sandstone, Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan.

1964 Voorhis, Gerald D., MS Geophys
Method for computing the magnetization of two-dimensional structures.

1964 Schultz, Richard C., MS Geophys
Study of the apparent dynamic elastic moduli of some anisotropic rocks.

1964 Dzierwa, David John, MS Geophys
Qualitative and quantitative study of the induced polarization phenomenon.

1963 Johnson, William W., MS Geophys
Instrumentation for a practical laboratory method to determine the dynamic tensile strength of rock.

1963 Finnegan, Stephan A., MS Geophys
Study of the effects of transient electromagnetic fields on conductive earth models.

1962 Reuss, Robert J., MS Geophys
Investigation of the use of seismic methods to track meteorological disturbances over Lake Superior and to locate strain releases taking place in the Houghton-Hancock area.

1962 Bufe, Charles G., MS Geophys
Investigation of the remanent magnetization of the Covington Dike.

1961 Hussin, James J., MS Geophys
1959 Helicopter gravity survey in Western Queensland, Australia.

1960 Sterling, Donald L., MS Geophys
Model studies on the usefulness of Gauss’ mechanical quadrature formula as a sampling design.

1958 Warren, Elmer J., MS Geophys
Investigation of electrical transient phenomena — effects of copper content on dielectric constant and resistivity.

1958 Tanis, James I., MS Geophys
Investigation of the elastic properties of longitudinal rock cores under dynamic conditions.

1958 Gendzwill, Don J., MS Geophys
Model study of effect of electrode configuration for detecting induced polarization of vertical formations.

1957 Longacre, Thomas L., MS Geophys
Geophysical investigations in the Cornell area, Michigan.

1956 Herron, Thomas J., MS Geophys
Detection and delineation of subsurface subsidence by seismic methods.

1956 Durfee, George A., MS Geophys
Regional gravity survey of the Cuyuna Iron Range, Minnesota.

1955 Elliot, Charles L., MS Geophys
Study of the design of vertical loop medium frequency electromagnetic induction equipment for geophysical prospecting.

1954 Frantti, Gordon E., MS Geophys
Geophysical investigations in the eastern half of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

1953 Broman, William H., MS Geophys
Geophysical investigation of the Bear Lake area, Houghton County, Michigan.

1952 Wilson, James G., MS Geophys
Geophysical investigations of Perkins Area, Michigan.

1952 Chapman, Rodger H., MS Geophys
Seismic depth to ledge studies as related to water problems at the Morris Mine, Ishpeming, Michigan.

1952 Campbell, Robert E., MS Geophys
Geophysical investigation of the Silver mountain area – Houghton County.

1950 Wyble, D.O., MS Geophys
Study of the regional gravity of the southwestern end of the Iron River district, Iron River Michigan.

1940 Longacre, William A., MS Geophys
Study of the problem of depth determination by means of earth resistivity measurements.

1938 Sermon, Thomas C., MS Geophys
Null current indicator.

1931 Knaebel, Carl H., MS Geophys
Observation and deduction applicable to measurement of electrical resistivity of large volumes of earth in place.