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The Changing MTU Campus

The Changing MTU Campus

Firehall in 2004

The first classes were held using leased space in the Continental Fire Hall in downtown Houghton. This building still stands and is currently being used for storage. It can be seen on Montezuma avenue, right next to the old Portage Lake District Library. This photo is from the summer of 2004.

Hubbell Hall

The first building on campus, completed in 1890, was originally known simply as “The Mining School.” Once a second building was constructed to house engineering disciplines, it became known as “The Science building.” For most of its existence, it was known as Hubbell Hall. Hubbell Hall was demolished in 1968. It was approximately where the MEEM building is currently located. This archival photo can be found in numerous MTU publications.

By 1928 there were more than a half-dozen buildings on campus. The 1928 Library later became known as “academic offices and the library,” with an addition built to the north. Now it is the home of Social Science, Business, and Education. The Gymnasium, next to Hubbell Hall, currently houses ROTC. The Chemistry and Metallurgy buildings shown are replacements for earlier Chemistry and Metallurgy buildings which burned in 1920 and 1923 respectively. Both Chemistry buildings were known as Koenig Hall. The new metallurgy building would be known as McNair Hall (not to be confused with the current residence hall of the same name).

1928 Campus Map

By 1955, some of campus has spilled over to the south side of College Avenue. The President’s House (Bldg 9, at the corner of Oak St and Houghton Ave) is approximately where Fisher Hall’s large lecture room, Fisher 135, is currently located.

1955 Campus Map

Around 1970, US41 was routed around campus as a four lane highway. Shortly after this, most of College Avenue through campus was removed. In this 1998 USGS Satellite image, you can easily see the pieces of what used to be College and Houghton Avenues and Hubbell and Oak Streets which still remain on campus. In this infrared image, North is straight up.

USGS Satellite Photo

Since this image was taken, the Rozsa performing arts center was built to the East of Walker Arts Center (which itself was a “remodel” of Sherman Gym). A major building project was undertaken in 2004 between Fisher Hall and the Van Pelt Library to add computer facilities, classroom space, and to improve the Library. Phase II of this work will be a remodelling of Fisher Hall. A second floor walkway connects the new construction and the library.

A current campus map is available on the MTU web pages. While older campus maps and other historical descriptions of the campus can be found in a number of places, one convenient location is within the University catalogs, a collection of which can be found at the MTU Archives and Copper Country Historical Collection located within the Van Pelt Library. USGS Satellite images are currently available at TerraServer USA.

MTU Physics Department History | Scholarships/Awards

MTU Endowed Scholarships/Awards with a Physics Connection

Scholarships/Awards Named for Former Faculty

Potnis Endowed Fellowship
Kusum Potnis established the Vasant R. Potnis Endowed Fellowship fund in memory of her late husband and physics professor emeritus. Dr. Potnis was a faculty member from 1968 until his retirement in 1996; he passed away in 2012. The Fellowship will provide financial support for graduate students pursuing a Master’s or PhD in physics.

Lloyal O. Bacon Endowed Award
Bacon was a Physics Department Faculty member, specializing in Geophysics, from 1950 to 1974 when the geophysics major was moved to the Geology department. He earned the Distinguished Research Award in 1960.

James Fisher Memorial Scholarship
Fisher joined the faculty in 1895 and served as a faculty member for 50 years, much of that time as Head of the Math and Physics Department. He continued his involvement with the alumni association for almost twenty years after that.

William A. Longacre, Sr., Memorial Scholarship
William Longacre joined the faculty in 1929, retiring in 1971 after 42 years of service on the faculty including as Physics Department Head and Director of Geophysics.

Fay L. Partlo Endowed Scholarship
Fay Partlo began on the faculty as an instructor in Math and Physics in 1923 and would later serve as the first Physics Department Head after the separation of Math and Physics. In 1953 he left his position as Professor of Physics and Dean of the College to become president of the South Dakota School of Mines.

Thomas C. Sermon Memorial Scholarship
Tom Sermon joined the Math and Physics department in 1926. Along the way he would serve as Professor and Head of the Physics department from 1949 to 1953, and then as registrar from 1954 until 1970.

Ian Shepherd Memorial Award
Ian Shepherd was brought in to be Professor and Head of the Physics department in 1977 after a very long and difficult search. Unfortunately, he passed away due to illness within his first year at Tech.

Other Physics Related Endowed Scholarships/Awards

Marc R. Blackford Memorial Award in Physics Established in 1973 by Marc’s parents, Frank and Winifred Blackford, in memory of their son who was killed by a drunk driver in a 1973 car accident in Houghton. At the time of his death, Marc was a junior at MTU, majoring in physics.

John Miles Endowed Physics Fellowship
John Miles was a devoted MTU alumnus and supported the University in an extraordinary way through the Presidents Club, McNair Society, and was a member of the Dillman Society. He graduated from MTU in 1935, having earned a BS in Electrical Engineering. Endowed scholarships were established in his name in support of graduate programs in Physics, Materials, and Electrical Engineering.

Howard and Marjie Wilson Endowed Scholarships
Howard Wilson, a U.P. native, obtained a BS in Physics at MCMT (now MTU) in 1959. After graduate work in Nuclear Physics at Indiana University, he worked at Science Applications International Corp (SAIC) in San Diego, CA, and is now retired. The Howard L and Marjie L Wilson Endowed Scholarships were established in 2000 to recognize MTU students pursuing a Bachelor of Science, Engineering, or post graduate degree.

Other Physics Related Endowments

Jerry H Service Memorial Library Endowment
Prof. Jerry Hall Service taught physics for 39 years. He was a member of the Tech Physics department from 1932 to 1952 and department head in 1947-48. A captain in the US Navy, he took time out during WW II to serve his country. When Service passed away at age 92, his family created a memorial fund in his honor, asking that the fund’s income be used to help Tech’s library purchase books or other materials in the fields of physics and astronomy.

MTU Physics Department History | BS Degrees

Physics Department BS Degrees

PH = Physics
EP = Engineering Physics
AP = Applied Physics
AG = Applied Geophysics
GE = Geophysical Engineering
( ) = other last name

During 1974 the Geophysics program moved to the Geology Dept.

Abbitt, Guy L. 1993 AP
Abraham, Ronald C. 1971 AP
Adams, Carl R. 1962 AP
Aden, Michael C. 2008 PH
Ahlstrom, Clarence W. 1949 EP
Aho, Gary D. 1968 AG
Aitken, Scott R. 1974 PH
Aittama, James C. 1970 PH
Allis, Steven D. 1986 PH
Ames, Ashley P. 2008 AP
Anderson, John S. 1983 PH
Anderson, Keith W. 1970 AG
Antler, Garry C. 1967 AP
Anton, Nigel L. 2012 PH
Archibald, J. Michael Jr. 1969 PH
Argall, Gerald A. 1975 AP
Arndt, David R. 1990 AP
Ashcraft, Richard N. 1967 GE
Athakravi, Mohchoke 1950 PH
Austin, Mitchell B. 1986 AP

Babcock, Brook D. 1995 AP
Baldwin, Dale B. 1975 AP
Ball, James H. 1967 AP
Bancroft, Daniel W. 1971 AP
Banyai, Douglas R. 2008 AP
Barber, Michael J. 1993 PH
Barkalow, Bruce H. 1964 AP
Barlow, Kent M. 1957 EP
Bartalot, Louis R. Jr. 1971 AP
Barth, Paul R. 1972 AG
Baxandall, John L. 1963 AP
Bayn, Gregory J. 1975 AP
Bazzett, William J. 1963 AP
Beaulieu, Travis W. 2011 PA
Beauregard, Donald F. 1968 PH
Beck, Richard H. 1958 GE
Beckius, William J. 1963 AP
Bedore, Theodore L. Jr. 1972 AP
Beglau, David A. 1981 AP
Bell, Ronald S. 1976 AP
Belland, Michael D. 1962 PH
Bendick, James A. 1971 AP
Bennett, Eugene J. 1961 EP
Bennis, George L. 1988 PH
Beranek, Stephen R. 2002 AP
Beres, William J. 1966 GE
Berkes, John S. 1962 GE
Berquist, David L. 1954 EP
Best, Howard C. 1967 AP
Bishop, Dwight E. 1949 EP
Bisson, Bernard J. 1961 EP
Black, Katrina E. (Vestal) 2003 PH
Black, Nathanael D. 2003 PH
Black, Nicholas A. 2011 PH
Blanchard, Alexandria V. 2009 PH
Blaser, Rachel A. 2009 PH
Bohren, James F. 1967 AP
Boline, Daniel D. 2002 PH
Bollen, Viktor 2010 PH
Boluyt, Martin 2009 PH
Borek, Leonard A. 1986 AP
Borg, Jon M. Borg 1963 AP
Borton, Max A. 1957 EP
Bougher, Jamie L. 2009 PH
Boutilier, Alan D. 1980 AP
Bowman, Eric J. 1993 PH
Boyce, Brent R. 1992 AP
Boyce, Jeffrey W. 1979 PH
Boyd, William T. 1956 EP
Bradley, David L. 1960 PH
Braman, Darrell B. 1974 AG
Brayak, Thomas L. 1970 PH
Brennan, Mackenzie P. 2013 PH
Bretney, John C. 1969 AP
Brierley, John G. 1962 PH
Brooke, Robert L. 1957 PH
Brosnan, Jennings A. 2000 AP
Brunsdon, Robert N. 1963 AP
Buckman, Leonard C. 1960 EP
Budgin, Alexander M. 1959 PH
Buelteman, Herbert O. 1950 PH
Bufe, Charles G. 1960 GE
Bullock, Donald L. 1957 PH
Bullock, Jeffrey S. 1967 AP
Burk, Norman D. 1971 AP
Burrill, Daniel J. 2012 PH
Butler, Carrie E. 2009 PH
Byar, Gary R. 1971 AG
Bylaska, Eric J. 1990 AP
Byrd, David M. 1972 PH

Calihan, Donald L. 1967 AG
Callahan, Andrew C. 1961 PH
Capizzo, James F. 1976 AP
Carlin, Caleb M. 2009 AP
Carlson, David O. 1964 AP
Carlson, James M. 1958 PH
Carlson, Robert W. 1955 EP
Carr, Marvin J. 1956 EP
Carter, Robert G. 1979 AP
Casagranda, Jack P. 1963 GE
Casanova, C. David 1964 AP
Case, Ronald J. 1972 AP
Case, Stuart W. Case 1963 EG
Cavagnetto, Douglas F. 1965 PH
Chalmers, Harold 1960 GE
Chamberlain, Peter G. 1964 GE
Chan, Wai Can 1996 PH
Chew, Gary P. 1966 AP
Chimino, David F. 1948 EP
Chizmadia, Kristin L. (Garn) 1999 AP
Christoff, William J. 1965 AP
Chye, James D. 1996 PH
Clarke, Charles P. 1980 AP
Cloutier, Roy L. 1953 EP
Coates, Philip D. 1960 EP
Coleman, Michael C. 1969 PH
Compton, Russell A. 1963 PH
Connolly, Paul A. 1976 AP
Connolly, Ryan P. 2012 PH
Conrad, Eric D. 2010 PH
Cooke, Robert F. 1962 AP
Coon, Marvin L. Jr. 1948 EP
Cooper, James G. 1964 AP
Cooper, Sheila A. (Grennan) 1978 PH
Coppernoll, William C. 1962 PH
Corrado, Joseph A. Jr. 1972 PH
Coupland, Ben R. 2008 AP
Courtemanche, Andre N. 1973 PH
Cox, Kathryn M. 2013 PA
Cox, Marvin J. 1964 AP
Cozzuol, James M. 1972 AP
Crawford, Bruce D. 1961 AP
Cromie, James D. 1967 AP
Crossman, Michael D. 1990 AP
Croteau, Charles J. 1952 PH
Croy, Pamela A. (Mumford) 1966 PH
Crozier, Kim E. 1968 AP
Culp, Richard J. 1952 EP
Cunningham, Robert M. 1993 AP
Cupal, Jerry J. 1962 AP
Cupal, Paul R. 1973 AP
Curtis, Jonathan L. 2013 PA
Czuhai, Kirk G. 1974 PH

Daavettila, Donald A. 1956 EP
Dace, Gregory E. 1988 AP
Dahlberg, Duane A. 1953 PH
Daniels, Michael J. 1996 AP
Darby, Edward J. 1955 EP
Darin, Scott D. 1990 AP
Davidson, John A. Jr. 1966 PH
Davis, Billy Jr. 1969 PH
Davis, Eddison J. 1959 GE
Davis, John B. 1969 PH
de Carle, Robert J. 1970 AG
Deane, Delight H. (Koski) 1958 EP
Decaire, John A. 1962 AP
DeConinck, Adam J. 2007 PH
DeForest, Sherman E. 1961 PH
DeGroot, Peter B. 1962 PH
Delene, David J. 1993 AP
Dennis, Ronald L. 1955 PH
Depew, Debra A. (Brady) 1985 AP
Deschaine, Jacob S. 2009 PH
Detwiler, Richard L. 1971 AP
Dever, David J. 1964 PH
DeWahl, Aaron M. 2010 AP
Dewing, Mark D. 1993 PH
DeYoung, Don B. 1966 AP
Dibert, David J. 1972 AP
Dick, Richard L. 1968 AG
Dillon, Abigal C. 2013 PH
Dobbs, Jeremy S. PH
Dombroski, Raymond J. Jr. 1975 PH
Domke, Laurine L. (Roeske) 1982 AP
Drews, Andrew R. 1984 PH
DuBay, Neil E. 1959 PH
Duca, Sharon L. (Gore) 1962 EP
Duffin, Eric W. 1983 AP
Dunkman, Matthew G. 2009 PH
Dzierwa, David J. 1963 GE

Easton, James W. 1960 GE
Edinborough, Thomas W. 1973 AG
Eenigenburg, Donald G. 1974 AP
Eickmann, James W. 1953 PH
Eisenlord, John B. 1952 EP
Eliasson, Brian L. 1959 PH
Elliott, James B. 1967 AP
Endres, Ned M. 1980 AP
Erickson, Nathan W. 2003 PH
Erickson, William H. 1956 EP
Erwin, John W. 1949 EP
Esh, Carl A. 1968 AP
Essig, Thomas H. 1963 AP
Evans, Bruce A. 1979 AP
Evans, Douglas A. 1966 AP
Evans, John P. 1950 PH
Evensen, Harold T. 1990 AP

Fabry, Paul A. 1966 AP
Fachting, Charles D. 1999 AP
Falkenstein, William L. 1962 AP
Farley, Wayne G. 1960 GE
Farm, Peter D. 1960 EP
Farsky, Robert A. 1965 AP
Fazekas, Geza A. 1960 EP
Fehniger, Michael J. 1966 PH
Ferguson, Kristopher G. 1980 AP
Fernholz, Richard C. 1983 PH
Field, Jack C. Jr. 1975 AP
Finnegan, Stephen A. 1961 GE
Fisk, Randall J. 1973 PH
Fitzgerald, John T. 1962 AG
Flancher, Rodney S. 1984 AP
Flaningam, Dona L. (Graham) 1960 PH
Fleming, Andrew J. 2004 AP
Floodstrand, Frederic H. 1962 PH
Fogle, Gregory A. 1968 AG
Foley, Justin M. 2008 AP
Fons, John T. 1990 PH
Fornell, Carl V. 1975 AP
Foster, Michael B. 1980 AP
Fox, David M. 1967 PH
Franti, Glenn W. 1969 AP
Frantti, Gordon E. 1953 EP
Franz, Niccolas L. 1966 AP
Freeman, Daniel R. 2010 AP
Freeman, Thomas J. 1966 PH
Freimark, Ronald J. 1964 PH
French, Todd E. 1989 PH
Fritz, John E. Jr. 1966 AP
Ftaclas, Michael Z. 2004 PH
Fuller, Dr. Brent D. 1964 GE

Gabriel, Walter J. 1948 PH
Galbraith-Frew, Jessica G. 2009 PH
Garrow, Charles G. 1966 AP
Garz, Thomas E. 1971 PH
Gasper, John 1964 PH
Gay, David H. 1981 AP
Gendzwill, Don J. 1957 EP
Gendzwill, Robert G. 1970 AG
Genutis, Kenneth J. 1979 AP
Gibson, James C. 1963 PH
Gilbert, John L. 1971 PH
Gildersleeve, Phyllis M. (Legault) 1956 PH
Giordano, James R. 1983 AP
Givens, Clark R. 1959 PH
Goksel Cedetas, N. Sibel 1988 AP
Golas, Michael A. 1969 PH
Goliber, Thomas E. 1979 AP
Gonser, John M. 1958 EP
Goode, Paul J. 1950 PH
Gookin, Benjamin C. 2008 PH
Goold, Eric B. 1993 PH
Gorkowski, Kyle J. 2011 PH
Gould, Thomas H. Jr. 1963 AP
Goulette, Edwin A. 1960 EP
Graber, Joel H. 1987 PH
Graham, Donald E. 1974 AP
Grantner, Stephen P. 1984 AP
Grates, Roger G. 1960 AP
Gravel, David P. 1979 AP
Gray, Richard F. 1967 GE
Gray, Thomas E. 1991 AP
Green, Michael D. 1969 PH
Greenlee, Michael D. 1967 GE
Greenwood, Lauren E. 2010 PA
Gregg, Jerry O. 1958 GE
Greiner, Ulrich J. 1989 PH
Grewe, David D. 1959 PH
Griffith, Thomas J. 1950 EP
Grimes, Ryan M. 2001 AP
Grindall, George E. 1963 AP
Grobar, James F. 1965 AP
Grochowski, Joseph R. 2007 AP
Gump, Timothy J. 1972 PH
Gurganus, Renee M. (Batzloff) 2011 AP
Gussert, Michael P. 2008 PH
Guthrie, Matthew W. 2011 PH
Gutkowski, Seth A. 1987 AP

Haanpaa, Douglas P. 1991 AP
Haglund, Aldon W. 1963 PH
Hagood, Sean P. 2002 AP
Hall, Bryan E. 1994 AP
Hallfrisch, Valerie A. 2011 PH
Halstead, Lawrence L. 1976 AP
Handlovits, Steven M. 1989 AP
Hannemann, Martin D. 1960 EP
Hansen, David A. 1969 PH
Hansen, G. Bruce 1962 AP
Hansen, Harold J. Jr. 1951 EP
Hansen, Matthew P. 2008 PH
Hanson, Roland C. 1955 EP
Harbison, William H. II 1992 AP
Hargreaves, Steven L. 1975 AP
Harju, Ricky S. 1980 PH
Harrington, David M. 2003 AP
Harris, Cassius A. IV 1967 AP
Harrison, James F. 1993 PH
Hart, William G. Jr. 1977 AP
Hastedt, Frank R. 1958 PH
Hegg, Anthony C. 2008 PH
Hein, Louis F. 1966 PH
Heinz, Miles T. Jr. 1961 EP
Hellman, Gene R. 1963 AP
Hellman, Gerald J. 1965 AP
Helmick, Roger D. 1962 AP
Hemming, Lawrence P. 1970 AG
Henderson, Douglas D. 1963 AG
Henderson, Lee H. 1961 GE
Hennen, John A. 2010 PH
Herr, Dean M. 1978 PH
Herres, Michael J. 1986 AP
Herron, Lee F. 1962 AP
Herron, Thomas J. 1955 EP
Hill, Richard W. 1962 AP
Hill, Susan E. 1985 PH
Hinkley, Nathan M. 2009 PH
Hintz, Thomas H. 1992 PH
Hoin, Francis A. 1991 PH
Holcomb, James W. 1996 AP
Holmes, Justin C. 2012 PH
Holmlund, John E. 2001 PH
Horseman, Marlin L. 1964 AP
Houston, John C. 1972 AP
Hoyer, Ruben R. 1960 PH
Hughes, Charles A. 1981 AP
Hunt, Curtis N. 2010 PH
Hurlbut, Ronald S. 1968 PH
Hussin, James J. 1955 EP
Husted, Brian S. 2009 PH
Huyck, Jennifer L. 2008 AP

Ingalls, Randy W. 1968 AG
Ingram, Mark V. 2012 PH
Ip, Tsun 2001 AP
Irish, Stephanie L. 2008 PH
Irwin, Bradley D. 1986 AP
Isley, Loren D. 1960 EP

Jackson, Mark E. 1973 PH
Jacobs, Dr. Mark W. 1983 AP
Jansen, Peter N. Jr. 1952 PH
Jarvis, George G. 1974 AP
Javor, Kenneth J. 1977 PH
Jefferson, Stanley J. 1970 PH
Jenney, Joe A. 1960 EP
Jivery, Warren T. 1969 AP
Johnson, Allen D. 1989 AP
Johnson, Brandon C. 2009 PH
Johnson, Donald W. 1971 AG
Johnson, James D. 1962 AP
Johnson, James R. 1962 AP
Johnson, John C. 1964 AP
Johnson, John D. 1986 PH
Johnson, Norman L. 1959 EP
Johnson, Toby J. 1970 AG
Johnson, William C. 1976 AP
Johnson, William J. 1969 AG
Johnson, William L. 1961 AP
Joitke, Paul L. 1986 AP
Jonas, Peter W. 1962 PH
Jones, Roger H. 1964 AP
Jones, Steven C. 1985 AP
Justice, Jerome L. 1968 AG

Kahn, Aaron D. 1993 AP
Kalnbach, Barry W. 1968 AG
Kalogerakos, Robert H. 1998 AP
Kaminsky, Herman A. 1978 AP
Kandarian, Robert 1958 EP
Kangas, Joel J. 2010 PH
Kangas, Kim A. 1985 AP
Kaphengst, Eric M. PH
Kaptur, Paul R. 1976 AP
Karasti, John G. 1985 AP
Karpus, John F. 2000 AP
Karry, Russell W. 1950 EP
Kaufman, James J. 1967 AP
Kaufman, Lloyd M. 1993 AP
Kauppila, James E. 1959 EP
Kauppila, Walter E. 1964 PH
Kaye, Michael N. 1997 PH
Keane, David K. 1986 AP
Kelley-Hoskins, Nathan C. 2010 PH
Kellokoski, David E. 1957 EP
Kelly, Leroy C. 1948 EP
Kendall, Annikka M. 1999 AP
Kenyon, Robert Y. 1978 PH
Keranen, Joel A. 1991 AP
Keranen, Wayne M. 1997 AP
Kersjes, Glen A. 1988 AP
Kestner, Daniel J. 2009 PH
Kestner, Jason 2004 PH
Kiefer, Peter A. 2002 PH
Kilpela, Daniel W. 2002 AP
Kilpela, James M. 1959 EP
Kilpela, Samuel T. 2009 PH
Kimball, Clyde W. 1950 EP
Kinder, Erich W. 2010 AP
Kinder, Paul J. 1969 AP
King, David R. 1971 AP
Kirkpatrick, Robert W. 1960 PH
Kissinger, David G.1970 AG
Kitching, Rene A. 1960 EP
Klammer, Richard A. 1961 EP
Kleekamp, Gary L. 1968 AP
Klein, Robert D. 1973 AP
Klemett, E. Alrick 1964 AP
Klemett, Philip E. 1963 AP
Klemm, Lorraine A. (Pelto) 1970 AP
Klusendorf, Lloyd W. 1967 AP
Klusendorf, Roy E. 1961 EP
Kneisel, Lawrence L. 1973 PH
Knight, James E. 1966 GE
Knivila, Allan R. 1966 AP
Knivila, Bruce A. W. 1963 AP
Knuth, Kurt V. 1969 AP
Kopish, Rodney S. 1961 EP
Koponen, Brian L. 1961 EP
Kortge, James O. 1966 AP

Kortge, Jerry W. 1967 AP
Kosch, Russell E. 1969 AG
Koskela, Arne C. 1952 EP
Koskela, Paul E. 1957 EP
Krembel, Michelle M. 1987 AP
Krieger, Edward L. Jr. 1954 EP
Krieger, Theodore J. 1991 PH
Kuehl, Joseph J. 2004 PH
Kugler, Thomas R. 1984 AP
Kuhn, David K. 1976 PH
Kuivanen, C. Leslie 1961 EP
Kukoski, Leonard T. 1972 AG

Labelle, Robert D. 1984 PH
Labo, Jack A. 1962 AP
LaCosse, Jason A. 1995 AP
Lafleur, Keith G. 1972 PH
Lalonde, Ronald H. 1968 AP
Lambert, Samuel C. 1962 AP
LaMothe, Joseph A. 1996 PH
Landmark, Kevin J. 2000 PH
Langer, Robert R. 1992 PH
Lanterman, Daniel D. 2001 AP
Lapham, Timothy L. 2004 PH
Larsen, Michael L. 2001 PH
Larsen, Norman H. 1961 EP
Larson, Arthur L. 1961 GE
Larson, Kimberly J. (Wegner) 1998 PH
Latham, Leslie O. Jr. 1988 AP
Lau, Gregory M. 2011 PH
Lazarus, David H. 1952 EP
Leanna, Andrew J. 2001 PH
Lee, Chiao Ming 1996 PH
Lehto, Wayne K. 1960 EP
Leigh, Marlisa K. M. (MacLeod) 1988 PH
Lemieux, Louis J. 1966 AP
Lemmens, Ryan J. 2010 AP
Leonard, Edward M. 2012 PH
Lepak, Phillip K. 1995 PH
Letendre, Adam E. II 1993 AP
Leu, Joseph A. 1963 AP
Lewandowski, Heather J. 1997 PH
Liedtke, Richard C. 1968 PH
Lightfoot, Nicholas R. 2004 PH
Liikala, Ronald C. 1956 EP
Lind, Robert W. 1961 PH
Linnard, Jon W. 1970 AP
Liptak, Ronald J. 1966 AP
Lodden, James A. 1975 AP
Loeber, Jan 1966 PH
Loncharte, Robert G. 1959 EP
Long, James E. 1951 PH
Long, Stephen M. 1987 AP
Love, James L. 1963 AP
Lowrance, Deborah S. (Lund) 1980 AP
Lubaczewski, Ladislaus S. Jr. 1966 PH
Luckey, Charles L. 1987 PH
Luft, Joseph R. 1982 AP
Luoma, Warren L. 1963 AP
Lutz, Jerry L. 1984 AP
Lybert, Stacy A. 1999 PH
Lyon, Gordon E. 1964 PH

MacIntosh, Kenneth M. 1958 EP
Maclaren, Richard A. 1952 PH
MacLeod, Jon H. 1963 AP
Maki, Dennis A. 1966 AP
Maki, Douglas W. 1967 PH
Malpass, Richard A. 1976 PH
Mania, Robert C. Jr. 1974 PH
Marchi, Mark L. 1969 AP
Marlin, Thaddeus D. 1988 PH
Martin, Michael D. 1963 GE
Martin, Perry L. 1978 AP
Martin, Robert E. Sr. 1970 AP
Martin, Sara F. (Higgins) 1961 PH
Matheson, Robert R. 1949 PH
Mattson, Rodney A. 1955 EP
Maxwell, Arthur A. 1973 AG
Maxwell, Jason A. 1994 PH
McAfee, Sean M. 1995 PH
McCal, Dennis M. 1974 PH
McEachen, Robert G. 1968 PH
McEwan, Charles J. 1974 PH
McGregor, Robert H. 1962 PH
McIntyre, Richard H. 1969 AP
McKee, Ronald L. 1956 EP
McKereghan, Michael P. 1971 AP
McKindles, Gerald T. 1950 EP
McLaughlin, David J. 1961 EP
McLean, Daniel J. 1968 AP
McLean, Michael B. 1965 AP
McLean, Thomas L. 1957 AP
Mead, Wilfred A. 1979 AP
Meade, Marvin E. II 1976 AP
Meanley, Edward S. 1963 PH
Meernik, Paul R. 1975 PH
Meingast, Karl M. 2011 AP
Mendlowitz, Joseph S. 1973 PH
Merits, Gerald V. 1966 PH
Meyer, Ronald A. 1964 AP
Mezzano, William E. 1954 EP
Miatech, Gerald J. 1949 EP
Miatech, Gerald J. Jr. 1970 AG
Michaels, Paul 1971 AG
Michelini, David G. 1981 AP
Middleton, Robert S. 1968 AG
Miesch, Mark S. 1991 AP
Miller, Daniel J. 2011 PH
Miller, Peter A. 1985 AP
Mills, Virginia L. 1974 AG
Miltenberger, Ethan R. 2013 PH
Miner, Andrew J. 2000 AP
Moehs, Douglas P. 1989 PH
Mohr, Thomas J. 1976 AP
Moksvold, Tor W. 1960 EP
Molloy, Robert C. 1965 AP
Monroe, James L. 1969 PH
Montgomery, Sarah E. 1990 AP
Moor, Daniel L. 1999 AP
Morris, Jeffrey Allen 1984 AP
Moss, Myron H. 1970 AG
Mukavetz, Dale W. 1968 AP
Mulvihill, Patrick J. 1987 AP
Munn, Cathleen L. (Learmont) 1986 AP
Murray, John C. 1968 AG
Murray, Peter R. 1963 PH
Myers, Michael T. 1974 PH

Nelson, Arin D. 2012 PH
Nelson, Jerold T. 1964 AP
Nerat, Steven M. 2010 PH
Nerem, Matthew P. 2012 PH
Nesbitt, Dr. James A. III 1978 AP
Newsome, Arthur G. 1967 AP
Nezich, Daniel A. 2002 PH
Ng, David M. 1967 AP
Nichols, William T. III 1996 PH
Nicklas, Christopher T. 1989 PH
Nickolaus, Kevin C. 1988 PH
Nicol, Daniel L. 1975 AP
Niessen, Marcus B. 1981 AP
Niffenegger, Robert J. 2008 PH

Noble, Scott D. 1997 AP
Nordsiek, Hansen 2010 PH
Northrop, Patrick J. 1984 AP
Norton, Boyd E. 1959 EP
Nyman, Oscar W. 1959 PH

O’Brien, Erich M. 2000 AP
O’Neill, David W. 1958 EP
Occhipinti, Chris O. 2004 AP
Ochodnicky, Samuel S. 1963 AP
Ockert, Al J. 1974 PH
Odell, Jack L. II 1965 AP
Oikarinen, Peter D. 1972 AP
Oinas, George I. 1958 EP
Oros, David P. 2000 PH
Oshel, Edward R. 1975 PH

Paeth, Brian A. 1992 PH
Pakkala, William F. 1987 AP
Palluconi, Benita E. (Bulera) 1961 PH
Palluconi, Frank D. 1961 PH
Palmgren, Gary M. 1976 AP
Parks, Philip N. 1955 EP
Parry, Donald E. 1984 AP
Parry, John O. II 1974 AP
Pasek, Dennis A. 1975 PH
Passmore, Heather A. (Detko) 1992 PH
Patrick, Albert A. 2011 PH
Paul, Harold W. 1975 AP
Peltier, Scott J. 1994 AP
Pelton, John R. 1973 AG
Penney, Rodney R. 1988 AP
Penprase, William H. Jr. 1953 EP
Perkins, William A. 1966 AP
Petersen, Eric A. 2011 PH
Peterson, James M. 1960 PH
Petteys, Rebecca S. 1998 PH
Petzke, Richard A. 1971 AP
Petzold, Lee D. 1977 AP
Pfaff, Raman 1987 AP
Pfund, William C. 1996 AP
Phillips, David W. 1961 EP
Phillips, Gerald R. 1970 AP
Phillips, Wayne G. 1966 PH
Pietila, Paul D. 1962 AP
Pietila, Peter W. 1963 PH
Plamondon, Tyler J. 2013 PH
Plank, Adam E. 1990 AP
Plutchak, Thomas M. 1969 PH
Pohanka, Robert C. 1964 AP
Pokorny, George J. 1965 AP
Polus, Paul A. 1965 PH
Pound, David E. 1963 PH
Pudvan, Allen E. 1957 EP
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MTU Physics Department History | Hubbell Hall

Hubbell Hall was completed in 1890 and housed the entire Michigan Mining School for several years. It was located at the intersection of Hubbell St. and College Ave, where the R. L. Smith (MEEM) building now stands. Hubbell Hall was the home for Physics and Math from the time it was built until 1964, when those departments moved to Fisher Hall. Hubbell Hall was demolished in 1968 having been condemned by the fire marshall as unsuitable for human occupation (even by Physicists).

Ted Ellis Hubbell Hall Photo
Hubbell Hall just before its demolition
photo by MTU alum Ted Ellis, reproduced with permission.

MTU Physics Department History | Jerry Hall Service

Jerry Hall Service

b. 12 June 1888, New Carlisle, IN
d. 3 Sept 1980, Eugene, OR

BS in EE, Rose Polytechnic, 1912
MS, Ohio State University, 1917
(Thesis Title: Effect of Introduction of an Obstacle into a Spark Gap)
PhD, Ohio State University, 1928
(Thesis Title: The Transmission of Sound through Sea Water)

Engineering Apprentice, GE Co., 1912
Teacher, Morgan Park Academy. MN, 1913-1915
Asst. in Physics, Ohio State, 1915-1917
US Army School of Aeronautics, Ohio, 1917-1918
Dean, Trade and Eng. Schools, Youngstown Inst. Tech, 1920-1923
Engineer and Physicist, US Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1923-1928
Prof. Physics and Math, Henderson State Teachers Coll., AR, 1928-1932
Asst. Prof. Math and Physics, MCMT, 1932-1938
Assoc. Prof. Math and Physics, MCMT, 1938-1946
(On leave 1940-1946 during WW II, USN)
Prof. Physics, MCMT, 1947-1952

Physics Department Head, 1947-1948.
Captain in US Navy. Retired to Harbor Springs, MI area.
Active in VFW – compiled a list of Civil War Graves for Emmet Co., MI, in 1962.


Jerry H. Service and George E. Frease, “A Laboratory Manual of Machine Shop Practice” (Van Nostrand Co., NY, 1924).

N. H. Heck and J. H. Service, “Velocity of Sound in Sea Water,” Science 64, 627 (1926).

J. H. Service, “Transmission of Sound through Sea Water,” J. Frank. Inst. 206, 779-807 (1928).

Partlo, F. L., and Service, J. H., “Seismic Refraction Methods Applied to Shallow Overburdens,” AIME Trans Vol 110, p. 1, and Geophysical Prospecting 1934, pp. 473-492, 1934 (reprinted in MCMT Bull., vol 8, no. 2, 1935).

F. L. Partlo and J. H. Service, “Instantaneous Speeds in Air of Explosion Reports at Short Distances from the Source,” Physics 6, 1-5 (1935).

J. Fisher and J. H. Service, “Maximum Sensitivity-Setting of the Dip-Needle,” Terr. Mag. 41, 137-142 (1936).

J. H. Service, “Essentials of Engineering Astronomy,” (NY, Prentice Hall, 1937, MCMT, Houghton, 1946).

J. H. Service and F. L. Partlo, “Essentials of General Physics,” (Edwards Bros, Ann Arbor, 1940).

See also Special Publications No. 108 and 147 of the US Coast and Geodetic Survey, US Gov. Print Ofc., 1920’s.

MTU Physics Department History | William Atlas Longacre

William Atlas Longacre

b. 3 August 1906, Carthage, TN
d. 23 Jan 1992, MI

B.S. and E.Met. MCMT, 1929
M.A. MCMT, 1941

Geophysics Research Asst., MCMT, 1929-1937
Instructor of Math and Physics, MCMT, 1929-1937
Asst. Prof Math and Physics, MCMT, 1937-1944
Assoc. Prof. Math and Physics, MCMT, 1944-1948
Prof. Physics, MCMT/MTU, 1948-1971
Director of Geophysics, MTU, 1963-1971

Consultant Work

Mining & Milling Service Co., Ltd 1937
Consol. Min. & Smelting Co., Ltd, 1941-42
Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co., 1946-1954


Society for Engineering Education
Society of Exploratory Geophysics
Geophysics Union
Association of Physics Teachers

MCMT (MTU) Distinguished Teaching Award 1952
Physics Department Head 1954-1963
Golden Glove Boxer as Student, Bowler, Golfer
Manned Penalty Box at Tech Hockey Games many years
Chaired Athletic Board over 25 years
Graduate of Arsenal Technical HS, Indianapolis, IN


“Study of the Problem of Depth Determination by Means of Earth Resistivity Measurements,” W. A. Longacre, AIME Tech Publication 1392, (1941).

“The Hotchkiss superdip as a vertical instensity magnetometer,” W. A. Longacre, Trans AIME, TP3139L, Mining Engineering, p. 891, October (1951).

MTU Physics Department History | A. Barry Kunz

A. Barry Kunz

b. 2 Oct 1940, Philadelphia, PA
d. 29 Jan 2001, Marquette, MI

B.S. Physics, Muhlenberg College, 1962.
M.S. Physics, Lehigh University, 1964.
Ph.D. Physics, Lehigh University, 1966.

Instructor and Research Assoc., Lehigh U., 1966-1969
Research Asst. Prof, U of Illinois, 1969-1971
Research Analyst, USAF Aerospace Res. Lab, 1971-1974
Assistant Prof., U of Illinois, 1971-1973
Consultant, Photo Products, E.J. Dupont, 1974-1979
Assoc. Prof., U of Illinois, 1973-1976
Professor, U of Illinois, 1976-1984
Adj. Prof., Michigan Tech Univ., 1982-1984
Presidential Prof., Physics, MTU, 1984-1990
Presidential Prof., Elec. Eng., MTU, 1990-2001
Dean of Engineering, MTU, 1990-1991

Michigan Universities Board of Governors Outstanding Faculty Award, 1987
MTU Distinguished Research Award, 1986
Fellow, American Physical Society, Elected to New York Academy of Sciences
Scientist of the Year, Impressions V Science Museum, 1990
Head, Physics Department, MTU, 1985-1990
Principal Investigator on research grants totaling several million dollars.


(out of over 200)

A. B. Kunz, D. J. Mickish, “Study of Electronic-Structure and Optical Properties of Solid Rare-Gases,” Phys. Rev. B 8, 779-794 (1973).

A. B. Kunz and M. P. Guse, “Relationship between Surface Electronic-Structure and Chemisorption of Hydrogen by MgO,” Chem. Phys. Lett. 45, 18-21 (1977).

A. B. Kunz, “Study of the Electronic-Structure of 12 Alkali-Halide Crystals,” Phys. Rev. B 26, 2056-2069 (1982).

A. B. Kunz and J. M. Vail, “Quantum-Mechanical Cluster-Lattice Interaction in Crystal Simulation – Hartree-Fock Method,” Phys. Rev. B 38, 1058-1063 (1988).

A. B. Kunz, “Computational considerations for the study of defects in solids,” Theor. Chim. Acta 84, 353-361, (1993).

M. M. Kukla and A. B. Kunz, “An excitonic mechanism of detonation initiation in explosives,” J. Chem. Phys. 112, 3417-3423 (2000).

MTU Physics Department History | James Fisher Jr.

James Fisher Jr.

b. 29 March 1873, Hancock, MI
d. 16 July 1962, Houghton, MI

E.M., Mich Mining School, 1893
Hon. D.E., Mich College Mines & Tech., 1934

Draftsman, Mich Mining School, 1893-1894
Hodge Iron Works, 1894-1895
Instr. Math and Physics, Mich. College Mines, 1895-1899
Asst. Prof. Math and Physics, MCM, 1900-1902
Prof. & Dept Head, Math and Physics, MCM/MCMT, 1903-1944
Director of Adult Education, MCMT, 1945
Dean of Faculty, MCMT, 1936-1946

Several different Keweenawans are dedicated to him.
Had x-ray scars on his hands due to early experimentation with x-rays.
Regularly gave talks to local community groups most often about the history of the area.
Had interests in the History of the Copper Country, Physics of Music, Geophysics, and Ojibwa language.
Distinguished Alumni Award 1953.


Fisher, J., “Historical Sketch of the Lake Superior Copper District,” Proc. Lake Superior Mining Inst. XXVII, 54-67 (1929).

Hotchkiss, W. O., Rooney, W. J., and Fisher, J., “Earth-Resistivity Measurements in the Lake Superior Copper Country,” AIME Technical Publication 82, 15 pp, 1928, and Geophysical Prospecting, pp. 51-67, 1929.

Fisher, J., Ingersoll, L. R., and Vivian, H., Recent “Geothermal Measurements in the Michigan Copper District,” AIME Technical Pub. 481, 11 pp., 1932 (reprinted in MCMT Bull., Vol. 9, no. 4, 1936).

Fisher, J., and Service, J. H., “Maximum sensitivity-setting of the dip needle,” Terrestrial Magnetism and Atmospheric Electricity, Vol 42, No. 2, pp. 137-142, 1936 (reprinted in MCMT Bull. Vol. 9, no. 4, 1936).

“Fort Wilkens,” in “Michigan History Magazine,” Vol 29 #2, April-June 1945, p. 155.

MTU Physics Department History | Rolland Otis Keeling, Jr.

Rolland Otis Keeling, Jr.

b. 13 August 1925, Hillsboro, IN
d. 13 October 2000, Houghton, MI

A.B. Wabash College, 1950
M.S. Penn State, 1952
Ph.D. Penn State, 1954

Research Physicist, Gulf Research and Development, Pittsburgh 1954-1960
Assoc. Prof. Physics, MCMT 1961-1963
Prof. Physics, MCMT/MTU, 1963-1985

Physics Department Head 1978-1985
Member Grace United Church, American Legion
Sigma Pi Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa
Served in Army 1943-1946
Bowled, with wife Esther, in MTU Faculty/Staff Bowling League


“A Low Temperature X-Ray Goniometer for Structural Studies of Crystal Transitions,” R. O. Keeling and R. Pepinsky, Rev. Sci. Instr. 24, 1087, (1953).

“An X-ray diffraction study on the transition in NH4H2PO4 at 148oK,” R.O. Keeling, Jr., and R. Pepinsky, Z. Kristallogr. 106, 236 (1955).

“Structure of NiWO4,” R. O. Keeling, Jr., ACTA Cryst 10, 209-213 (1957).

U.S. Patent #3,029,341 “X-Ray Absorption Spectrometer,” issued April 1962.

“X-Ray Absorption Edge Studies of Supported Cobalt Catalysts,” R. O. Keeling, in Developments in Applied Spectroscopy, Vol 2, eds. J R Ferraro and J S Ziomeck (New York: Plenum, 1963) p 263.

“Magnetite: Preferred Orientation on the Basal Plane of Partially Reduced Hematite,” R. O. Keeling, Jr., and D. A. Wick, Science 141, 1175-1176 (1963).

“Analysis of Iron in Layer Silicates by Mossbauer Spectroscopy,” G. L. Taylor, A. P. Ruotsala, and R. O. Keeling, Clays and Clay Minerals 16, 381 (1968).

“A Mossbauer investigation of mechanically induced magnetic anisotropy in natural hematite,” R. O. Keeling, J. Appl. Phys 43, 4736 (1972), errata in J. Appl. Phys. 44, 2443 (1973).

MTU Physics Department History | Elmer Daniel Grant

Elmer Daniel Grant

b. 25 Feb 1873, Delhi, NY
d. 5 Sept 1935, Richmond, IN

AB, Colgate University, 1895
AM, U of Chicago, 1897
(Thesis Title: Determination of the apparent size of a given ellipsoid as seen from a given exterior point, advisor: Bolza)
PhD, U of Chicago, 1916
(Thesis Title: The Motion of a Flexible Cable in a Vertical Plane, advisor: Moulton)

Inst. Mathematics, Lewis Institute (now part of IIT), 1896-1899
Inst. Math and Physics, Mich. College of Mines, 1900-1904
Asst. Prof. Math and Physics, Mich. College of Mines, 1904-1915
Assoc. Prof. Math and Physics, Mich. College of Mines, 1915-1920
Prof. and Dept. Head Math, Earlham College, 1920-1935
Registrar 1925-1930, Acting Dean 1933-1935, Earlham College

His PhD thesis is a math-physics treatment generalizing the catenary to cables undergoing acceleration, motivated by observations of hoist cables in the local mine shafts.

He made several ca. 3 week trips around Michigan, Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois and Indiana giving an Extension Lecture “Copper Mining in Michigan” illustrated with lantern slides. Many of the talks were given at High Schools and were, at least in part, recruiting trips for the College.

In 1916 he was granted a years leave of absence to allow him to work for the Keystone View Company (Meadville, PA) to promote “visual education” products throughout Colorado and Southern Wyoming.

Attended Waverly (N.Y.) High School and Colgate Academy prior to college.

Attended Grace United Methodist Church when in Houghton.