Month: March 2010

Michigan Tech Research Magazine 2010

Michigan Tech Research Magazine 2010 has three major features on physics research this year. Work done by Alex Kostinski and Raymond Shaw (left), Steven O’Malley and Don Beck (middle), and Ulrich Hansmann (right) constitute the focus of three major articles, reflecting much recent publicity as well as Dr. Hansmann’s 2009 Research Award. Physics major Hansen Nordsiek and his Goldwater Scholarship were mentioned as well in Three Tech Students Win Goldwater Scholarships.

Alex Kostinski and Raymond Shaw

Physicists Make a Splash with Rain Discovery

Steven O'Malley and Don Beck

It’s Not Elementary

Ulrich Hansmann

Ulrich Hansmann Honored for Research on Protein Folding

Radio Signals, Diabetes, and Beavers: Just Another Graduate Research Colloquium (Yap Group)

Graduate students from across campus trotted out their research and explained the unexplainable at the latest Graduate Research Colloquium held at the Memorial Union Building, with more 25 posters accompanying the two days of presentations.

Suryabh Sharma, graduate student in electrical and computer engineering, discussed his work, which might not see the light of day for 20 to 25 years. His work is guided by Associate Professor Gerry Tian.

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