Month: June 2011

Pre-College Outreach Students on Campus

Pre-College Outreach welcomes over 225 high school students, from nearly 15 states, to campus for weeklong academic explorations. The College of Science and Arts, in conjunction with Pre-College Outreach, is also hosting, “Eco Tech.” This pilot program allows four pre-college students to assist with research projects headed by: Professor Marin Auer (CEE), Associate Professor Nancy Auer (Biological Sciences), Assistant Professor Ashutosh Tiwari (CHEM), and Professor Raymond Shaw (Physics). READ MORE

The Last Image the Spirit Mars Rover Ever Saw

NASA shared this image through its Astronomy Picture of the Day website. The panorama includes the Columbia Hills, each named for the astronauts who perished in the 2003 Columbia accident, and a hill nicknamed von Braun. That’s the hill with the light-colored peak near the top center of the image, explain astronomers Robert Nemiroff of Michigan Tech and Jerry Bonnell of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. READ MORE