MTU Physics Department History | Fisher Hall

Construction began on a new Physics and Mathematics Building in 1962. Shortly before the groundbreaking, James Fisher, Jr., passed away. Fisher had been Professor and Department head of Mathematics and Physics for over 40 years, on the faculty for 50 years, and after his mandatory retirement in 1944, he remained active, especially with the alumni association. He was a Michigan Mining School graduate (1893) and Hancock native and he was much respected in the community. In recognition of his contributions to Michigan Tech and the community, the new building was named for him and was dedicated to him when it opened in 1964.

Fisher Hall Photo
Fisher Hall in 1981, from the US-41 Side (the back)

MTU Physics Department History | Fred Walter McNair

Fred Walter McNair

b. 3 December 1862, Fennimore, WI
d. 30 June 1924, in a train wreck near Buda, IL.

B.S. U. of Wisconsin (1891)
Hon. D. Sc., Lafayette College (1907).
Hon. D. Sc., Rhode Island State College (1919).

Inst. Mathematics, U of Wisconsin 1889-1891
Asst. Prof. Math, Michigan Agricultural College, Fall 1891-1893
Prof. Math and Physics, Michigan College of Mines, 1893-1924
President, Michigan College of Mines, 1899-1924

During World War I worked with U.S. Bureau of Standards and later worked on firing methods for large Naval guns (unpublished).

Member of Grace United Methodist Church in Houghton. His home was at the corner of Houghton and Hubbell Ave, where the Southwest corner of the Memorial Union is currently located.

MTU Physics Department History | Arthur Edwin Haynes

Arthur Edwin Haynes

b. 23 May 1849, Van Buren (near Baldwinsville), NY
d. 12 March 1915, Minneapolis, MN

B.S. Hillsdale College, 1875
M.S. 1877, M. Ph. 1879, Hillsdale College
Hon. Sc. D., 1896

Inst. Math and Physics, Hillsdale College, 1875
Acting Prof. Math and Physics, Hillsdale College, 1876
Prof. Math and Physics, Hillsdale College, 1876-1890
Prof. Math and Physics, Michigan College of Mines, 1890-1893
Asst. Prof. Math 1893-1896, College of Eng., University of Minnesota
Prof. Math, 1896-1901, College of Eng., University of Minnesota
Prof. Engineering Math, 1901-1912, University of Minnesota
Retired 1912.

MTU Physics Department History | Irwin Roman

Irwin Roman

b. 2 May 1893, St. Louis, MO
d. 29 May 1976, Baltimore, MD

AB, Washington (St Louis), 1913
AM Chicago, 1915
PhD Chicago, 1920
(Thesis Title: The Transformation of Waves through a Symmetrical Optical Instrument, advisor – Arthur C. Lunn. See Phys. Rev. 18, 62-77 (1921).)

Inst. Math, Northwestern, 1916-1923
Assoc. Prof. Math, Vanderbilt, 1923-1925
Mathematical Physicist, Amerada Corp. And Geophys. Research Corp., 1925-30
Consulting Mathematical Physicist, 1930-1931
Asst. Prof. Math and Physics, Michigan College of Mining and Technology, 1931-1935
(Was on leave the last year to do ground resistivity studies in Southern Nevada)
Senior Geophysicist, US Bur. Of Mines and Geological Survey (USGS), 1935-