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Distinguished Physics Alum Outreaches with Dragonfly Talk

Dr. Joseph Roti Roti, a 1965 physics graduate, has many interests. He is a retired radiation biologist still involved in the teaching of radiation oncology residents and currently professor emeritus, department of radiation oncology at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. He holds a BS in physics from Michigan Tech and a PhD in biophysics from the University of Rochester.

Joseph Roti Roti will present a gallery talk entitled “The Fascinating World of Dragonflies: Dragonflies through the Camera Lens” on April 7 in the Niles District Library in Niles, Michigan. The Roti Roti family been involved with nature art and conservation for four generations. There is a Roti Roti Gallery in the Buchanen Art Center, Buchanen, Michigan. Joseph Roti Roti is among the Distinguished Alumni in the Academy of Sciences and Arts at Michigan Tech.