Month: April 2008

Review of Property Procedures

Now that the campus wide space and equipment inventory is complete, here is a reminder regarding university and government owned equipment.

The property office must be notified of the following situations involving all property and equipment to maintain our government certification of our property management system.

  1. movement of equipment-on and off-campus
  2. fabrication of equipment-form required prior to purchases
  3. arrival of government furnished equipment
  4. loaned or donated equipment
  5. excess property
  6. loss, damage or theft
  7. disposition

Contact the Property Office for additional information. The complete operating procedures may be found at:

Special Fees and Use Charges

The Use Charge Group has worked to improve the Special Fees and Use Charge information available on the web. The Use Charge Group is comprised of individuals representing the College of Engineering, General Accounting, Research Accounting and Research & Sponsored Programs. The revised web site includes highlights of the use charge policy and procedures as well as Frequently Asked Questions. Also new is a simplified rate calculation form which will calculate a use rate based on the revenue, expenses, year end balance and utilization provided by the department.

Because future rates must be based on the actual activity incurred in the use charge index, it is important to charge all expenses related to the lab/equipment/facility to the respective D98xxx index.

A periodic review of the use charge indexes, at least quarterly, will verify the accuracy of the current rate. If a large surplus or deficit is being projected, requesting a revised rate is recommended. This helps to maintain consistent rates. If rates are not revised, significant fluctuations in future rates may be needed to account for a large surplus or deficit.

Rate requests, based on the activity in fiscal years ending June 30, 2007 and June 30, 2008, will be due by September 30, 2008. Rates are generally approved for a two year period so those rates approved in October will be effective from October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2010.

The improved use charge information can be found on Accounting Services website under Departments, General Accounting. See If you have any questions about the web site or the procedure for Special Fees and Use Charges, please contact

Research Excellence Fund Update

2008 Research Excellence Fund Submissions

Here is the breakdown of the proposals received for 2008:

  • Infrastructure Enhancement: $426,462 requested in eleven proposals with $150k available
  • Mentoring Grant: $86,300 requested in five proposals with $30k available
  • Research Seed: $757,897 requested in nineteen proposals with $220k available

Meetings with the review committees are being held during the month of April. Final award decisions and announcements will made by April 30th. All notifications will be sent via an email message from the Vice President for Research Office. If selected, your proposal information will enter the post-award process and Research Accounting Department will contact you to provide you with the accountingindex information.

Funds will be available for the start of Fiscal Year 2009 which is July 1, 2008.