Laboratory Biosafety Manual

As a follow-up to the November 30 biosafety presentation, a rudimentary, work-in-progress version of the Laboratory Biosafety Manual has been posted on the Research Integrity and Compliance website. You can access the Biosafety Manual, as well as the Laboratory Risk Assessment form in the RESOURCES box on the right side of the webpage at or you can access the manual directly here.

Although not fully developed, the manual provides useful information for faculty, staff and students working in biological laboratories.  For example:

The INTRODUCTION briefly explains the purpose of the manual and provides links to federal and state regulations and guidelines that govern work in biological laboratories.

The BIOSAFETY LEVELS section provides information on the recommended laboratory practices, equipment and facilities used to mitigate the risks of working with biological organisms in BSL-1, BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories.

The section on BIOLOGICAL SAFETY CABINETS (BSC) gives a brief overview of BSC design and provides the essentials for working safely and effectively in a BSC.  It also provides a link to an excellent training video.

Future sections on appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Toxins, Disposal of Biological Waste and Sharps Use and Disposal are in process.  Because it is a work in progress your feedback, requests for clarification, or suggestions for additional content are appreciated and will ultimately make the manual a more useful resource for the Michigan Tech community.

If you would like to receive updates as the work on the Biosafety Manual progresses; have questions concerning biosafety, suggestions for future presentations or if you would like assistance in completing a risk assessment of your laboratory please contact:

David Dixon

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