Additional Changes for Proposals Submitted to the National Science Foundation

Beginning March 18, the National Science Foundation (NSF) FastLane system will begin automated compliance checking of required sections of full proposals. During the proposal submission process, the FastLane system will automatically check for the presence of each of the proposal elements required by the Grant Proposal Guide, including:

  • project summary,
  • project description,
  • references,
  • biographical sketches,
  • budget,
  • budget justification,
  • current and pending support,
  • facilities,
  • data management plan, and
  • post-doctoral mentoring plan (when applicable).

If any of these sections are missing, Fastlane will prevent proposal submission. While PIs will be able to grant sponsored programs “submit” access without meeting these requirements, any missing items will now prevent submission of the full proposal. By using the “check” feature in FastLane, PIs will be able to view the status of all required elements prior to Michigan Tech’s internal proposal deadline to verify compliance. If an NSF program or solicitation requires deviation from the standard automatically checked proposal elements, the PI will need to upload a document that states “Not Applicable” to meet system requirements.

Additional information about the new automated compliance checking can be found at Automated Compliance Checking of NSF Proposals. If you have questions, please contact the sponsored programs office at 7-2226.

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