Month: September 2013

New University Policy: Representing Safety in Photographs

In keeping with Michigan Tech’s commitment to maintaining a safe campus and to portray that image to the outside community, the Office of Compliance, Integrity, and Safety announces a new policy, which is published on the University’s Policies and Procedures website.

Endorsed by the University Safety Advisory Council and University Marketing and Communications, the policy provides guidelines for any photo that is to be used in University print or electronic publications. When taking photos for publication, all individuals involved should strive to first ensure the space is made safe for the photographer(s) and subjects by relocating any chemicals and shutting down unnecessary equipment. The photos themselves should depict a scenario in which safety is represented as a priority.

For more information, please see the full Representing Safety in Photography policy. Please contact the Office of Compliance, Integrity, and Safety at 7-2902 with any questions.