New NSF policy – Notification Requirements Regarding Sexual Harassment and Assault

On October 22, 2018, the National Science Foundation (NSF) implemented a new policy to ensure the research and learning environments it supports are free from harassment by publishing a term and condition that requires awardee organizations to report findings and determinations of sexual harassment.  After October 22, all new NSF awards and funding amendments to existing awards will be subject to the new term and condition, entitled “Notification Requirements Regarding Sexual Harassment, Other Forms of Harassment, or Sexual Assault”.

When incorporated into an NSF award, awardee organizations will be required to notify NSF of any findings/determinations of sexual harassment, other forms of harassment or sexual assault regarding an NSF funded Principal Investigator (PI) or co-PI, or of the placement of the PI or co-PI on administrative leave or the imposition of any administrative action relating to harassment or sexual assault finding or investigation. Training is required for all PIs and co-PIs; a notice will be sent to all individuals currently required to complete the training.

A revised set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the NSF’s award term and condition has been posted to the NSF Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s harassment website. These revised FAQS are dated December 4, 2018, and include more than 30 questions and responses. A Michigan Tech website with more information is forthcoming.

Any additional questions regarding the term and condition should be submitted to The Michigan Tech contact is Joanne Polzien,

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