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FY10 Provisional Fringe Benefit Rates

The Office of Naval Research has recently issued a provisional Fringe Benefit rate for Michigan Tech.  Effective July 1, 2009, the regular and grant funded employee’s fringe rate of 42.6% will be applied to all funds.

Effective immediately, the regular and grant funded employee fringe benefit rate of 42.6% will be used in Sponsored Programs proposal budgets.  The new fringe benefit rate will apply to supplemental or additional funding where funding is added for work beyond what was contained in the original agreement.  The funding will generally be given a new index number in order to be separated from the funding in the original agreement.

For existing and incrementally funded Sponsored Programs, the fringe rate for regular and grant funded employees will be the lower of the rates used in the proposal budget or the new 42.6% rate.

The existing rates for the employee types, as described below, will be applied to all funds and will also be used in Sponsored Programs proposal budgets:

  • Extra Compensation: 20.2%
  • Temporary Employees: 10%
  • Graduate Students: 8.75%
  • Undergraduates: 0%

The current provisional rate agreement can be found on the Research Offices website at http://www.mtu.edu/research/references/facts-figures/.

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Sponsored Programs Accounting Needs to Expand Index Numbers

Due to the increase in sponsored funding projects over the past few years, we are running out of E2XXXX numbers to assign to sponsored projects.

Therefore, Sponsored Programs Accounting needs to expand the index nubmers to include “E4XXXX” index numbers for sponsor accounts.  Cost share accounts will now include “E5” index numbers and mimic the associated “E4” sponsor account.  For example, a sponsor account index E40101 would have a cost share index of E50101.  Graduate Assistance Cost Share will remain “E3” accounts.

If you have questions regarding this change, please contact Tammy LaBissioniere at the sponsored programs accounting office at 7-2244.

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Michigan Tech Selected for Federal Demonstration Partnership to Streamline Grants Administration

by Jennifer Donovan, public relations director

Federal research grants are the lifeline of university research. But their lengthy, complicated application and administration requirements can drain the life out of the researchers.

Michigan Tech has been accepted as a member of a select group of research institutions and federal agencies in Phase 5 of the Federal Demonstration Partnership. The partnership’s primary goal is to increase the time available for those performing research to perform the research and decrease the administrative burden while still maintaining effective stewardship of federal funds.

“What this means for Michigan Tech is that we can help streamline the process of managing federal research grants,” said Anita Quinn, director of research and sponsored programs.

For Quinn, who says she has spent her entire career at Michigan Tech trying to streamline grants administration processes, this is an important step. “We actually can have an impact and help make changes and improvements in the way the federal government operates with recipients of federal funds,” she said.

The Federal Demonstration Partnership began in 1986 as an experiment between five federal agencies and the Florida State University System. In 1988 it expanded to a national project.

Phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 implemented a number of improvements, including streamlining the terms and conditions for research grants, increasing budget flexibility, providing for pre-award costs and electronic research administration, simplifying cost sharing and sub-awards, and increasing participation of minority-serving and emerging research institutions.

Phase 5, which will start this fall and continue through 2014, focuses on two themes:

  • maximize the time available for principal investigators and scientific staff to focus on research while reducing any unnecessary administrative burden
  • increase the efficiency of administrative and compliance practices while reducing inefficient or redundant agency and institutional procedures and practices

“We want researchers doing science, not administration,” the FDP Strategic Planning Committee noted in its strategic plan for Phase 5.

Michigan Tech will appoint administrative, faculty and technical representatives to work with the partnership, whose members include nine federal agencies and more than 100 research institutions across the country.

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