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Sponsored Programs Accounting Needs to Expand Index Numbers

Due to the increase in sponsored funding projects over the past few years, we are running out of E2XXXX numbers to assign to sponsored projects.

Therefore, Sponsored Programs Accounting needs to expand the index nubmers to include “E4XXXX” index numbers for sponsor accounts.  Cost share accounts will now include “E5” index numbers and mimic the associated “E4” sponsor account.  For example, a sponsor account index E40101 would have a cost share index of E50101.  Graduate Assistance Cost Share will remain “E3” accounts.

If you have questions regarding this change, please contact Tammy LaBissioniere at the sponsored programs accounting office at 7-2244.

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Review of Property Procedures

Now that the campus wide space and equipment inventory is complete, here is a reminder regarding university and government owned equipment.

The property office must be notified of the following situations involving all property and equipment to maintain our government certification of our property management system.

  1. movement of equipment-on and off-campus
  2. fabrication of equipment-form required prior to purchases
  3. arrival of government furnished equipment
  4. loaned or donated equipment
  5. excess property
  6. loss, damage or theft
  7. disposition

Contact the Property Office for additional information. The complete operating procedures may be found at: http:www.admin.mtu.edu/acct/dept/prop/prop_mgt/index.html.

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