Month: January 2011

Industrial Archaeology Students Involved with Smelter

Some stabilization efforts at the former Quincy Smelter Works site were recently completed. Part of Phase I included an inventory of items in and cleanup of the casting plant and reverberatory furnace building, cleanup and inventory of the carpentry building, and more. The cleaning and inventory in the buildings was done by Northwoods Environmental of Ontonagon and students from the Michigan Technological University industrial archaeology program… [read more]

Alumni Gifts Underwrite New Computing Research Center

The new Paul and Susan Williams Center for Computer Systems Research will soon provide a space where Michigan Tech’s computer scientists and engineers can put their heads together. The center has been a cooperative effort. “We’re excited about working with the Department of Computer Science on this,” said Fuhrmann. “We’ll be looking at experimental architectures, new applications and new ways of doing computing…” [read more]

A New Way to Date Old Ceramics

Patrick Bowen, a senior majoring in materials science and engineering, is refining a new way of dating ceramic artifacts that could one day shave thousands of dollars off the cost of doing archaeological research. Bowen works with his advisors, Jaroslaw Drelich, an associate professor of materials science and engineering, and Timothy Scarlett, an associate professor of archaeology and anthropology…. [read more]

Ott Recognized for Landmark Computer Science Paper

The Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Software Engineering (ACM SIGSOFT) recognized a paper Linda Ott coauthored, “The Program Dependence Graph in a Software Development Environment,” with a 2010 Retrospective Impact Award. The recipients are selected for their long-term impact on the field of software engineering. The award was not expected. “I was flabbergasted,” said Ott, a professor of computer science….” [read more]