Month: June 2011

Pre-College Outreach Students on Campus

Pre-College Outreach welcomes over 225 high school students, from nearly 15 states, to campus for weeklong academic explorations. The College of Science and Arts, in conjunction with Pre-College Outreach, is also hosting, “Eco Tech.” This pilot program allows four pre-college students to assist with research projects headed by: Professor Martin Auer (CEE), Associate Professor Nancy Auer (Biological Sciences), Assistant Professor Ashutosh Tiwari (Chemistry), and Professor Raymond Shaw (Physics)… [read more]

Teacher Institutes in Progress

Teacher institutes like “Great Lakes Maritime Transportation,” “Forest Ecology and Resources,” and “Teaching Mathematics through Marine Navigation” are featured this summer. They are coordinated by the Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education and the Center for Science and Environmental Outreach, which are affiliated with the Cognitive and Learning Sciences Division of Teacher Education… [read more]

KRC Publishes Its Early History

The Keweenaw Research Center (KRC) has published a handsomely illustrated coffee-table book called “Ice Station Keweenaw.” It traces the early history of the KRC, from its founding in 1953 as an Army Corps of Engineers’ field station for cold-climate research until it became part of Michigan Tech in 1992. The book was written by Cameron Hartnell ’09, one of the first recipients of a PhD in Industrial Heritage and Archeology from Tech …. [read more]

Peace Corp Veterans Talk about Their Experiences

Graduate students Patricia Butler and Michelle Cisz (both of SFRES) will be at the Portage Lake District Library from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, June 28, to present their experiences as Peace Corp volunteers. Butler was a volunteer in Armenia, and Cisz volunteered in Paraguay. Both participated in Tech’s Peace Corps Master’s International Program that allows students to earn a master’s degree while serving in the Peace Corps…. [read more]

Michigan Tech team uncovers 150-year-old stamp mill

“We’ve been able to show the different work areas, different procedures and different parts of the building,” says Director of Graduate Studies in Archaeology, Timothy Scarlett. “We can literally see where people walked between machines. It’s really quite fantastic.” “Hopefully we can take that information and look at what was going on 100 years ago,” says project archaeologist, Sean Gohman… [read more]

The Best Technology Jobs Outside Tech Companies

Burgeoning giants like LinkedIn and Facebook are driving some of that demand, but much of the growth is expected to come from companies that don’t directly sell technology products or services. The annual Michigan Tech job fair, for instance, historically draws about 200 companies, including Apple, Google, Intel and Microsoft. Steven Carr, director of the computer science department at Michigan Tech, said the jobs still susceptible to outsourcing are in roles that were vanguard a decade ago…. [read more]

Scholar Coauthors Book on Mining Company, Marquette Iron Range

The new book, published by Wayne State University Press, is titled Iron Will: Cleveland-Cliffs And The Mining of Iron Ore, 1847–2006. The authors are Terry Reynolds, a professor of social sciences at Michigan Tech, and Virginia Dawson, an independent researcher from Ohio. According to one scholar, this account is “a major contribution to the literature on Lake Superior metal mining and the best book on the Marquette iron range in many decades….” [read more]

US Postage Stamp Recognizes Alumnus Who Won a Nobel Prize

Melvin Calvin, a Michigan Tech alumnus who was awarded a Nobel Prize, now has his name and face on a postage stamp–a stamp of approval for a distinguished man. Calvin was the first scientist to unravel the secrets of photosynthesis—knowledge that became known as “the Calvin cycle.” That work won him and a colleague the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1961. Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1911, Calvin received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the Michigan College of Mining and Technology in 1931… [read more]