Month: October 2011

New Faculty on Campus

In the College of Sciences and Arts, Department of Aerospace Studies, Air Force ROTC, are Michael Bennett and Michael Brothers. In the Department of Biological Sciences are Purnima Bandyopadhyay and Guiliang Tang. In the Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences are Ranjana Mehta and Shane Mueller. In the Department of Humanities are Kathleen Burke, Stefka Hristova, L. Syd M Johnson, Scott Marratto, Kate Nearing, Alejandro Quin, and Katherine Wu. In the Department of Kinesiology and Integrated Physiology is Ranjana Mehta. In the Department of Mathematical Sciences are Stefaan De Winter, Alexander Labovsky, Michael Mission, Joshua Ruark, Rebecca Schmitz and Zhengfu Xu. In the Department of Social Sciences are Adam Wellstead and Richelle Winkler… [read more]

Ecosystem Management Must Consider Human Impact Too

For a long time, ecologists have believed—and others accepted—that when it comes to whether a land mass is covered with forests or grasslands, climate controls the show. “Humans like to think everything is linear,” says Audrey Mayer, an assistant professor of ecology and environmental policy with School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science and the College of Sciences and Arts Department of Social Sciences… [read more]

Researcher Concludes Service on National Biofuels Committee

Professor Kathy Halvorsen has just completed what she calls “the greatest honor” of her career–membership on a select national committee on bioenergy that examined the economic and environmental impacts of increasing biofuels production. Halvorsen, who has a dual appointment in the Department of Social Sciences and the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, served more than a year on the committee… [read more]

Michigan Tech Researchers to Study Atmospheric Aerosols at PICO Mountain Research Observatory

The mountain’s remoteness and its elevation—7,713 feet—make it an ideal spot to study pollutants drifting east from North America. Lynn Mazzoleni, an assistant professor of chemistry, will focus on understanding aerosols’ chemistry and how they interact with sunlight. Claudio Mazzoleni, an assistant professor of physics, is a coinvestigator on that project and is lead investigator on a related grant to characterize how much sunlight aerosols are reflecting or absorbing… [read more]

Renowned Composer to Direct Students at Michigan Tech Honors Band and Choir Festival

Eric Whitacre will lead student musicians at the Michigan Tech Honors Band and Choir Festival. He will also give a free public lecture. “Having the chance for our students, as well as high school students from around the UP, to work with Eric Whitacre is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” says band director Nick Enz of Visual and Performing Arts… [read more]

Michigan Tech Rolls Out Emergency Medical Response Team

Last fall, Dan Bennett and Jonathan Stone, emergency medical services director, contacted students, searching for those with medical training or who wanted to have medical training. Through collaboration with Jason Carter, kinesiology and integrative physiology department chair, about 40 students have been able to earn physical education credit while working toward their medical first responder certification… [read more]